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Chapter 10: Text Messages

Ryou didn't like text messages. He really didn't like them at all. He rarely, if ever, texted on his phone, and only had text on it in the first place because Bakura wanted it to be a part of the family plan.

However, once Miho found out Ryou had text on his phone, he instantly had a full inbox of undecipherable messages. See, because he didn't text often, he didn't know text speak. So, the first message he saw...

Ryou, wat r u doing l8er?

Ryou had no idea what it meant. He understood Ryou and doing, and then he had to actually sound out the words. Eventually, he just asked Miho exactly what it meant, and Miho explained it, promising that she'd teach him text speak in no time.

That was a frightening idea. A very frightening idea. Text speak was as foreign to him as Latin would be to any sane teenager.

But he had to give himself some credit... after having three months of Miho texting him using her talents as a text speaker, he still had no idea what she was saying half the time...

And nothing, absolutely nothing, would get him to admit that he was fluent enough in test speak to send out a few text messages of his own!

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