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*Rated T for Teen

Summary: A simplified version of William Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well presented as a play performed by the Yu-Gi-Oh! cast.

All's Well That Ends Well is a play about a young nobleman named Bertram—played by Seto Kaiba—and an orphaned commoner named Helena—played by Joey Wheeler. They are faced by problems with their relationship and romance, which are caused by their different backgrounds. At first, this is a one-sided affair with Helena falling in love with Bertram. However, being a comedy, Bertram comes around in the end.

All's Well That Ends Well Cast

Helena – Joey Wheeler

Bertram, Count of Rousillon – Seto Kaiba

King of France – Yami

Countess of Rousillon – Yugi Mutou

Lafeu, an Old Lord – Marik

Parolles, a Follower of Bertram – Duke Devlin

Lavache – Bakura

Widow – Malik

Duke of Florence – Tristan

Diana – Ryou

Mariana – Tea