Story: Graves are Never Half-Filled

A/N: Will follow storyline but time line may change to suit story. AU with an addition of a few new characters. Canons are not a given. Rating is due to language.

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Chapter One - Bait

"Katie I will be close by if you need me."

"Thanks Kat. I guess I am ready." I try not to fidget with my clothes. I am a bit nervous. Every weekend that we can we hit the club or bar scene in search of vampires. It is not to hook up but to kill them. There are two main reasons behind this. Reason one is that our father is a vampire that raped our mother leaving her with not a sexually transmitted disease but twin bundles of joy. The second reason being the two vampires that raped and were probably going to kill me if it were not for the fact that my sister showed up in time. It was only because of luck we killed those two vampires, Kat thought to use the necklace that our mother gave each of us. The necklace was a silver cross dagger. There was another thing that happened that I do not think about never mind utter a word about. It was shocking to us both that I swore her not to mention it. She agreed.

The second reason happened during Kat's relationship with Danny. Not knowing what kind of trouble I got myself into I followed in my mothers footsteps it would seem. Kat was in the parking lot recovering from her first-time in the back of the car when she heard my cries of pain. I pushed those thoughts out of my head I need to focus and reliving painful memories could get me in trouble tonight.

I took a tour of the bar to try and feel the energy that a vampire has surrounding them. I did not look like I belonged here. I should be wearing clothes that would draw their attention, but I know I can't pull it off. Kat and I are twins but not quite identical. We are fraternal, but we do look very similar. Our hair color differs. She has a lighter shade of ginger-auburn hair. I am a dark auburn-brunette. We have the same gray eyes. In my opinion she is curvier. She says that it full of shit and we are the same. She is a little taller than me at my 5'8" and her at 5'10". Since my lack of confidence to wear slut clothes I go the innocent route. It works for the most part. Most remark on my skin. I have similar to what a vampire has, but my heart beat makes it known to the vampires that I am human, well half-human. Thanks Dad.

Kat decided that I would be bait. We usually take turns. I seem to get the bait role more than her though. I can't even remember that reasons she's given, probably pulled the I am older bull-shit. The night was still early so I would most likely have to wait around longer before any vamps show up. To ward off time I waited at the bar drinking shots and with sodas in between to give my hands something to hold onto.

When the place started getting busier I decided I would make my rounds again. I spotted Kat, but pretended I did not know her. Near the back there are booths and when I was in that area I felt it. The energy. I looked and my eyes landed on a man with light blond hair. His head was down but he must have felt me looking for he looked up. My god was he gorgeous. That was not a thought I could let myself focus on. But I found it so hard to stop myself from drinking him in. I felt more energy on my other side and used that to looked away from the panty dropping man to see who was causing the other static. There was a vampire close by and I decided that he would be my target rather than the other man I was basically ogling. I figured that I would be less distracted. He did look good, but nothing like blondie.

I went over to him and touched his arm to get his attention. "I hope I am not bothering you. I was hoping to join you."

He looked me up and down. "Sure. I like some company. Are you all alone?"

"Yes, my friend that I was with is occupied so I am left to find my own entertainment. I am Katie by the way."

"I'm Devon and it is a pleasure to meet you. I love to keep you entertained. The only thing is I was thinking of leaving would you like to come with me?"

"Um, I guess as long as you drop me back off her when the bar closes so I can meet my friend." I tried to play it that I was hesitant. I did not need him to get really suspicious by jumping in to quickly.

"I can bring you back. That will not be a problem. Ready to go?" He rose from his chair and helped me out of mine.

"Sure." I rose from my seat. As I turned around to follow him I saw blondie again. He was staring at me. I turned my head quickly and let Devon direct me out of the bar. I always worry that Kat would not be following or did not see us leave and that I would be alone with the vampire. But then I remember that I have killed some of those vampires before by myself.

