"Okay, I'm really freaked out now," Banzai said. The hyena almost wetting himself from the shock of the now talking Ed.

"When did you learn to talk uncle Ed?" Mika asked

"I have somehow acquired a vast amount of intelligence," Ed said "Yet I lack the knowledge to understand how I..."

"Hey Ed!" Timon yelled from inside his head

"Timon?" Ed said

"Timon?" Shenzi, Banzai and Mika said.

"Ya Ed I'm here inside your head!" Timon said

"Why however did you get into my cranium Timon?" Ed said

"You ate me when you were still a dummy!" Timon said

"Ah yes," Ed said "Now I recollect that event. I did find you to be a rather delicious form of sustenance though,"

"Ya Timon you are tasty," Shenzi added

"Okay enough of how I'm so tasty, you think you and you smart brain can get me out of here Ed?" Timon said

"Easy as pie," Ed said "I shall need to to enter my gas chamer quickly Timon," Ed said "I shall create a large amount of gas within me, which should propel you up my throat and out of my body. In short I'm going to burp you out,"

"Vomit again," Timon said "Eh beats getting out the back door still,"

"Indeed," Ed said

So Timon went back into Eds belly, while Ed, using his newly given knowledge created a gasses substance using the plants and other flora and fauna around him. Then...


Timon was shot of out Ed as if he were a human cannon ball

"Yes! I'm free! I'm..."

Timon was then shot right into Shenzi's mouth. Shenzi opened her mouth a bit as to let Timon out.

"Geez, out of one hyena and into another," Timon said covered in saliva again

"Shenzi can you put your head down to the ground so I can get out please?" Timon said

Just then Shenzi said something

"What?" Timon said "I can't understand you with your mouth full,"

"She said that she' pregnant again," Banzai said

Timon eyes grew wide with fear.

"And that since you helped out Mika so much when you were in Shenzi with are first pup..."

Shenzi swalloed Timon

"Oh come on!" Timon said

"Hey don't worry hney," Shenzi said to her now puppy and merrkat filled stomach "Just fourteen weeks and you can come out,"

"TWINS!" Timon said when he got into Shenzi's womb

"TWINS!" Shenzi and Banzai said suprised

"We're having twins," Shenzi said as she nuzzeled Banzai

Mika was really excited to

"I believe I should now use my vast knwedge to elp better the world," Ed said

"Go for it my man," Banzai said giving Eda friendly pat on the back, yet that little pat caused Eds brain to move a little and sadly...

Ed began to laugh like a maniac once more

"Well there goes that," Shenzi said

-Fourteen weeks later-

Pumbaa was crying cause he missed his bestest best buddy, and Zazu had flown off cause he didn't want to become Timons substitue again.

"Oh Timon where are you?" Pumbaa sobbed

"I'm right here," Timon said

"TIMON!" Pumbaas aid seeing his best frien and giving him a huge hug

"SAy why do you smell like puke?" Pumbaa asked

"It's a long story," Timon said

The End