This is my first Walker, Texas Ranger story, don't hate please. This is where Trial By Fire left off.

Chapter 1

As Captain Cordell Walker left the courthouse, he saw policemen running into the courthouse and his gut went nuts. He stopped one of the officers and asked "what's going on?" "Captain Walker, sir, there's been a shooting." "Who?" "Sir, it appears as though it was Gibbs. He shot Harper and in the process of shooting Harper, one of the bullets hit Alex." With that, Walker sprinted up the steps and into the building. He found Gage and Kay who were tending to Alex, waiting anxiously for the paramedics to arrive.

"Gage!" "Captain!" "How is she?" "She's unconscious and has a low pulse but the paramedics should be here any minute." "Gibbs?" "Dead." Walker shook his head and knelt down next to his wife and held her hand.

"Captain, is there anyone I need to call? It's almost three; Angela would be getting out of school soon right?" Walker looked up, nodded and pulled out his cell phone. "Look up the name Haleigh, she's Angela's babysitter." "What do you want me to tell her?"

Just then the paramedics came in and began to tend to Alex. "Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to move." "But I'm her husband" Walker objected. "Ok sir, please just calm down and let us do our job. From what I can tell the bullet that hit your wife missed her heart but just barely. We need to get her to the hospital to remove the bullet without causing too much damage." "May I ride in the ambulance?" The paramedic nodded and then Walker turned back to Gage.

"Tell Haleigh what's happening and tell her she'll need to stay the night with Angela. She knows my number, she knows the neighbors number and she knows local restaurants that deliver. Tell her I'll call her when things have calmed down a little." Gage nodded "meet you at the hospital."

"Hello?" a female voice rang out over the phone waves. "Hi, Haleigh? I'm Gage, I work with Walker." "How can I help you?" "There's been a shooting at the courthouse where Alex was prosecuting today." "Oh my God, is everyone ok?" "Alex has been shot and she's on her way to the hospital right now." "Oh my God, is she gonna be ok?" "It's too soon to tell." "Well what can I do?"

"Walker needs you to look after Angela." "Yeah, yeah of course, does she need to be picked up from school?" "Yes, can you get her?" "Yes, I'm about to drive by her school." "Ok, Walker says that you know his number, you know the neighbors number and you know numbers for restaurants that deliver." "Yes I do." "Walker also said he'd call you when things quiet down a bit." "Thank you Gage." "You take care now Haleigh." "Hey Gage?" "Yeah, tell Walker I'm praying for Alex." Gage smiled "we all are kiddo, we all are. I'll tell him, don't worry." "Thank you Gage." "Bye Haleigh." "Bye."

So, first chap, short and sweet. How'd I do? Should I discontinue or keep going? Reviews are pretty cool. (Hint Hint)