A/N: This is set before the last scene of the Doctor in the Photo. After re-watching the episode, I wondered what if Booth hadn't been there to rescue Bones from the car? Hence, this fic was born. Let me know what you think!

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The Anthropologist in the Accident

Temperance Brennan strode through the pouring rain purposefully. As she struggled to read the address on the damp piece of paper, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. A reflector in the road. Brennan bent to look at it more closely, while her mind formulated a scenario. Dr. Eames had struck her head on the reflector. Brennan reached out to touch the object. As her fingers skimmed the surface, she heard the oncoming car, but it was too late. In a split second, the car came to a screeching halt, but not before colliding with her body.


Seeley Booth and Hannah Burley had just finished dinner. Hannah returned to the table and sat across from her boyfriend.

"Are you okay?" she asked with concern, "You seem a million miles away."

"I'm just worried -."

"About Temperance," Hannah said completing his thought.

"Yeah, she just – it isn't like Bones to get so personally involved with a case. God, when we first started working together, I had to remind her not to refer to someone's relative as "the remains" when we spoke to families."

Hannah smiled slightly, while Booth continued.

"Sweets said she was "over identifying" with the victim. You know, because they are both doctors, single, no kids."

Hannah nodded, "I am sure that Temperance realizes that she has a lot of people who care about her."

Booth nodded unconvinced. A year ago, he would have taken Bones out to dinner or for a drink after a case that had gotten under her skin. They would have gone back to his place or hers, shared a drink and laughs. Booth would have made sure that, without a shadow of a doubt, Bones would have known she wasn't alone in this world. He couldn't be "that guy" for her anymore. He had Hannah.


"What? Sorry."

"I was just suggesting that we go catch a movie or something to take your mind off things."

"Oh, I'm not really in the mood," Booth replied.

"Why don't you just call her, Seeley?"

Booth's lips curled up in a slight smile and he kissed Hannah on the cheek, "Thanks for understanding."

"She's your best friend. You're worried about her," she replied matter-of-factly.

If only she knew the half of it! Booth thought.

As Booth reached for his phone, it began to ring.

"Cam," Booth mouthed to Hannah.

"Hey, Cam," Booth greeted.

Hannah watched as Booth's expression quickly changed.

"Is she going to be okay?" he asked.

After what Hannah assumed was an unsatisfactory reply, Booth asked, "What hospital is she at?"

"I'll be there in five minutes," Booth said already heading towards the door as he hung up the phone.

"What happened?" Hannah asked frantically.

"Bones," Booth said swallowing the lump in his throat, "was hit by a car."

"Oh my God! Is she -."

Booth cut her off before she could finish her question, "She's in surgery. I need to get to the hospital."

He pulled on his coat, and Hannah reached for hers, "I will come with you."

Seeming to not hear her, Booth gave her a quick peck on the cheek, "I will call you when I have news."

Before Hannah could protest, Booth was out the door.

As he drove, taking a few turns dangerously fast, Booth cursed himself.

"I should have made her go home."

With his siren on, Booth arrived at the hospital in record time. He came tearing through the doors of the emergency room, interrogating the receptionist and everyone in the vicinity until he escorted to where the squints were gathered. Cam paced, while Hodgins attempted to comfort his inconsolable wife.

"Where is she?" Booth asked frenetically, practically shaking Cam.

"She's still in surgery, Seeley. It could take hours. They aren't sure what the extent of her injuries are."

Booth sunk into the hard hospital chair and buried his head in his hands, "It's all my fault."