I was going to make this "Back Down in Banzai" where Banzai eats Timon. But I couldn't think of anything funny I could with Banzais insides.

So Ed gets to eat him

It was another peaceful morning in the Pridelands, and Timon and Pumbaa were out looking for a tasty bug breakfast.

"Timon I don't see any bugs," Pumbaa said as they walked around the Pridelands.

"We'll find them Pumbaa," Timon said "Maybe if we split up we'll find some yummy bugs faster,"

"Okay," Pumbaa as he went off into another part of the Pridelands. Leaving Timon all alone.

"Alright bugs," Timon said "Prepare to be..."

Just then the ground shook beneith Timon, some large animal was coming his way.

"Pumbaa, is that you?" Timon asked

Yet when he looked over to see if it was his warthog buddy, all he saw was a certain cross eyed hyena with a huge tongue dangling from his mouth.

"Ed?" Timon said "What are you doing here? Dose Shenzi need me to babysit the pup again?"

Timon was referring to when Shenzi had eaten him. Thankfully she was pregnant at the time and Timon survived by living inside her womb with the unborn pup.

Ed, being the goofball hyena he was, had completely forgot who Timon was.

Ed said something

"What?" Timon said not having a clue what Ed ha said

Just then Ed opened his mouth big and wide, and swallowed Timon whole

"Not again!" Timon sreamed as he when down Ed throat

Ed laughed to himself, in Ed language he had aid

"Oh ya I scored me some meerkat breakfast,"

Ed then went back to the Outlands

Timon may have survived Shenzis tummy, but how will fair inside Ed?

Any suggestions 4 stuff u want to see?