A/N: Hello anyone who follows my Yamachi stuff and random peeps. This was an outline for a fic I made a while ago before I started on "Oh Wifey!" which is sort of similar. I'm not going to finish this 'cus it's redundant and "Oh Wifey!" has a better premise.


Males: Joe, Matt, TK, Izzy, Davis, Ken, Cody, Tai

Davis, Izzy and Tai are cousins – not allowed to marry. Therefore, Davis & Izzy hang out with Tai.

Females: Mimi, Sora, Kari, Yolei

15% of all males are born betas – they are sheltered with the women (also called betas) and can get knocked up. Male-betas are often attracted to women but women very rarely want Male-betas because:

Not allowed by law

Male-betas receive similar education to women – how to cook, take care of their husbands, raise their children etc etc – so it's hard for them to find work because they don't have skills that are valuable outside a home

Betas can be beautiful but are not traditionally handsome – they are shorter (5'4) than the average alpha (5'9) (by a lot! – Tai's an exception because he's 5'9), they tend not to gain muscle mass,

They are probably incapable of siring children (in the few cases a woman has married a male beta who was passing as alpha, she hasn't managed to have any children)

Tai is a beta – but only because he was identified at birth as having a womb. He is tall (for a beta), athletic, dark, capable of defending himself – he could easily 'pass' as alpha. He's traditionally considered unattractive for a beta because he is too tall, too dark, his hair is short and dark (ideally betas have long pale hair). Tai's considered too masculine to be beautiful; he is actually quite goodlooking (but in a masculine way) and he is lithely muscled even though he'd like to put on more bulk – he can't though because he has beta genetics.

However, his parents know that if he was discovered to be a beta, he'd be raped by whoever discovered him and be ostracized out of the community – he'd also destroy Kari's chances of finding a husband. The government is harsh about betas trying to pass as alphas so they would punish Tai by making him a whore and his family by firing Tai's mom/dad and taking away their home/source of income. So even though Tai would love to go out there and try to 'pass', he agrees with his parents and stays hidden under the traditional black shroud that betas wear. You can see a breeder's face but not their bodies or hair.

85% of all males are born alpha. Alpha can marry a beta (male or female but females are more desired) – they are allowed to have multiple "wives" (male-betas count as wives).

Tai went to the breeder's academy like all the other betas but he never got along that well with anyone except for Sora – she's not a particularly girly woman even though she is a woman.

Fic starts: Kari's telling her girlfriends the story of how she got together with TK (Tai's hanging out with Davis who came over to play soccer for a while and Izzy who's actually being good and helping out with wedding prep) - TK saw Kari on the street one day – liked her, asked to talk to her; she saw him too and liked him too so she agreed to a conversation. The conversation took place with the 2 on 2 different sides of a screen & they agreed that they liked each other. The Ishidas are higher ranked than the Kamiyas but it's fine 'cus Kari's a girl & she'll be absorbed into TK's family.

Next day at the engagement ceremony – it's a celebration with only the Kamiya and Ishida families – Kari's wearing the traditional yellow for the engagement but her face is covered by a veil.

Matt is walking in when he runs into Tai coming in through the beta's entrance – Matt's intrigued because although Tai's dressed in a shroud & his face is beautiful and he is on the slender side, he's also dark, tall and murmurs 'excuse me' & looks Matt in the eyes when he's murmuring his apology before he turns away.

It was not the first time a beta had looked him the eyes – although not sanctioned by law, this inconspicuous flirtation was as an accepted part of culture. However, the shorter man had not been trying to play the coquette when meeting Matt's gaze. There had been no practiced blush to his cheeks, no peeking up at Matt through his dark lashes (although, Matt couldn't help wonder how it would look if he did try that). Instead, the brunette had met his eyes straight on as if he were an alpha himself, apologized and then, as if finally realizing his position, he had cast his eyes down and walked into the bearer's seating area.

Matt wondered for a second if he really was a beta – he was quite tall and very dark. But then he remembered the delicately boned face with the huge brown eyes; his body underneath that black shroud had been quite slender too. And ofcourse there was the silver anklet he had glimpsed at as the shorter man had removed his shoes – the mark of an unmarried bearer. Matt could feel his heart swell at that realization.

The betas were separated from the alphas by a sheer gauzy white curtain – one that allowed them to see the ceremony but still remain modestly hidden from the alphas. As the priest conducted the ceremony, Matt found himself peering behind the curtain to see if he could locate the slender beta but he had very little luck.

After the ceremony, Matt asked TK if he knew a tall dark-skinned male beta.

"That sounds a lot like Tai. He looks like he could pass for an alpha, right?"

Matt nodded.

"Yea – that's definitely Tai. Why were you asking?" TK was genuinely curious. After his engagement to Kari had been finalized, he had been to the Kamiya household several times and he had gotten to know Tai pretty well. The older man certainly wasn't the type of beta his brother had seduced in the past – he was just too masculine to have really interested Matt.