I made the suggestion about I place I go to that is pretty. Really it is just our spot for killing the bastards. He liked my idea. Of course he would he would see it as a deserted place to have his dinner. I directed him towards our destination. I let him get a little frisky so that he would be pre-occupied so I could take out the silver knife encased in wood. Kat would wait to see if she is needed then if I was having trouble she would step in to come to my aid. She would stay back as far as she could as not to get detected. I did my best to keep the vampire from noticing her heartbeat.

Luck was on my side tonight as I was able to stake him on my first try. The look on his face was one of shock. After all he thought he was the predator and I the prey.

Kat came up and congratulated me making me blush at the praise. We took him further from the road to dismember him and bury him. After all our steps were completed were headed home. Kat got me whistling a happy little tune since tonight's task went off rather well.

Kat was so hyped up because our last one went so well she wanted to hit the same club. I had mentioned that there was more than one vampire there last week. She knew which vampire I had seen. She was hoping he would show up tonight as well.

Tonight I told her I was not going to be bait. I actually held my ground this time and won. I know she likes the killing part and missed out last week since I was able to accomplish the goal all by myself. My real reason was that I did not want to go after blondie if he was there. He is a vampire so we have to bait him if we can, but I did not want to do it. I don't know why. Maybe is would be too powerful for us to take down. Was it my self preservation telling me he would kill us? I don't know.

We split before going into the bar. I got myself a drink and went to find myself a nice shadow to hide in so that I am not seen and get ready to watch the show. I was just watching as Kat walked up to the bar, when I heard a voice talking to me.

"Hello Luv. I was hoping I would see you tonight." I turned and there was the blond vampire. I tried to keep from looking him over. Damn him. I was suppose to be hiding not baiting. Kat is not keeping dibs on me to know that the mark found me instead of her. Just my luck.

"Hello." I just could not think of what to say. I was a bit tongue tied with this vamp.

"Did you want to split? I know this is not your scene. You left rather quickly last time."

"I like it enough." I was looking at Kat, but she was oblivious to what was going down here. "How about we get a drink first. I feel like one more." I had an idea. I was going to bring him to the bar with me so Kat can see that I have him and then she can follow us in the car.

"Ok, let's go have that drink then. After you." I passed by him and felt the energy jolt up my arm when I grazed him. Kat finally notices us as I found a place at the bar in her eyesight. I ordered my shot and he ordered the same thing. We tossed them back and he led me to the door afterward.

"So whose ride are we taking. Yours?"

"I don't have one." Kat is the keeper of the keys since we use her truck for this.

"Really now. I guess we can just take my bike." This will deter from the normal routine. I usually kill them in the car.

"Fine with me." I am really glad I am fully armed because I am not in control of our destination and I am afraid Kat might not catch up to me this time. The ride was long. He pulled over to the ride of the road basically in a wooded area. It is like a spot I would have chosen, little chance of people driving by since I saw no houses or businesses.

"Alright luv. Ready to shag." He helps me off the bike.

"A..Alright but where do you want to" I stuttered over my words and felt a little uneasy. I have a bad feeling about this. My feelings are usually right.

"Just take your clothes off. We can do it right here. This road does not see man visitors especially this time of night."

I froze. I did not want to get naked. The best chance would be to get the knife out of my boot and get him distracted probably have to kiss him. I saw a fallen log not too far ahead. I started for it knowing well hoping he would follow. He did. I sat down and waited for him to sit. Here was my time to talk dirty. I am not that good at it, but that is my best bet.

"Why don't you sit with me here. I have been dying to kiss those lips. I have been thinking of your lips this whole ride over." I think I sounded fine. I hope so I need to make this believable.

"I hope you were thinking about other parts of my body beside my lips. I rather you fancy my cock than my lips. Well maybe if it was my cock surrounded by your lips. Either of your lips will do so which will it be after I kiss you senseless, top or bottom?"

"Umm, bottom will be fine." I am trying my best not to react to the idea of oral.

