Sasuke paced back and forth on his furry paws while anxiously waiting Hinata's arrival. He was both nervous and secretly excited to be able to bathe with her. Just imagining her naked, alluring body, her soft pink lips sighing contently as she brought out some doggy shampoo and began to rub him down. Sasuke's tail began to wag and he gave a soft growl.

Her legs were wrapped tightly around him as to make sure he wouldn't get away. Her chest heaved up and down with every breath she took, the bubbles only slightly in the way. She would run her hands throw his furry body, dipping her hand lower and lower until she gently accidentally brushes against—


"Arrroooooo!" Sasuke cried out in surprise. A trickle of blood soon became a flowing stream as he began to daydream. He immediately went to dab his nose. He blushed furiously and began to fume.

What the hell is wrong with me? He grit his teeth as he began to wipe his nose on the tissue. Thinking about Hinata like that. She wouldn't do such a thing. She's to innocent, and cute, and sweet, and—

Sasuke whipped his head back and forth. No! I am Uchiha! No matter how attractive she is, cute should not even be in my vocabulary! He snorted. Besides the only thing she can look cute in is probably a bunny suit.

Or a Playboy's bunny suit.

Yeah, Sasuke smirked. A minute passed by. His head shot up fast in realization. WHAT?

"S-Sasu?" Sasuke yelped and looked up as Hinata walked in the bathroom and closed the door. He gulped.

Oh boy…

Hinata was wrapped in a small blue towel, clutching multiple shampoos and holding what looked like a rubber duck mixed with a hog. Sasuke winced. He would make sure NOT to play with that one.

Hinata picked Sasuke up and put his foot in gently; testing to see if the water was too hot. Sasuke only shrugged. She put him in.

Blushing, she turned away to rid herself of her towel. Sasuke barely saw anything through his now wet bangs as she quick as lightning jumped into the water beside him. He looked around in confusion, wondering where Hinata had disappeared to. Suddenly, he felt hands cover his eyes. He yelped.

"Gotcha!" Hinata laughed as she tackled the poor dog and shoved his head playfully under the water. Sasuke barked angrily, his mouth forming small bubbles. With a huge gasp of air, he broke through the surface of the water and turned to give his head dunker a murderous glare. His eyes widened.

Hinata sat close to him, smiling gently. She was soaked, droplets of water dripping from her face and her hair sticking to her bare body. Her chest was hidden beneath all the bubbles, but still clearly there. Sasuke swallowed thickly, daring not to put his head down into the water for fear of seeing…other lady parts.

Hinata beckoned him over and he came loyally. Grabbing a small bottle of dog shampoo, she squeezed some into her hand and began to massage it gently in her palms.

"A-Ah!" Hinata gasped as some of the white liquid accidentally dripped onto the exposed part of her chest. Sasuke decided to look up at this exact moment, wondering what the commotion was all about.


He quickly turned back around, his paw clutching tightly at his bleeding nose. He'd seen a girl naked before (don't ask, don't judge), but damn was that sight a turn on! He focused his vision on the wall on the farther side of the bathroom, hoping Hinata did not notice his ahem "Doggy Bone."

Hinata washed him first, her long silky fingers grazing through Sasuke's fur. Her hands trailed up and down his spine, making him shiver. Sasuke stifled his whines and sighs.

Hn... If she keeps touching me like this…

All train of thoughts stopped as he felt her chest brush lightly against his back. He froze, his "Doggy Bone" immediately reacting. Hinata blushed and backed up.

"I'm s-sorry, Sasu!" Finishing her job, she smiled warmly at the quivering pup and lifted him up to set him on the floor as she bathed. Her eyes widened.

Sasuke felt himself being lifted up from the tub and sensed trouble. He began to frail around.

Hell no! No, no, no, no, no!

"S-Sasu?" Sasuke cringed, tucking himself tighter to his body.

"A-Are you in heat?"

Embarrassing. Humiliating. Degrading. Traumatizing.

Sasuke ranted grumpily in his head, pacing up and down on Hinata's bed and waiting for her to get out of the bathroom. He heard faint laughing from the other side of the door. He groaned.

