A/N: I don't really care much about this story so it's easy to write 'cus I don't have to worry about it being good. It's not good – this Tai feels pretty OOC to me. He's not putting up as much of a fight as he should. But this is my throw-away fic anyway so I don't give a rat's ass… It's a hard R.


I slipped silently into the Ishida household, hoping no one would see me. It was unthinkable for a beta to sneak into an alpha's room at 1 in the morning. But I had to do this – tomorrow was my wedding ceremony to Matt and I had to find a way to stop it. We weren't going to have a long engagement like Kari. Surprisingly, Matt hadn't wanted a big ceremony and only asked that he & I be married as soon as possible. So Nancy had arranged a quick private ceremony with only his family and mine in attendance.

Tonight was my last chance to escape this and I was being forced to make a desperate move. I prayed he would agree to my offer.

He was asleep in the bed – thankfully alone. The light drapes around his bed flew in the wind. I was worried he would have another beta with him and then my plan would have utterly failed. For this to work, everything needed to be kept in absolute silence. I sat myself against a corner chair and waited for him to wake up.

Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long. My chair bumped against a wall as I sat and the noise startled him awake. His eyes were immediately drawn to the light from my lamp and he peered into the corner, trying to see who I was.

"Tai…?" he questioned.

It's now or never, I decided. "Yes, it's me," I said resolutely but I could feel my insides begin to shake.

"Whaa… what are you doing here?" He sat up. I could see his lithely muscled chest and arms as he sat up, the sheets falling away from his body and pooling at his waist.

I took a deep breath. "If I give myself to you tonight, will you call this off tomorrow?"

He seemed to consider my words for a second. Then he stood up from the bed and moved towards me. I kept myself steady by grabbing the edge of the table but I was sure he could see my lips trembling and the embarrassed flush on my dark skin. He stopped just inches away from me and lifted his hand to my cheek. I forced my eyes to stay on those calculating blue eyes as he stared searchingly into my features.

"You really don't want to marry me, do you?"

I shook my head. "Not at all," I said honestly.

His shoulders dropped tiredly. "All right. If you please me tonight, I will stop the marriage ceremony tomorrow."

Simultaneously, I felt relief and terror flow through me. I had found my way out of this sham but at a heavy price. I couldn't stand the feeling of his eyes on me anymore so I stepped closer, letting my hands come up to rest against his chest. In a few minutes, that body would be pressing me down into the bed as this man claimed my virginity.

One of his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer. The other tilted my chin up, and he gently pressed his lips against mine, so different from the harsh forceful kiss earlier at Kari's engagement. This was sensual as he moved his lips against mine and then parting and then pressing up again, coaxing me to join him. I could feel my defenses start to slip – I didn't need them anyway as I was here voluntarily.

He started backing me towards his bed, pulling my robes off me as we went so that by the time we reached the bed, I was wearing nothing but my shirt. Soon, I felt my knees hit the edge and then I was on my back and my legs were parting accommodatingly so he could slide between them.

He was being surprisingly gentle, taking his time and actually trying to seduce me instead of roughly shoving himself inside. And he was succeeding. I could feel my face heat up and my back arch as his lips worked its way from my mouth, down my chest and all the way down my legs, worshiping my body with his.

"Ahhhnnn… please…," I could hear myself begging, although what for I wasn't exactly sure myself. I could feel his fingers probing at my entrance and instinctively my hips rocked into them, trying to feel them inside me.

"You prepared yourself for me already …?" His voice was laced with arousal, as he searched out my eyes. His blue ones were glowing with lust as he stared me down.

I could do nothing but nod my head, cheeks flushed and refusing to meet his gaze.

"All right then…" He said, once more pressing me deep into the mattress with his weight. I could something large and hard pushing against my entrance as he whispered for me to wrap my legs around him.

"Has another man been inside you before?" He asked, his eyes hard and possessive as he stared down at me. I shook my head in embarrassment – this was my first time.

