Story: Graves are Never Half-Filled

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Chapter 5

When I woke up I was handcuffed to a hospital bed. This is not good. I looked around and saw that I was alone, but I felt someone outside. Guard. Just great Bones was going to kill me. Kat will be just as pissed. I thought about the possibilities of my escape. There was the window. Granted that I can see the tops of multi-storied buildings. I don't now how to fly, yet. Jumping may work if I don't mind breaking something. Climbing down using what?

Going out the door would bring me to the guard which I can handle one. But I don't want to get in worse trouble since there are camera most likely.

As I was ticking down my options the door opened and in came two men.

"You are awake. Good. Let's get started." I was weary of what that would entail.

I stayed quiet as Don, the older man outlines what a government plan that he said I am the perfect fit for. He then gave the details on my little adventure last night. When he asked me to join his program I declined. He even tried using my mother to sway my vote. Of course she did not know what he asked me. She was more interested in the fact I was working with vampires. I was happy to have her out of there.

"You thought using my mother would get me to join the program? Wrong. I do not like my mother much. You obviously do not know everything if you tried using her as a tactic."

"I figured she would not be the thing that drew you in. The other thing I have will."


"Your son." My breath caught in my throat. No not Michael.

"We picked him up from camp. With your connection to the Governor's murder you are looking at jail time and where do you see your son going? Not to you families for sure. He would go into the system. If he is anything like you do you really want him growing up with out someone to help him?" That has been my greatest fears, being separated from my son.

I sat back and thought about what I would have to do. I will miss Kat. I will miss Bones, a lot. I felt closer to him than my own sister. That kiss was the first and last I would have with him. I will have to leave him behind since Michael trumps everyone. He is the most important. I can't have Michael living on the run. He is too young to understand. He does not know what he is yet. I want him having a normal childhood. Well as normal as I can give him.

"I will agree to this if you leave my sister and my family alone. You are never again to use him as a bargaining chip. He will have a normal life and I will work on your project. I will get to approve of any sitters that are to watch him when we are on these missions." We went through more concerns and negotiated a deal.

The other man in the room, Tate, did not speak unless asked a direct question. He was military all over. Don told both of us the plan to get me out of here.

When it was time Tate along with another soldier Dave ushered me out the back of the hospital. Don already left earlier with Michael to the compound we would be working. He said he would set up living quarters near by in an approved neighborhood. Sounds just great like a movie.

In the car I stayed quiet. No reason to say anything. My life was changing and there is nothing I can do but move forward.

I was gazing out the window taking in the scenery on the highway from all the angles in homes to keep me distracted. I noticed on the highway a person just standing there. Who the hell would be crazy and do that. I looked and realized I did know someone that crazy. It was Bones.

The crash hurt. I just got out of the hospital from being shot multiple times and now I am in a car accident.

"Kitten get out of the car." His voice was rough and I felt his anger. Is he mad at me? Of course he is.

I was dazed and followed orders automatically. The boys in the car followed suit and even in there obvious pain they started for Bones. Stupid move. He drank from each before he launched then into the nearby trees. He picked me up and ran me to a car parked further down the highway.

"Are you alright Luv?"

"I am in pain from that accident. I think it opened my bullet wounds."

"You were shot!" It was not a question. "My god Kitten what happened to you." He sped down the highway.

"Where are we going?"

"I am taking you to a Rodney's place before we set off tomorrow to get you far away from here. Now tell me what happened to you."

"After I killed the Governor I was shot by the cops."

"Yes a right specicule you had going on there. I saw the wreckage. Blown up cars dead bodys lots of shiny people lights. How did that happen?" What to say.

"I shot the gas tanks."

"I heard there was a girl inside. Was that the reason you went against my orders to stay far away from the house?"

"Yes. The car pulled up as I was doing as you told me to. I saw them drag her inside. I knew what they were going to do to her." I was lost in thought for a second. "I could not let that happen to her too." I distracted as many of the men as I could then I went after the girl. I found her naked on the bed with the Governor over her ready to disrobe. I distracted him with my eyes and killed him."

Bones told me about how he was able to rescue me. He said we were going to run to Canada and then decide where we were going to go.

"Sweetheart I was so worried when I came upon that house and saw all those police and flames. Hearing you were taken to the hospital I was torn up not knowing what happened to you. I don't want to lose you." He lifted my hand and kissed it. I felt the rush of heat that one kiss caused.

"I'm sorry." What else can I say?

"I will just have to make sure that never happens again. From now on you are my partner. We will get Kat someone else. I realize there is no where safer for you than with me. I will not leave you to be watched by anyone else if there is a way for you to be with me."

"That is an unrealistic goal. There are going to be times when you are going to want me to stay far away from the action and you know it."

"I can try. I don't want to lose you like that again. I will always chase you and I will find you."


"Yes Kitten I will." He squeezed my hand while he drove.

