"Mummy, daddy, WAKE UP! SANTA CAME! IT'S CHRISTMAS! WAKE UUUUUUUP!" Six year old Ashley jumped on John and Helen's bed, reminding them, rather excitedly what day it was.

John grunted, and opened his eyes to Ashley's finger rushing towards him, ready to poke his eye. Seeing this, he quickly jumped up, as Helen stretched and did the same.

"We're up, we're up!" John laughed, picking up his daughter, and swinging her over his back, so she was upside-down, and giggling madly.

After a moment of watching her husband and daughter play, she suddenly realized how cold it was. She walked over to the thermos, and saw that it was 32 degrees. She hadn't been cold in the night, so Helen deducted that either the heat had just broken, or that her fleece pajamas and thick blankets had kept her warm.

"John, the heat's broken." She informed him, causing him to stop tickling his daughter and look her way.

"Well then, my dear, we'll have to bundle up." Druitt responded, knowing neither one of them wanted to fuss with the heater on Christmas day. Helen nodded.

*two hours later*

After the small family (including Henry, who had woken up soon after the other three had tromped into the kitchen) had had warm pancakes (courtesy of the Big Guy, who seemed unusually jolly), and opened their stockings (Helen's had included a beautiful silver necklace, with a tasteful heart-shaped charm), they sat in front of the Christmas tree.

While watching Henry open his new video game set, and Ashley her set of Barbie dolls (which the little girl planned to torture with magic marker and scissors) Helen realized it didn't matter that her fingers might fall off, and that her toes were numb. It didn't even matter that she was shivering, all that mattered was her family. She had a man that loved her unconditionally, two children, and a very good friend, all right by her side.

At least it was only her body that was frozen, not her heart.

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