They can be called windows, most of the world knows them as eyes. Each pair so special and unique; every set as different as the person who owns them. A simple drabble on the characters of Lily, James, and Snape; and how their eyes reflected how they felt. L/J

"Even if your words are a lie, your eyes always tell the truth." - Libby Saumur

They say they're the window to the soul. That each pair is so unique and special, that they can truly describe who you are, what you look like, and who you may eventually become.

The only problem, they love to betray. They show your lover how you truly feel, but also your mortal enemy. They show the world what you're thinking, whether it be love, hate, happiness, or even great depression.

Hers were green, the most beautiful color of green he had ever seen. They reminded him of an emerald, or maybe the field of fresh spring grass that grew on the hills by his summer home.

Either way, he loved them, almost as much as he loved the girl they belonged too.

All his friends teased him, claiming they could see the lovesick puppy he was behind his glasses, his dark blue one's showing all emotions whenever she was around.

But her bright, intelligent green one's, whenever she saw him, hardened with hate and disgust. She wanted nothing to do with him, even though she loved the color blue. For she had almost mastered the art of hiding all emotions deep in her heart, including the love she refused to believe she felt whenever she saw him laughing.

Black one's, the 'friend' of the girl he loved so much, also hardened with hate whenever they laid on the blue. But a different sort of hate, the kind that comes from jealousy. A kind of hate that will grow forever, one a person can never forget. And one that would grow until it eventually tore the person apart with feeling; the kind that could drive any sane person mad.

All kinds cry, all kinds smile. No matter the color or shape. Grey, black, green, brown, or even purple all share the same tasks. Betraying emotion, showing the world and all it's beauty and blemishes, and of course, being a window to the soul.

Over the years, the dark blue, belonging to James Potter, would only fall more in love with the green he ultimately desired. The emerald green would, in time, learn to show how she came to love him. The green belong to Lily Evens.

But the black, they would only grow colder, darker. They would learn to hid the love he also felt for the green, and the pain when she was stolen from him and then later killed by the one he called 'Master'.

Three pairs, three souls. All intertwined with emotions and feelings they'd rather hide.

But as they say, eyes betray all.