Absolutely embarrassing! He whined and flopped down on her pillow. Tossing and turning, he ignored the Hyuuga heiress as she entered her room. She flopped down beside him and stroked behind his ear. He immediately whined with happiness, tail beating softly.

Hinata smirked. "Sasu, I d-do hope y-you haven't been in my f-father's Viagra." Sasuke's eyes widened the size of saucers.


With a horrified yelp, he fell off her bed and glared up at her. She peeked her head from above the bed and grinned down at him. Yawning tiredly, Sasuke curled up into a ball and tried to fall asleep.

Suddenly, he was picked up and placed right beside Hinata. He let out a noise of curiosity, head cocked cutely to the side. Hinata giggled and cuddled him close to her body. Sasuke blushed, taking in the fresh scent of her lavender perfume.

"Goodnight Sasu…" She gave him a kiss on the forehead and drifted into sleep.

Sasuke stared at her for a long time, watching her in her peaceful state. Then, unknown for a dog, he smiled softly and licked the top of her eyelid. Settling down, he fell asleep with her.

"Night Hinata."

Kakashi watched the two uninterestedly from atop a tree near her window. Sasuke was no longer in dog form, but instead in human form. He and Hinata were cuddled together, Sasuke's face nuzzled tightly into Hinata's neck. Hinata held Sasuke close to her as if he were her son. Kakashi would have cooed and smiled at how cute they were together.

But he didn't. This was a bad sign. Sasuke was changing between forms. Time was running out. If he didn't retrieve Sasuke soon, Tsunade was going to kill him. Annihilate him. Kakashi gulped. And murder his books.

Not the books!

Plus, Kakashi thought, yawning, Hinata would hate Sasuke if she ever learned the truth.

"Hey you! Pervert!" Kakashi's eyes widened. A night guard was heading straight towards him, rock poised in his hands.

"Get outta here, hentai!" Kakashi backed away slowly, giving the night guard a sheepish grin.

"N-Now hold on here…"


Sasuke groaned as sunlight unexpectedly entered his vision. He stretched and yawned, rubbing his small paws against his eyes. He froze, hearing a voice that could chill hell.


Ah crap.

Hinata sighed lightly, still fast asleep. A small trail of drool came from her mouth, dribbling on her light blue pillow. Sasuke turned away, slightly embarrassed.

Not that he'd ever admit that she looked cute when she drooled in her sleep.

"Hinata." Sasuke cringed. He momentarily forgot the person in his room. He gulped.


"Hinata." Suddenly, said person walked over sternly and shook his daughter. Hard. Hinata yelped as she found herself on the floor. Sasuke growled, claws ready when needed. She looked around her room, still half asleep.

"W-What's going o-on?" She rubbed her eyes groggily. Hiashi towered over her, eyes cold.

"Your fight is in four days. I've been gone for three. When did you get this…this mutt…in this house?" His voice went deadly silent. Hinata cowered, her shoulders shaking.

"A-Ano….fa-Hiashi…I've h-had him s-since…you…left…" She mumbled. She got up from her position and bowed to her father. "I-I am sorry."

Bang! Hiashi's hand whipped fast across her face. Hinata was knocked back into the wall, face red from where he hit her. Sasuke watched, shocked. He couldn't do anything about the situation that was getting way out of hand. Hinata looked up at Hiashi, eyes wide in fear. His face was turning purple with rage.


"ANSWER ME!" Hinata yelled out in pain, his hand gripping harder and harder on her arm. Sasuke barked in alarm.

Stop it, you bastard! You're hurting her! He sprang from the bed and jumped at Hiashi. Hiashi brought out his free hand and knocked Sasuke on the other side of the room. Sasuke whimpered in pain. Hinata looked at the beaten dog and struggled to get out of her father's grasp.

"P-Please father, y-you're hurting me!"

"YOU ARE NO DAUGHTER OF MINE!" He flung her arm sharply to the ground. Hinata stayed where she was, in fear he would lash out again. Sasuke struggled to get up.

