We're The Same

We're The Same

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Trowa got stranded in his Heavyarms. He got hurt and tried to get out. "Where is…everyone…." He said as his eyes drooped down. He couldn't fight to stay away anymore and passed out.

Two people, a man and a woman came to the scene.

"What is that thing?" A man asked Midii.

"It's a mobile suit," she answered.

"Should we destroy it?"

Midii slapped him, "No, someone could be in there!" she ran to the mobile suit and opened the door. "Are you all…it's him!" she looked closer, "and he's hurt!" She struggled to unfasten his seatbelt and pull him up, "can you hear me?" she asked. "No name?"

"You know him?" her partner asked.


"Who is he? An old partner of yours?"

Midii sighed, "something like that." They took him back to the base where she took care of him. He only suffered a few broken ribs, cuts and bruises. While dabbing his face, she thought about the first time she laid eyes on him. He still wears that same mask she thought to himself. She touched his cheek and got up.

"Why did you save me?" he demanded, not knowing who she was. Only that there was someone in the room.

"Because," she said, "we're the same."

"Huh?" he opened his eyes and she turned around. "Midii?" He grunted as he sat up.

"Don't get up," she said, walking to him to push him back down. "You're still hurt."

"Where…where am I?"

"My base. Don't worry, you're safe here."

Yeah, right, he thought. "Where's my gundam?"

"We are doing repairs to it."

"I need to get out of here," he tried to get up again.

"Are you crazy?" she pushed him back down, harder and held him down. "I'm not letting you out of my sight!"

Trowa sighed. "The others…."

"When you're better, I'll let you leave." She sat down and finished dabbing his head.

"I never would have expected to see you again," he mumbled. "How many years?"


Ten. He thought, we were just ten when we met.

"You're probably starving," she said, standing up. "Let me get you something." She came back with some soup and started to feed it to him. "Is it too hot?"

He shook his head, "it's just fine."

"I'm glad I finally got to see you again," she said.

Trowa was quiet and just ate.

"You haven't changed."

He raised an eyebrow," what do you mean?"

"You're still a soldier."

"Always have, always will."

She smiled, "I guess that's what you do best, isn't it?"

"Is this what you do best? Finding soldiers and tricking them?"

"No-Name," she groaned. "That was a long time ago."

"Is this another set up?" he demanded.

She put the soup on the dresser, "I'm very sorry what I did. I didn't mean to get you involved. I just did what I was trained to do."

Trowa turned his head, thinking she was lying.

"I liked you."

"You aspect me to believe that?" he demanded.

"I don't blame you for being angry." She lowered her head and stood up to leave "But it's the truth."

He turned his head back to her, "I…"

"Yes?" she stopped.

"Liked you too."

She turned around, "really?"

He moved his hand and tried to lift it. "Really."

She came forward to take it. "I've never stopped liking you. I even tried searching for you."


"Because," she said, brushing his wild bangs from his face. "We're the same."

He cupped her chin, "yes, that's right. You're like me."

"And you're like me," she put her hand to his bandaged chest and they leaned forward to kiss each other for the first time, but not the last.