Hello everyone, I have had this idea for a while and I'm finally posting a chapter. Since my fall semester is over, I'll be able to update more frequently for the next few weeks.

Also I am trying to find another book, cartoon or TV show to use to make fanfiction for. I've been looking all over the fanfiction website but I still can't find anything I could work with. If you guys can send suggestions, that would be great.

I have considered a Harry Potter fanfic (don't own) but I'm not a huge, super fan like most people but I love the movies and the first book so that's something to look into maybe.

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Oh and P.S. - in this story, Spencer is nine while everyone else is an adult like in the show.


Out in the middle of the Nevada's long stretched desert, on route 35, there was a child no older than nine, walking alone.

He was wearing a ripped sweater and jeans that barely fit him. His glasses where cracked and his shoes were covered in mud and dirt.

It was a police parole car that found him and immediately drove him to the nearest town to get him to a doctor. The doctor said he was fine except for a few scratches. Yet when they asked him about what happened and about his parents, the boy never said a word. In fact he didn't talk at all. The police were able to identify him as Spencer Reid, thanks to the school teachers at his school in Las Vegas who recognized him.

When the police went to Spencer's house, his parents were gone but the house was torn to pieces. There was turned over furniture, broken glass, drawers were opened with its contents flung everywhere, and there was also bits of blood.

They knew that there was a serious struggle in that house but the parents were gone. For two weeks, no one saw or heard from them. A man that William Reid worked with said that he and his wife Diana were having marriage issues but there weren't really any other problems with the family.

After another two weeks, of searching and even looking through the deserts that surrounded the city, they found virtually nothing.

Spencer was staying with a close family friend of his parents, Martin Brown. He was a kind and gentle person who truly cared for Spencer but he was old (hitting eighty) and had little money so he wouldn't be able to adopt and raise him properly. He needed his parents.

After much frustration, they called in the only place that could help them. The BAU in Quantico, Virginia.


"So this is a kidnapping case" asked Morgan as he looked through the file.

"Yes but one of the victims was found, a nine year old boy named Spencer Reid" said JJ as she put up a picture of him on the TV screen in front of them.

"What did he tell the police?"

"Nothing, he hasn't told the police anything. Since he was found, he has been completely silent."

"Was there any other injuries on him" asked Rossi.

"No, only scratches and his clothes were ripped up. They haven't found his parents and their house was torn apart."

"Well either Spencer escaped or the kidnappers wanted him to be found" said Morgan.

"You think it's a group that took them" asked JJ.

"It would take more than one person to subdue two adults and also a child."

"According to their records and statements from neighbors, the family is clean of any criminal activity and are normal as any other middle-class family would be" said Hotch.

"Well first we'll look at the house and try to get some information out of their son. He may be the only link to where his parents are."

"So what do you think, trauma" asked Prentiss.

"Or maybe the kidnappers scared him into being quiet" said JJ.

"Both are possibilities" said Rossi.

"Wheels up in thirty we don't have much time to find them but since there are no bodies yet, they may still be alive."