"You…disgrace me. No daughter of mine would not train for something so important. Instead, I find you playing hide and seek with this…this creature!" He motioned to the dog. Sasuke glared back, limping over to the two.

You…damned…prideful…arrogant…bastard… He growled. Just like…my… father…

Hiashi glared down coldly at her. "I met with the Council. They could not arrange any marriage for you inside or outside this village. The men found you…incompetent. Do you know how embarrassing that is for me? For this clan? That we could not even arrange a simple marriage for you because the other clans found you too weak?"

Sasuke immediately felt sorry for the poor Hyuuga. Hinata winced at his words, looking away as despair began to seep in her.

Don't listen to him, Hinata…He stopped to catch his breath.

He walked towards the doorway. He stopped, turning to give Hinata a stern look.

"You are no longer welcome here. The fight is not canceled, so you'll get your chance to prove yourself. But for the time being, you are no longer a Hyuuga. Get out of my sight." He slammed the door.

Hinata stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, eyes watering. A strangled cry escaped her lips and she broke down into sobs, her small body shaking. The red handprint on her face stung as the tears slid past it.

Sasuke watched helplessly. He hadn't been any help at all. He couldn't protect her. He shook his head angrily.

What kind of loyal dog am I? I'm so weak…

He walked slowly over to Hinata and squeezed himself in-between her body. He licked at her tears softly, trying to at least comfort her Hinata looked at the small thing in her arms and immediately held him tighter. Her tears slid down into his fur, but he didn't care.

The next time someone hurts her, I promise they won't get off too easy…

Hinata looked down at the black dog. He's really all I have left, she thought. She lowered her eyes tiredly.

It's just us against the world…

Hinata held onto her large bags tightly. Nodding slightly to all the maids, she made her way to the front door determinedly with Sasuke trailing behind her. Hiashi, Hanabi, and Neji stood waiting for her. Neji stepped up first, his hand out for her to shake.

"Goodbye, Hinata," he said thickly. He lowered his gaze from hers, feeling awkward. Hinata gave him a watery smile and pulled him towards her to give him a small hug. Neji stiffened in her arms, and then hesitantly hugged back.

"Bye, Neji," she whispered. Sasuke snorted and made his way over to brush his nose lightly against Neji's legs. Neji broke the hug to look at the small dog in front of him. Kneeling down, he ruffled the dog's furry head.

"See ya, mutt." He smirked. Sasuke glared.

Hinata looked up at Hiashi. She bowed lightly to him. He only walked away. All the people in the room glared at his retreating back.

"Bastard," muttered one of the maids. Sasuke growled angrily at his lack of response and ran up to catch him. Hinata gasped.

"S-Sasu, no!" Too late.

Sasuke snarled at Hiashi and without further ado, bit his leg. Hiashi cried out in outrage and kicked the small dog. Sasuke hit the wall.

"S-Sasu! Bad Sasu! Bad!" Hinata scolded. Neji and Hanabi quickly turned around to stifle their laughter.

Sasuke groaned. Getting up, he stumbled over to Hinata. She lifted him up and held him tight to her, kissing softly on his nose.

"Don't bite! It's not nice." Sasuke glared up at her.

What? And treating you like dirt isn't? I'm gonna tear this asswhole to shreds! He glared darkly at the old Hyuuga. Just wait until I'm back in my human form….

Hinata still held him as she made her way over to Hanabi. She tackled her sister into a hug. Hanabi clung onto her, her eyes watering.

Hinata whispered in her ear, "Don't let him get to you too. I'll be back in four days." Hanabi nodded, wiping at her tears.

She glanced at Sasuke and back at Hinata hesitantly. Sasuke's eyes widened.

Oh no…please don't…

"Hinata…there's something you need to—"

She was interrupted as a guard ran in, holding a woman by the arm.

"Do any of you guys know this lady?" Neji and Hanabi shook their heads, puzzled. The guard glared at the gray haired lady, who shrugged sheepishly. He turned to Hinata and Sasuke.

They instantly recognized her.

It's that lady from the fangirl mob… Hinata thought.

Sasuke snarled, fangs showing. He crouched low, ready to attack.


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