Sirius reached forward, pulling off the ribbon and holding it up. Remus squirmed, almost-but-not-quite pulling away.

"None of that, now." Sirius reached forward, and in a moment had Remus' hands tied together, above his head.

"Sirius!" Remus squirmed again, and Sirius shifted himself, straddling his hips. He shook his finger at him.

"No, no. You're my gift, and I plan on using you." He leaned forward, and attached his lips to his neck, licking and sucking where the ribbon had been. Remus moaned, arching forward, while Sirius' hands traveled around his body, exploring scars and wiry muscle.

One of them landed on his nipple, teasing it, while the other busied itself with the edge of his boxers, playing with the elastic and inching it down. Sirius' mouth slid from his neck to his collarbone, to the other nipple, taking it between his teeth, using his hand to pinch the other and causing them both to turn red and hard.

Remus groaned inarticulately, bucking forward as Sirius' other hand slipped the boxers off entirely and fingering the cock that lay underneath. Sirius grinned, looking up at him from his chest. Remus mumbled something.

"What was that?" Remus moaned as Sirius' hand stroked him, speaking in strangled gasps.

"Clothes… too many…" Sirius grinned, pulling off of him entirely and stripping quickly. He retook his former position, hand working fast on Remus while he held three fingers to Remus' mouth. Remus took them in quickly, coating them in saliva. Sirius pulled them away, replacing them with his own mouth, slipping his tongue in as he slipped a finger into Remus.

Remus gasped, having trouble focusing with so many sensations wracking through his body. Sirius loved to do that; make him feel totally helpless.

A second finger, or was it the third? He could barely think straight at this point. Sirius' tongue battled his over the territory that was his mouth, neither willing to give up. Sirius definitely had the upper hand, though.

The hand disappeared, too quickly, and Remus hissed slightly, before feeling something else there. He shifted unconsciously, to give Sirius an easier reach, and then they were one, together, and Remus screamed out what could be Sirius' name, or a curse, or even some old memorized Shakespeare for all he knew.

Sirius was yelling as well, and Remus was fairly sure it was his own name. He felt his hands fall down, the ribbon now in Sirius' fingers as he lay next to him on the bed, drowsy. He smiled at him, blinking. Remus smiled back, and felt himself falling into sleep.

In that half-world, he remembered what he'd yelled to Sirius, and what he'd heard back from him.

"Sirius… I love… I love you!" And…

"I love you Remus…" He smiled again, slipping closer to Sirius, and feeling warm arms wrap around him as well.

Baby, all I want for Christmas is… you.

Yeah… well, it's done. Crappily, but done. I've never written a sex scene before… Huh.