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On this rare sunny day in England a meeting was being held. No, not a world meeting silly! It was the meeting of the SFNA. What's the SFNA you ask? Well you'll find out soon enough.

"I call this meeting of the Secret Female Nations Association to order" yelled a woman with significantly large eyebrows to a group of only two. "No need to shout! There's only three of us here, we can hear you just fine gosh" said a rough looking girl with silver hair and blood red eyes. "Yes, well it's better to be sure you guys can hear me" said the woman with large eyebrows. "What's the point of having these meetings again Igiko" said the albino.

A sigh was heard from Igiko. "I wish you would stop calling me that Gillian. Can you call me England or even Abigail would be better then Igiko and we are here to welcome a new member to our small group" Abigail said as she pointed to a petite Asian girl with her hair up in two bums. "Oh yea . . . so how's it going China" said Gillian enthusiastically. China just stared at Gillian for a moment before responding "I am fine Prussia and you can call me Yu though aru~." "Then you can call me Gillian" she replied. "Alright now that the formalities are done with, let's discuss our next course of action." Abigail said.

"What would 'our next course of action' be exactly?" asked Gillian. "Telling the truth to the other nations of course" Abigail said. "Not this again" Gillian groaned. "How many times have I said that we shouldn't? Not on would it put your independence at risk but it'd throw everything into chaos!" explained Gillian.

Now you see when Gillian said putting their independence at risk she meant one of two things. One some male nations would want to take control of the secret female nations or two they would be sheltered, protected like a weaklings.

"I know, but it's not like some don't know already" Said Abigail. It was true. Some people already knew their secrets. Francis along with Matthew and Alfred knew. I mean who do you think Matthew and Alfred parents are? Of course Antonio and Francis knew about Gillian. Gillian couldn't keep a secret like that from her two best friends. Of course she has neglected to tell her brother . . . she just didn't think it was the right time yet.

Both nations turned to Yu expecting some sort of answer. "It's rude to stare aru~!" she yelled. "Sorry" Abigail replied. "I am just wondering if anyone knows about your secret." Yu just shook her head. "I have kept this secret all my life aru~." "Since you obviously had experience with this what do you suggest we do?" asked Abigail.

"I say it is time we stopped lying to the world aru~." Yu said and just smiled.

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