"Oh, no reason…," Matt was hardly in the mood to explain how he'd felt rapacious desire jolt through him as Tai's eyes had met his, how he'd felt the need to show the shorter man his place in the world – Tai's confidence was not something most betas possessed. But Matt kept his thoughts to himself. after all, his brother was still an innocent in so many ways.

Matt stood behind the Kamiya grounds – the wall surrounding the garden was easily 15 feet up, mostly to deter any curious passers-by from trying to peek in and see Kari. She was a legendary beauty and before her engagement to TK, several desperate alphas had attempted to kidnap her.

Matt sees Tai fighting – he drops down from the wall into the garden. Tai's surprised for a second as he recognizes TK's brother, Matt – the guy who was late to the engagement ceremony. Then he realizes that he's wearing shorts and a t-shirt and it is indecent for an unrelated alpha to see him like this. So he grabs his shroud and pulls it on because he doesn't want to jeopardize Kari's marriage to TK.

"Oh come on… I was enjoying the view very much." Matt smirked as the shorter man quickly covered himself for the sake of propriety.

Sora shows up and sees Tai & Matt standing alone together in the orchard. Even though they're not doing anything weird, it's punishable by law if an alpha and a beta are alone together without a suitable chaperone.

"Tai! What are you doing?" She kept her eyes cast to the ground, elbowing Tai to do the same. She quickly pulled him back indoors.

"Who was that man? Why were you alone with him?"

Matt sees Tai at another engagement function the next day – he corners him in the dark and kisses him. Tai pushes him off and runs off. "My person is protected by law sir – unless you intend to ask for my hand, you will keep your hands off it."


When Kari answered the doorbell, she was surprised but pleased to see Nancy and Yamato Ishida standing outside.

"Hello Kari," Nancy smiled. "You look beautiful as always – did we come at a bad time?"

Kari blushed at the compliments from her future mother-in-law. "Thank you Mrs. Ishida – and it's never a bad time for you."

"You know you're always welcome at our house," Jim's pleasant voice as he walked into the living room from his adjoining study.

"Has something come up about the wedding?" Yuuko was a little worried to see Nancy sitting in their living room with her eldest. "I thought everything had been settled nicely."

"Oh no – things are going perfectly according to plan as far as TK and Kari's wedding is concerned. However I did want to discuss something about Yamato and Taichi."

Kari was baffled. Yamato and Taichi? Did they even know each other. Her parents shared her sentiments but Jim was the first to voice his confusion.

"What about them?"

Nancy glanced surreptitiously at her future daughter-in-law. "Perhaps it might be best if Kari were not present for this discussion."

Yuuko complied. "Kari – can you get started on prepping for dinner? & send in Taichi."

"Now what's this all about?" Jim leaned forward in his seat, looking expectantly at the 2 blondes.


Kari found Tai mowing their backyard and sent him inside to get showered and changed for his meeting with their guests. She quickly hid behind a big screen separating their drawing room from the rest of the quarters, curiosity killing her.

"Hello Mrs. Ishida, Yamato," Tai couldn't keep the curiosity out of his voice. Everyone was staring at him. "Mom, dad." He sat down next to his mother and turned to his parents for an explanation. "What's going on?"

Yuuko and Jim shared apprehensive glances as they looked at their eldest. They wondered how he was going to take this.

"Yamato would like to take you for his bride, Taichi."

Nancy watched Tai's bewildered features as the dark young beta heard the news from his mother. She had been massively pleased when TK confided in her about his affection for Kari – the girl was everything a beta should be. Beautiful, soft-spoken, well-liked by everyone. She may not come from the most distinguished family but her grace and beauty was enough to overcome that shortcoming.

But her brother was nothing like her. Nancy was not prejudiced - she could accept that her eldest wanted a male-beta (even though as far as she knew, he had only shown interest in females before). But why this male? He was not the sort of femininely beautiful bearer who Matt had taken an interest in the past – this boy was so dark, so tall, so masculine. What did Yamato see in him?

And worse still, he did not even look pleased that he had received such a coveted proposal. So many betas and their parents had made offers for Matt. After a moment's consideration, Tai managed to school his surprised features back into calmness.

Tai remembered his last words to Yamato the day before. My person is protected by law sir – unless you intend to ask for my hand, you will keep yours off it. Was the idiot blond doing all this because of that? Well, he intended to set things straight right now. He turned towards Nancy and Yamato, hoping to do this in the most polite way possible so as not offend his sister's future in-laws. "I am very much honored at the offer you have made – you will not find it hard to believe it is the most prestigious one I have had. However, I must decline."

Well, that's that. Yuuko worried for a second if this would put a strain on TK and Kari's engagement. She glanced over at Nancy – the blonde was stone-faced as she stared at Taichi.

