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Spencer sat in the police station, with Martin Brown sitting next to him. Spencer had a book in his hands, his favorite book that his mother would always read to him. He clutched it tightly to his small chest. The team first looked at Spencer and thought he looked like he was five or six rather than hitting ten. He looked scared but he had a fire in his eyes, determination of some sort that they couldn't understand.

JJ decided to approach Spencer and she sat down next to him. The other went to the house to look for clues of where the parents might be, but Morgan asked Hotch if he could stay with Spencer. He nodded and Morgan sat next to JJ, he didn't want to overcrowd Spencer and scare him.

"Hey Spencer, what do you have there?"

Spencer looked up at her with big brown eyes, he handed her the book but didn't say a word. JJ read the cover, "Chaucer huh? I read that in high school. Does your mom read you these stories?"

Spencer didn't move or make a sound. Morgan saw something in his eyes…fear. He was afraid to speak, but why? Did the kidnappers scare him into not speaking at all or else he would hurt his parents. What if the kidnappers are keeping an eye on Spencer and he sees them here? Morgan glanced about but saw no one really paying mind to them, but then again years of profiling have shown that the surface is not always what it seems. Anyone in this room could be one of the kidnappers, making sure that Spencer is quiet. He could see the fear grow in Spencer's eyes and determination to keep his parents alive.

Meanwhile- the Reid household-

"This place has been trashed completely. What do you think they were looking for" said Prentiss.

"Well there was a struggle that's for sure, but they whole house has been destroyed" said Rossi.

"This could have been staged too, to make it seem like a burglary or a house invasion."

"But why kidnap the family and how did the child escape?"

"Too many questions but not enough answers" said Hotch as he walked towards them.

"The back entrance was the point of entry, the lock was picked and the alarm was disarmed. Yet the alarm was turned off normally, not by cutting the wires if anything of that sort."

"So one of the kidnappers may be a close friend or relative. Maybe a nanny" said Prentiss.

"Call Garcia to see if the parents hired any maids or nannies" said Hotch as Rossi dialed her number.

Meanwhile-somewhere not too far away-

"Where is the boy now" said the man in a ski mask.

"With the agents at the police station."

"Good, the boy has been…quiet?"

"Yes, one of our guys has been watching closely. They don't suspect a thing."

"Don't be an idiot, these are FBI agents, and we can't afford screw ups this time. We have gotten away with this before but know we have the government chasing us."

"Yes, we'll be cautious."

"Good, but just so were clear, you mess up big, you're on your own. I won't risk my neck for you."

"The parents have been…not so compliant…they demand to know if their son is safe."

"Then do what you have to do to shut them up."


"I promised the boy I would keep them alive…but I didn't saw I won't harm them too badly…."

The other man gulped.