Hey anyone who thought to be kind and read this! This is my FIRST fanfiction ever in life and do not fret it is not done, but I just wanted to start with something. This little bit here is just kinda info for the main character and such. Not everything will be in journal entries and blah blah blah so yeah comment and give advice and help please! o & I do not own ouran high school host club only the people my imagination creates :D hope you enjoy it!

Entry 1-

I am told to write down my feelings and thoughts of each day. Which by the way I believe to be slightly stupid, also do they think I'm dumb 'cause I know they are going to read this even though they did say "It's all private it's just there to help you vent. Just be sure to bring it to every session." If they aren't going to read it then why should I bring it? Well no need to be all negative I suppose. Hmmm well today is well a day in which I find myself being myself. To other kids in my school, which these stupid people don't know is a public school, I'm strange. I don't know why they think that. Sure my outfits are a bit odd and I can be distracted easily and I seem a bit off every day or so, but that's still no reason. I'm like any other kid who when stressed may look into the sky to look at the clouds. That cloud, the one to the right of that pole over there is a duck. I used to have a duck for bath time when I was little. You know back when kids still took baths. My parents would play with me with my duck and the bubbles. I know people think I come from a messed up family, but I don't. My dad didn't leave us 'cause he loved us too much. He just disappeared, and my mom is just too upset to look for him is all. I guess I can be a bit weird, but overall I'm just as normal as anyone can get in this world. I'm just an average girl who sits in the back of class drawing pictures of the aliens taking her father.

Entry 2-

Okay I feel pretty stupid now. I'm supposed to write my name and describe myself in the first entry, oh well I'll do it now. My name is Fern Thomas. I am 5' 8" tall. I'm very pale, have waist length black hair that I practically never brush mainly because one time I did try to brush it my brush broke. Ever seen the movie Princess Dairies and how her brush brakes? Yeah my hair is that strong. I am left handed and thought that should be mentioned because this world was created for right handed people and half the time I can't use anything 'cause its not made for my species of human! Oh a little quirk about me that I find interesting is that my left eye is a deep green while my right eye is bright blue. Yeah it's awesome. I have no talent except minor drawing, and if you can count eating a whole cake in under 2 minutes a talent. Other than that I'm just a human. I've recently applied for an art scholarship at this fancy smancy school called umm. Owan? No umm. Horan? You know what I don't care cause all I know is that they got a good art program and I want to go there! From now on, or at least until I remember the real name, the school will be known to me as- "Moron Academy". honestly went I went on a tour of the place that name fits it well. Oh and there were all these girls talking non stop about this host club thing. It sounded stupid and annoying so I shall be avoiding that place. I just hope wearing the uniform isn't mandatory cause those girls looked like oversized poof balls of yellowness. I despise poof balls, I'd rather not look like one thank you very much. Oh well I don't find out till tomorrow if I got the scholarship. FINGERS CROSSED! XD