"Well I am very sorry to hear that Taichi." Nancy's voice was ice-cold. How dare this undesirable beta insult her son this way, one of the most sought-after alpha males in Tokyo.

This is so not good. Yuuko could feel the panic raise up inside her chest – she looked over at Jim and he shook his head. Not good. However, as their eyes met, they knew there was nothing they could do about this situation. As much as they loved Kari they could not force Tai to accept something that he did not want - & if Nancy did break off their engagement because of this, Yuuko wasn't sure she wanted her daughter to go to the Ishida household anyway. So she did not utter any protest at her husband's response.

"I am sorry too, Yamato. But we cannot force Tai to accept something that he does not feel is right for him."

Matt's gaze was steady as he met Jim's. "I see… I appreciate the love you have for your son – many parents would not have as much respect for their child's wishes. However, I must insist that you agree to my offer."

"Why?" Mr. Kamiya narrowed his eyes. His son had refused this man – although he knew Tai could not bring in a better match, he would not try to force his son into something he didn't want. In the 10 years since he had been an eligible debutant, there had 2 proposals for him and neither were particularly promising – in contrast, Kari had atleast 100 decent proposals in her 5 years; not only was she a woman and therefore automatically more desirable, she was also much more beautiful than her brother.

Matt ran his eyes possessively over the slender brunette – his eyes were downcast as he sat next to his mother, as they should be in the presence of an unrelated alpha. Matt knew this was because of the presence of their parents, not because he accepted his position in society as a beta. "I have had the pleasure of your son's body – the only honorable thing to do now is to marry him."

The three Kamiyas sitting across from him both took in a collective gasp of disbelief; it was echoed by Matt's mother.

Nancy knew her son had bedded other betas before – often enough a young beta would sleep with an alpha to try to convince the alpha to marry. However, nothing was insisted on by law unless the beta was impregnated (which Matt had thankfully avoided), or if the beta went to the public courts and could show proof that it was that specific alpha who had bedded them. This second method was a huge risk for the beta and her family because if the proof was not accepted, the beta would be forever cast off as a fornicator and her family would be disgraced. So usually, a beta would sleep with an alpha and then claim to expose proof unless the alpha married her – however this could easily backfire because the alphas had much less to lose from being exposed as a fornicator. So until now, Matt had had his fun without any real consequences.

But why was her son trying to use the same tactic on Taichi now? Her mind was still trying to process what was happening when Tai was the first to react.

"You lying bastard!" He jumped out of his seat, both hands balled into fists as he looked about ready to lunge for the blond, but was stopped by his mother's hand on his forearm urging him back into his seat.

"Now Taichi," Matt smirked easily at him. "Do you think it is appropriate to insult your future mother-in-law like that, especially when she is sitting across from you?"

Tai turned desperately to his parents who had been silent in the few seconds that had passed. "Mom, Dad – tell me you don't believe this!" They were the only ones who could defend him and he had to convince them Yamato Ishida was full of crap.

"Yamato, you're making a pretty serious statement there," Jim voice was grave. His face looked sunken and depressed as he stared at the younger alpha. "Are you prepared to defend it?"

Matt nodded curtly. "Several people saw us exiting from one of the rooms yesterday – unaccompanied by any chaperones. If the gossip has not started yet, it will soon. This the best course for Tai's reputation."

"You know nothing happened in there!" Tai screamed out at him – his mother was now bodily holding him down as he tried to get at the blond. "There are people gossiping about you and ten other betas! Why don't you go marry one of them?"

"Tai, sit down!" Yuuko rarely ever raised her voice but right now, there was enough anger in it to subdue Tai for a second.

"Tai does bring up a point, Yamato." Jim steeled his gaze at the younger man. "Nancy please forgive me for being indelicate in front of you but Yamato does have a certain reputation – even if it has never been proven." He turned back to Matt. "If something has happened between you and Taichi, why would you choose to do anything about it now? Everyone in this room knows that an alpha might not get more than a slap on the wrist even if there are questionable whispers about him."

This was it. Time to lay out his cards on the table and hope that the elder Kamiyas would see reason even if Tai could not. "Mr. Kamiya, I want your son because he will make an excellent consort – I am prepared to declare publically that I have lain with him in order to ensure that we are married." He silently prayed that the Kamiyas would not force him to play that hand – he did not want to defame Tai's reputation like that if it could be avoided. After all, the man was to be the mother to his children.

He jumped out of his seat, lunging for the blond but was quickly pulled back down by his parents.

Oh. My. God. This wasn't happening!

He turned to

Matt tells them to talk to Sora – she has seen them alone. She tells them that she has seen them alone in the garden.

Then Matt and Tai are married.

Ending notes: Sadly the Yamachi fandom is relatively empty so I thought I'd put it up here in case anyone likes it. If you want to write the rest of it, by all means take it! You don't have to keep the name or plot or anything you don't like.