Title: Holiday series [ Tired ]
Author: Nekocin/tyreling
Fandom: Various, Gohou Drug
Focus: Kazahaya, mild Rikuou/Kazahaya
Genres: Gen, humor
Rating: PG
Summary: After a hard and busy day at work the first day of the holiday season, Kazahaya and Rikuou were too tired to move.
Other: self-challenge, mild shounen-ai.
Disclaimer: Don't own Gohou Drug and its characters. If I did, I'd probably complete the entire story behind them and make these two characters have one hot, steamy BEEPBEEP in the end.

"Move, you big oaf!" Kazahaya kicked the lump beside his feet. The threat would have been more effective if he wasn't lying on the bed as well, sounding groggy and tired at the same time. The lump called 'big oaf' (otherwise known as Himura) gave out a grunt of protest but did not budge one inch at all.

Work had been busy. With the Christmas season around the corner, Kakei-san had ordered a lot of Christmas special gift-wrapped products for their store's sales promotion acitivites. The turnout was a tremendous hit on the first day. Which also meant he couldn't feel his limbs anymore. He was so busy shelving the products again and again and again, going back and forth from the cash registrery to the back and then to the front... he had lost count how many times he had to re-shelf completely.

"This is my bed. Move it," Kazahaya tried again, using his foot to push Rikuou until he lost all his strength to raise his foot altogether. He dropped his heel on top of his roommate's head in revenge. Feeling only strands of hair underneeth his heel, Kazahaya deduced that Rikuou was lying face-down on his bed.

When Rikuou still didn't move, or at least throw his foot off, Kazahaya became worried.

"Oi!" He snapped. "Oi, don't fall asleep on other people's beds, you asshole!" He kicked the back of Rikuou's head. The first time he succeeded with a firm hit. The second time, however, he missed.

Rikuou had stopped his ankle in mid-air. "You're annoying," Kazahaya heard him grumble before Rikuou bit the inside of his ankle. Gently.


Kazahaya felt his face frow hot instantly.

"Y-y-you," Kazahaya stammered, jerking his foot loose as he sat up with his feet safely tucked underneath. "Y-you pervert!" He cried out and grabbed his pillows to pummel the daylights out of Himura.



Random fanfic that popped up when I tried to wracked my brains for inspiration for this series and pairing that didn't want to let me go at all.

This is part of the Holidays series I'm trying to challenge myself into writing for all 31 days in December. The drabbles were written in no particular order so the only the author expects her readers is that they're fairly knowledgeable of the fandoms that will be appearing in this fanfiction series.

Thank you for reading!