"Lets get this show on the road then." He grabbed me and his lips were on mine. The feeling was like no other. I felt my thoughts leave my head as we kissed. I fought to remember what it was I was to do. Boy was his tongue talented. I have never felt myself react to a kiss like this. It have only kissed vampires to distract to kill and my body never reacted to any of the other marks. My body felt it is on fire. His hands were starting to roam and with that my flashbacks to my first and only time came to the front of my brain. With those thoughts I was able to jump-start my brain and remembered my objective. I needed to get my knife from my boot. I let my hand go down and as my hand was almost there he grabbed my arm and punched me so fast I blacked out.

I woke up and I was in a room that was bare. I realized my hands could not move and noticed my arms chained to the wall and my feet also. When my eyes adjusted to the dark I saw Kat in a similar position. She was in her bra and panties. I looked down. I was dressed just the same. This was bad. I let myself get flustered enough not to do the job right. Hell I could have used my emergency plan. My emergency plan was using one of my spells. I was the lucky recipient of the witch gene in our family. Kat did not get it. Only one witch at a time. My Auntie Elizabeth was the sole witch and because of it an outcast. It is only activated in another family member when the last witch dies. When Auntie died the power was passed to me. Kat has been really good about it. We don't talk about it. My mother treats me even less than Kat. She doesn't like witches or vampires and here I am both. My knowledge is growing as I learned more from my Aunt's books. I am in no way an expert but I do well in retaining what I have read and practiced.

I was curious and found I liked being a witch, but I felt even more alone because of it. Kat can understand the vampire thing, but does not understand the witch thing. She tries to be there, but she can't help with what she does not understand. We keep this a secret even more than the vampire thing. I do not do witchy things when we go on our hunts. I feel that this could get me in more trouble than being a half-vampire. It is my witch-six sense. If put in a position where we would die I would definitely use it. It is what saved my ass that first time. My raw powers came through not a spell I learned.

I am debating with the idea of getting up out of the shackles. I can use magic, but if we are caught I have to have a good excuse. Lock picks in my hair. That may work. I am sold since I hate the feeling of being in these cuffs. I have a claustrophobic feeling and that is what decides my actions. I use the spell to unlock each of my manacles. I tried to catch each as to prevent sound. I walk over and do the same to Kat. I had to catch her before she falls. I plucked some hair and transfigured the strands into lock picking wires. I place them on the ground beside be as I hold Kat. She is still out of it. I was not there that long when the door opens.

"What the bloody hell? How are you out of your restraints?"

"I picked the locks."

"With what exactly your hair because I did not leave you with anything of the sort." I kept from snorting since I did make the picks out of hair.

I reached down and held the wires. "These."

"And where did you get those?" He eyes me up and down trying to picture where I could have gotten them with my lack of clothing and jewelry.

"Why should I tell you where I had them? I may need to do this again."

"Well if you don't tell me I will be force to give you a full cavity search. I don't think you would be too agreeable to that now, would you?"

"Fine I had them in my hair. Happy now."

"Your hair. Blimey you were prepared." I decided not to answer. He had a look of amazement as he rubbed his jaw. Then his face went blank and his gaze fixed on my eyes. "Now to business. Who do you work for?" This woke up Kat. Prompting her answer to the question with her own.

"What are you talking about?" She rose to sit up straighter

"It is quite obvious. I want to know who sent you after me. Is English not your first language. I can translate it if you need."

"No one sent us after you. We are independent. We do this out of the kindness of our hearts." I may have been a bit sarcastic. Fine a lot.

"I'll bet kindness has nothing to do with this. Why were you planning on staking me? What did I do to you?"

"Your a bloodsucker plain and simple. Plus we did not chose you. You offered yourself to me remember. I did not approach you last weekend and I wasn't going to be approaching anyone this weekend. You just decided to place yourself right in our lap."

"Well if you are as self serving as you say, what is the reason behind your Buffy act?"

"Our reasons are are own, you don't need to know why." Kat was snippy with her reply.

