A/N: Short little fluffy oneshot here (inspired by Jack Johnson's Do You Remember) ^_^ think of this as an apology for me being sooooo late with my updating :) Happy Hols all!

"Severus" His voice struck the darkness as the man in question rolled over to gaze into the younger man's eyes. He could tell his younger lover's thoughts were circling unnecessarily again. Severus stroked the porcelain cheek, and Harry's darkened emerald gems brightened a little.

"Do you remember?" Severus sighed groggily, resisting the urge to wipe his hand over his eyes and go back to sleep.

"Remember what Harry?"

"Remember when we finally realized we loved each other?" Harry bit his lip, and Severus dragged the man into his arms

"Yes, it was early September, your 8th year coming back to Hogwarts after the war. You were so eager to prove your feelings, and I made you wait" Harry smiled a little,

"You were lazy about it, and I didn't mind. I just knew I had woken up and realized how much I loved you" Severus smiled sleepily, his eyes starting to droop; Harry started another question

"Well, do you remember when we first moved in together?" Severus yawned, ruffling the messy black hair with his softly formed breath,

"Of course, your piano took up the whole drawing room of my little manor" Harry smiled a little bigger now, pressing his lips to Severus' bare chest,

"And you didn't mind, I played you love songs all night" Severus gazed into the softened eyes of his little lover, a warmth springing in his chest

"Do you remember when we first made love?" Harry stroked Severus' cheek, and Severus nodded, lapsing back into memories.

"And now the craziest thing is" Severus took a breath as Harry hung on his words, this was the night before their wedding, Severus thought it was normal of couples to have such doubts. "Cold Feet", he believe the Muggle term was.

"I, the most Slytherin person you could find, managed to get my own little loyal Gryffindor." Harry smiled and breathed in Severus' scent, mingled slightly with his own.

"And now ten years later we are still locked in time, about to get married" Severus stroked Harry's hair, his body thrumming with a warmth only Harry could ever create.

"And I don't regret a single moment, Harry love" Harry smiled and curled more surely into Severus' chest.

Severus knew the purpose of him asking such things, it was to dismiss his fears. To be sure Severus was not just "playing house" with him. Severus looked upon the younger man with a smile, he had his remembrances, and he was glad to take the more unpleasant ones from his Harry and replace them with memories of their time together.

For even Harry had to play his game of "Do You Remember".