MBP: Okay, so I read this awesome Final Fantasy 7 fanfic of prompt stories, and I decided... I'm obsessed. I admit it. I am obsessed with fanfiction, and now I'm crazy enough to want to do a prompt story.

Rini: Really? Wow... just... wow...

MBP: Anyway, I want to do at least one-hundred chapters... so I need prompts! But, since I am not sure how well this will be received, I made up a few, with the help of Mamoru4ever. And my cousin, who insists on getting credit. But, really, I can get rid of those if I get new prompts. Because writing from a prompt sounds fun.

Kio: ...MBP...why do this?

MBP: Because it sounds fun! Oh, and I'm doing this for other pairings too... because I have gotten absolutely obsessed, and addicted, to writing these pairings! So, this one is halfshipping! All of it. Another will be vaseshipping, my first obsession to get into, and then tragedyshipping, which is AMAZING! I love that shipping! I love it, love it, love it!

Rini: Be quiet and actually start already! Beginning of story, now!

Kio: MBP does not own Yu-Gi-Oh... only the voices in her head...

Chapter One: Anime

Ryou just wasn't sure what to do with the excited girl outside of his house. She was so hyper she was actually starting to scare his neighbors. And that was hard to do, especially since they had to see Bakura everyday, and after that, you would think Miho wasn't that much of a big deal. Apparently not.

"Miho just got the first season of Vampire Knight!" Miho hopped up and down with a bag in her hand. "And Inuyasha, and Tsubasa Chronicles, and Descendants of Darkness, and..."

"Miho... Do you want to come in?" Ryou knew what Miho wanted. Ryou had a big screen HD TV with surround sound, while Miho only had a tiny... thing... that broke down all the time. Now he understood exactly why she was outside his door with a bag of different anime.

"Miho does!" Miho hopped inside the house and instantly honed in on his TV. "Can Miho use the TV?"

"Go ahead..." Ryou was glad that Bakura was gone, and Amane was with Mana and Kisara. Then again, he wasn't so glad that he was... alone... with Miho... in his house...

Ryou shook his head and sat down on the couch. Miho had popped in Tsubasa Chronicles, and watched the first two minutes before taking it out.

"Miho doesn't like the voices!" Miho explained at Ryou. "And there's no cute guys!"

Next was Inuyasha. It was discarded because it was "too action-y and not enough romance!" She had watched one episode.

Then... "Squee!" Miho jumped on the couch and fangirled. "Tsuzuki's so cute! Miho likes him! And Miho loves Hisoka! Miho wants Hisoka!"

Descendants of Darkness. Ryou frowned, not seeing the appeal. It had more action than Inuyasha had, but Miho hadn't noticed. She watched the whole series, and groaned at the ending. "No! Miho wants more!"

Ryou watched as the girl ranted angrily at the ending of the series. Apparently, Miho had hidden that she was a yaoi fan. Hidden it very well.

But as she grabbed onto him, crying because the series was over, Ryou found himself not minding... and planning to find another yaoi series soon...

MBP: Okay... that was short! But I liked it! It was fun! XD

Rini: Why do I see you and Miho having something in common?

MBP: Any yaoi fangirl would despise the fact that Descendants of Darkness ended the way it did... and I see Miho being that kind of fangirl!

Kio: MBP doesn't own any of the anime in the fic... just in case someone's watching for copyright...

Rini: Well, please send prompts! That way I don't need to see her write... some of her... stranger... ideas...

MBP: Please, also, send a review! Tell me what you think! I hope you enjoyed!