"Good. That means I don't have to commit any murders." He smiled, leaning down to nibble my lower lip.

"…AHhh…nnn… wha… what about pro… protection?" I could barely keep myself coherent, sighing against his lips as he kissed me again in that slow sensuous rhythm. My body yearned for him but the question had to be asked – becoming pregnant from this night would be disastrous.

"I took care of it," he murmured back and then started to press himself inside, moving slowly, obviously trying to be as gentle as he could. I could feel my frustration grow and I tried to push back against him but he kept his hands steady on my hips and stopped me from impaling myself all the way like I wanted.

"Don't … don't do that or I won't be able to control …," He panted against my neck, suckling and nuzzling my skin, leaving a mark.

I lifted his head up with both my hands and stared up into his face, leaning up to kiss him, gently working my tongue into his mouth. "I don't want you to…," I whispered against him.

And then he was moving inside me, pressing me deeper and deeper under him. I could feel something unfamiliar start to churn in my stomach as I felt that heated length inside me, claiming me if only for tonight. Soon he was pounding into me at full speed and I was clawing at his back, begging for more and spreading my legs as wide as I could so he could penetrate deeper into me.

Then he hit that spot that made my vision dance and I was gasping his name, trying not to get too loud in fear of waking his family. I could feel the bed creaking with the force of his thrusts but I wanted more, needed to feel him pound against that spot again and again until that knot in my stomach finally untied itself.

And then I was flying, feeling the ground fall away from underneath my foot as I spasmed underneath him, coming against his stomach. "AAAhhhn….nnn Maaaatttt…!"

My muscles inside were clenching around him as he kept on with his pounding rhythm inside me – suddenly, I felt the hot rush of his seed inside me and he too was gasping my name, kissing me violently as he claimed the vestiges of my innocence. Then he collapsed easily into my arms, his hips still thrusting shallowly inside me and I was glad. I didn't want to feel him withdraw from me so soon.

He took me two more times that night, once with me riding his lap and once more against his shower wall. By the time he had satiated himself with my body, the sun was beginning to rise on the horizon.

"So you will end this today?" I asked, refusing to face him as I pulled on my clothes. I was exhausted and my legs could hardly keep my weight up, shaking as they were. I could still feel his essence inside me – I would need another shower once I got home.

"Is that what you still want?" He asked quietly. He was seated quietly on the edge of the bed, watching as I prepared to leave.

"Yes," I said, finishing wrapping my large shawl around my head and turning to face him. "That was our deal – I kept my side of the bargain, now keep yours," I looked into his eyes.

"Very well…" he nodded.

I slipped out the door and back to my normal life, satisfied that I had avoided disaster.


Hours later, I was sitting in front of the priest next to Matt's tall frame, dressed in a simple white kimono. It was white to signify the virgin status I no longer had, but that wasn't really much of a concern, seeing as I wouldn't be getting engaged today anyway.

"Who gives this bride to this man?" The priest asked.

"We do," my mother and father replied simultaneously.

The priest chanted some incantations over me and then asked, "Do you accept this alpha as your husband?"

I wanted to say 'no,' but there was only one choice that wouldn't destroy my family. "I do," I said, keeping my eyes on the tatami mat in front of me.

The priest turned to Matt. "Do you accept this beta as your wife?"

Now it was his turn to speak. I already knew his answer – he had promised he would release me from this marriage and I expected him to keep that promise. He could do it easily enough without raising any problems for his family or mine – he was a wanted alpha coming from a high-ranked family. No one would question him.

"I do," came his deep quiet voice.

I could feel the ground start to shake underneath me as those two words hit me like someone had sucker-punched me in the gut. Oh god! This could not be happening! He was supposed to say no! But I could not say anything now without fear of retaliation from everyone in the room. I bit my lips, feeling the hot tears stinging at my eyes and my cheeks flush as the priest declared us man and wife.