"Well as they may, I need to know your motivations to help me believe the story you are spinning about me not being your intended target."

"Fine. It is plain and simple. Mom was raped by a vampire and we were her memento to remember the occasion." I again caved and answered his question.

"Really now. I find that hard to believe. Vampires do not have offspring. There is only one way that I can see that that could happen."

"We are telling you the truth, we don't know the particulars since we don't have all the knowledge of vampires like you do. All we know is that five months after her assault we were born with our abnormalities."

"How am I to believe this? You don't seem to be anything other than human."

"So you need proof of our lineage? Fine I can prove it. Kat?" She looked at me. This was going to be tough on both of us. I hate remembering the past.

"Yes...?" She was puzzled with what I was going to do.

"After the events of our night from hell, do you know the reason I run when I see Danny Milton?"

"I thought you did because of what he did to me, but I am guessing there may be more. Now I think I may have missed something."

"I ran into Danny Milton not too long after that night you found out what a dirt bag he is. He tried to pull the same thing he pulled on you to me. He did not know of the events of what happened to me that hell night and I think he still thought I was innocent. I am not sure if he was that forceful with you as he was to get me in that position."

"No!" And then it happened. The rage in her brought forth the green eyes."

"Bloody Hell look at her eyes! Only vampires have glowing green eyes."

"Is this proof enough for you Spike?"

"My name is not Spike."

"You did make that Buffy comment and well you do have the bleached hair like him. Plus you mimicking his accent, just thought he may be your idol."

"I'll have you know I've had my hair like this way before that bloody show and my accent is due to me being British."

"Well now I know.

"Do your eyes turn green also or is it just Kat?"

"Mine do to."

"And more." Kat said before she could remember not to mention the secret he did not know. She has seen what color my eyes change to when I am deep into the magic. She has not seen it more than a few times. Those times I have lost my control.

"What was that."


"I'll bet it was just nothing."

"Moving on. Are we on the same page? Still having doubts?" I needed to get around him trying to get answers to those questions.

"I know there is more that you are not telling me."

"You know what you need to know."

"Bloody women." He went still and then a smile came to his face. "This is unbelievable This is just perfect. It will come in right handy."

"What are you talking about?"

"You both are going to work with me. It is either that or I can kill you. Living comes with conditions. Your choice. Your pick. You were already to stake me so there has to be conditions."

"But of course."

"We are in the same boat. You hunt vampires and I hunt vampires. We both have our reasons for doing so. Why not work together. It would be beneficial to both parties. Vampires can sense me, but with you they would be put to ease not believing that you two could would cause them any harm. Your targets were young vampires. You are not able to bring down the bigger older vampires so that is where the training I will give you will come in handy.

Sitting there hearing the banter continue without me because I knew that the choice was already made. Kat still needed to voice her opinions since she was silent while I had my say. So unusual for her to be silent, it is more likely the other way around.

I tried to put my foot down when Kat brought up the idea of them fighting. Damn her.

"Kat don't be ridiculous. You fight well for what we have been doing, but for what...You know I don't even know your name. Kat he is a lot older and far more experienced don't be stupid and challenge him when he can easily hurt you. Save it for after he trains you ok?" I turned towards our new trainer. "Well what is your name? Unless you do what me to call you Spike.

His look told me that he would not like to be referred to as Spike. "Bones."

"Interesting name. Obvious not your given name, did you pick it like gang members pick there monikers?"

"Basically, but I am not sharing the wondrous story of how I chose my name."

Kat continued with her quest to fight Bones and he agreed only to shut her up. He gave us our clothes back with our weapons. This is not going to end well. I watched as she went up against him. Her knife throw was close and it caused him to get angry. Great Kat. He might just end up killing you for you stupid idea. The fight was doing worse damage to Kat. I finally could not sit back when she looked like she could not take another hit. I threw my knives and piercing him in the hands. I was able to get him stop hurting my sister and I jumped him. I don't even want to relay what happened before I finally blacked out.