18 Months Later…

Brennan sat at her desk pouring over Hodgins' report on the particulates found on their latest murder victim. She'd read three quarters of the report when an idea struck her. Brennan quickly began rummaging through her old case files. As she muttered to herself, there was a loud knock at her door, or rather her door frame.

"Come in!" Brennan shouted, not bothering to turn in the direction of her guest.

"Temperance," a vaguely familiar voice said.

Brennan spun around in her chair; leaving a small pile of files on the floor.

"Hannah," she said with surprise.

Yes, Hannah Burley. Temperance Brennan would never forget that voice.

"It's good to see you looking well," Hannah said with a congenial smile, "The last time I saw you, you were -."

"Yes, I recall," Brennan replied brusquely.

"Are you in town on business?"

"Yes, I am covering the president's reelection campaign. It's been so long since I have been in D.C. I thought I would stop by and see how everyone was doing."

"Oh, well, I am busy at the moment, but you can feel free to have a seat. I was just looking for something," Brennan said gesturing toward the couch.

Brennan rose from her seat to get the files she'd left in an untidy heap. Hannah's eye's widened as she took in her former lover's partner's form.

"You're – you – Congratulations!"

Brennan offered Hannah a small smile and thank you.

"How far along are you?" Hannah asked.

"Twenty-four weeks."

Hannah just stared at Brennan's abdomen then turned her gaze to the other woman's left hand. No ring. Her right hand bore the same ring it had years ago. Surely if the baby were Seeley's there would be a ring…and a marriage. Yet, Brennan's office was as impersonal as ever, not a photo in sight.

"So, I assume you made a full recovery from the…umm…accident, then?" Hannah asked awkwardly.

"Yes," Bones replied with a nod, "I do have some lingering motor deficiencies, but otherwise 'good as new', as Booth would say."

Hannah smiled, "How is Seeley?"

She had scarcely spoken his name aloud since they parted ways two years ago. Seeing Temperance, presumably pregnant with another man's child, made Hannah wonder if she'd made a colossal mistake years ago. Without a doubt, Seeley was the best man she'd ever dated. Had she given all of that up due to an ungrounded fear that she'd always be playing second fiddle to his best friend?

"He's doing well," Bones replied.

After the words left her lips, Bones heard a cheerful humming sound growing louder with each passing second. Soon, the man producing it was approaching her doorway.

"How are my girls?" Booth greeted, not seeing Bones' guest.

Hannah and Bones both blushed, though for different reasons.

"The baby and I are well," Bones replied.

Her eyes darted from Booth to Hannah.

Booth had just noticed the other woman's presence and choked out an awkward, "Hannah?"

"Hi, Seeley," replied a confused Hannah.

Booth gave Bones a quick peck on the cheek before embracing his former lover. Booth released Hannah and quickly returned to Bones' side. When he gently rested his palm on Bones' abdomen, Hannah saw the flash of a white gold wedding band. For the first time, Hannah noticed a white gold eternity band hanging on a chain nestled between Brennan's cleavage. As she mentally solved the mystery, Hannah let out an audible 'Oh'.

Both Booth and Bones gave her a puzzled look.

"How long have you and Temperance been married?" Hannah asked.

"Five months," Booth replied, smiling proudly.

"Congratulations," she offered, "I wasn't aware you'd gotten married."

"Why would you?" Bones replied with unintentional curtness.

Booth tried not to laugh. Of course, neither of them had kept in touch with Hannah. She'd never made an effort to contact them, making her impromptu visit all the more perplexing.

Booth turned around a photo on Bones' desk. The photo was from their wedding; one of the many taken by their guests. It was Bones' favorite photograph from that day. The photo captured a moment from their first dance as husband and wife. They both wore big smiles despite the evidence of tears in the eyes of the both bride and groom. In the photograph, they were locked in one another's gaze. Looking at that photograph always transported Bones back to that moment when it was only her and Booth, and the rest of the world seemed to melt away.

"Looks like a beautiful wedding," Hannah said with a feigned smile.

She glanced towards the door, eager to extricate herself from this awkward situation.

"Booth and I were about to get lunch at the diner if you care to join us," Bones offered.

"Oh, no, thank you. I just wanted to stop by and say hello…and congratulations, apparently," Hannah said with a hint of bitterness in her voice.

After a few cursory goodbyes, Hannah quickly exited the building and their lives once again.

"She seemed eager to leave," Bones commented.

"I think it was uncomfortable for here since it has been less than two years since -."

"…you were engaged in a sexual relationship with her, and now you are married and expecting a child with me."

Booth smiled, "Yep. I wouldn't have put it that way, but yeah."

"I noticed that Hannah seemed to be leering at my breasts at certain points in the conversation. Perhaps, she was impressed at how much larger they are during pregnancy."

Booth burst into laughter.

"What?" Bones asked.

Booth gave her cleavage an admiring look as he reached for the wedding band nestled there.

"I think she was looking at this," Booth said of the shimmering object between his fingers.

"Oh, do you think that she was uncertain if the fetus I am gestating was yours?"

Booth frowned, "But did I tell you using the words 'gestating' and 'fetus'?"

"Sorry, the baby I am carrying," Bones rephrased flashing him a smile.

"Little baby Bones," Booth said squatted to eye level of Bones' pregnant belly.

Booth pressed a kiss to her stomach. Bones stroked his hair as he rested his head against her stomach.

"Oh, I think she just kicked her daddy in the head!" Booth exclaimed.

Bones laughed and rose to his feet, "She probably wants you to take her mother to get lunch."

"I could get used to this new, hungrier Bones," Booth joked.

"Well, it seems your daughter has a Booth's appetite."

Booth pulled Bones towards him, her swollen belly pressed against his abdomen. When they mutually ended the kiss, Booth continued to hold her close.

"I love you so much, Bones. I can't tell you how happy getting to spend every day with you and having a family with you makes me."

Bones nodded and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips, "I know, Booth, I feel the same way. Perhaps, we should have thanked Hannah for her role in bringing us together."

"It's probably best we didn't."

They'd discussed Hannah many times in the first months they were together. It had taken Booth a long time to not feel that he was responsible for putting Bones in the emotional state that lead to her accident.

"We would have found our way eventually," Booth said with a smile, "Fate, remember."

Bones shook her head, "You know I don't believe in fate."

"Well, I do. I knew I was meant to spend the rest of my life with you from the second I laid eyes on you."

"That's preposterous," Bones replied, "You were correct about one thing, though."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes, you said we'd make a better ending for ourselves than I wrote in my book. I believe we have."

Booth smiled, "Except, this is just the beginning, baby."

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