I shook my shaking my hands under my sleeves, blindly following Matt through the rest of the motions of the ceremony.

He had promised he would say no! I had willingly given myself to him – lowered myself, done exactly as he asked no matter how embarrassing it was so that he would be satiated with my body and want nothing more from it!

But now, it would be lifetime of this – a lifetime of belonging to this man, spreading my legs underneath him whenever he wanted, carrying his children… How could this have happened?

The day sped by in a blur as I tried to process reality. After the reception, my mother took me aside and haltingly tried to explain what would be expected of me tonight but nothing registered. I was a deaf-mute as a servant came to the room and led me away from her and into the back of the Ishida residence.

By the time I was standing in our new private chambers in the Ishida residence, the shock had faded away and it was replaced with intense, burning anger. I heard him come in and turned around, my brown eyes blazing in anger. If looks could kill, he would be puff of smoke at that moment.

"We had a deal," I ground out as he stood next to me.

"I know," he said.

"You were supposed to say no."

"I didn't want to," he said simply

I saw red. "What more could you possibly want? You've already taken what you wanted!"

"Don't devalue yourself, my little wife." He said, voice teasing as he moved closer to me. "You've got a lot more to offer than just that beautiful body."

I was beginning to get confused. Confused but still livid. Not a good place to be. "I thought you wanted to take me. I gave my virginity to you – what more is there to interest you?" I have always been confident in myself but I knew perfectly well that I was not a marriageable beta – no one wanted a masculine 'wife' and it is not what I wanted for myself.

"Your spirit, my love," he said, smiling gently. "And anyway, you think I would let you go after just one night in my arms? One night when you were moving so sweetly against me, arching up and offering yourself like you were always meant to... especially when you could easily be pregnant with my child after how deep I was inside you…" His voice deepened and his eyes started to cloud again with lust.

"Pr… pregnant?" My mind tried to understand what he was saying. "But you said you took care of it..." A lot of the promiscuous alpha males used a pill that made their seed impotent. I had assumed Matt did the same.

"Oh no…," he shook his head. "You are most likely carrying my child right now. I didn't see the harm in getting you pregnant last night when we were to be married the next day anyway. But I intend to try again tonight, just to be sure." He started moving towards me as I backed away from him, horrified at being tricked like this.

"But you've been with so many betas… how are none of them…?" I tried to grasp the situation.

"Condoms, my love. But since I saw you, I intended for you to be mine so I didn't see the problem… In fact when you came to me last night, I was relieved – all those positions I took you in was meant for deepest penetration, so I could be as sure as possible that my seed took inside you…"

"B… but…" My mind stopped working as he pulled me into his arms and suddenly, he was carrying me to the bed again, kissing me so deeply that I could feel him steal my breath. After that, I was on the bed and he was between my legs again, once again turning me into nothing but a quivering, incoherent flushed mess, panting in my disgusting desire for more. My body reacted to his familiar warmth, opening itself up to him eagerly even while my mind protested. I could feel his lips on my nipples, his hands on my member, pleasuring me as he prepared me for what was to come.

I could hear myself moan and then pressed my hand to my lips to quiet myself. But he quickly pulled that hand away.

"Oh no love… tonight, there is no need for secrecy… tonight everyone knows that you are underneath me, surrendering that beautiful body to me… So let me hear you as I take you, love," he said, starting to slide that heat into me again.

There was nothing was left except the feeling of him moving inside me, claiming me again as he would for the rest of our lives. I was moaning and panting, clawing at his back, holding onto his neck and instinctively offering as much of myself as he would take. My lips trembled under his sensuous kisses and my hips rocked back into his thrusts, shamefully wanting him as deep as he would go.

Then the feeling of flying again as he hit spots so deep inside me. He continued to fuck me through my orgasm and I felt him shudder and groan above me; his length pulsed inside once again filled me with his seed.

How could I have let this happen… I thought to myself as I drifted into unconsciousness.