When we arrived at the house Kat and Rodney were waiting. Kat hugged me.

In the kitchen I listened to Kat as she tried to amend the Bones' plan.

"We have to get Mom."

"Yes that is exactly what I want to be on the run with the mother I dislike. Great idea Kat. I got one. Why don't you stay with her since you love her so much."

"You know where I stand Kat. I rather not bring her along."

"I bet so you can spend all that time alone with Katie." I felt myself blushing.

"You know me so well Kat. In fact I agree with Kitten. You should just stay with your mum since she is so important to you." I started tuning them out. I wonder if Kat forgot Michael. Michael is with the government anyways. I can not see a way around what I have to do. I will leave while they all sleep. I will just have to make sure they will be out for a little while so I can contact Don and find a way to them.

I was driven out of my thoughts when I heard Bones call me. "Kitten?"


"Let me see those wounds." He let me to the bathroom shutting the door so Kat could not follow.

I heard Kat cussing. "Be nicer to Kat."

"Sure sure." He lifted my shirt over my head. I stood there with my back to him . He peeled down the tape and looked at the bullet holes. "Oh Sweetheart. I will just heal those up." I watched as he pricked his thumb and use the blood drops coming from it to heal each wound. When he was finished he looked at me in the mirror. His eyes shone an emotion I could not place. He turned me around to face him. His hand raised to my cheek. He drew me in and kissed me. This kiss differed from the one at the cave. I felt like he was releasing so much built up emotions he held since he last saw me. Our kiss grew more heated. It was not to last because Kat decided to bang on the door until Bones opened it.

His face held such anger. "Was that necessary? We were doing just fine without your nagging ass interrupting."

"I find it was necessary. Katie we will be sharing a room. will be going solo. Better take a cold shower." She dragged me off to a room that we were to us.

She turned on the radio. "What about Michael?"

She did remember. "We will get him soon. Camp is still in session."

"We will get him Katie. When are you going to tell Bones about him?"

"Tomorrow." Well he would find out tomorrow, from the note I would leave. Kat can answer his question.

"Sounds good. I am exhausted. Lets get some sleep."

I did not sleep. I waited. When Kat was out I made sure the spell was working and searched the room for some paper. There nothing here, but I found some in the kitchen. I did a sensing spell and found where Bones and Rodney were. They were in rooms at the end of the hall. From what I could gather they were asleep. With the spell in place, I sat to write the notes. One to Kat telling her she was aloud to answer Bones' questions about Michael. I told her that I had to leave. Michael was being held and the only way he could have a normal life was if I cooperated with the government.

Bones' letter was harder. I felt the tears as I told him why I had to leave. I told him what I felt for him and that I was sorry I had to leave him. I told him to give Kat a chance. They could be good friends if they both worked on their issues with each other.

I left the letters taped to the front door. I took one of the vehicles in the driveway. I will have to ditch it so they can get it back.

It was to hard to leave. But Michael is more important than my own personal feelings for a certain vampire.


I woke up feeling very refreshed. I must have slept well. The last time I felt this refreshed was that night I slept on the cave floor and realized Kat used a sleeping spell on me. Sleeping spell. Ah shit. Not again. I looked around and her side of the bed as cold. I ran from the room. I yelled her name. Of course no answer from her. But I heard Bones.

"What is the blazing hell are you screeching about?"

"Katie. I think she is gone." The look the crossed his face was one of horror.

He moved through the house like the wind. He stopped short at the front door.

"No." I came around and saw it. Two notes. One with his name and one with mine. I reached up and took mine down and opened it.

They had Michael. That is why she is gone. That boy is her world. She did plan on him finding out about Michael today. Just not face to face. He is going to be pissed. He has not moved yet to take the note.

"You should read it." He took it off the door. He held in just looking at it. After about five minutes he opens it. I can't see the what is written sense he turned.

"She has a son." He did not say it like a question. "She never mentioned a son."

"Michael was away at camp. He wanted to go so bad. His friends were going. It was so hard for Katie to part with him. She has never been away from him for more than hours. Having him away at camp for months about killed her. The training helped her to keep her mind off of the fact he would not be at home to greet her. It was painful to talk about it so that is why you never heard."

"Who is the father?"

"I think you know. He came from Katie's only time having sex. Katie and I killed the vampires that were his father."


"Yes. She and my mother shared having children from rapes. But Michael is the sweetest boy. He loves his mother so much. She never equates the rape with the birth of her son. She can not see Michael coming from such an act of violence."

"I wish she told me. I would have gotten him back for her. I would do anything for her."

"I know. Even though I do not want to with my sister does not mean I don't know you would do anything for her."

"I love her." His voice was so soft. His love for my little sister shone. Too bad he is a vampire.

"I know. We will find her."

"Yes we will and then I am never letting go again." He turned and left the room.