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Sailor Moon stopped as soon as she was out of Seiya's view and caught her breath. For the first time since Mamoru's 'death' she allowed herself to truly feel the connection they shared to see if it would lead her to him. She closed her eyes and focused on him. Anything she could remember about him: their first kiss, their first date, the way he looked, how his hair always flopped over his face in the most appealing way. The way her heart raced when she saw him, the way she felt with him beside her. The taste of his kisses and the power and protection she felt when they touched.

And just then, she felt his presence in this world and she gasped loudly. It was one thing to know that he was alive, but it was another completely to feel his connection to her. She started running again, letting that stream of emotions lead her to him. After miles and miles of running, and she was grateful that she was Sailor Moon and didn't grow tired as most did, she stopped outside an abandoned building. Her heart was pounding so fast that she didn't know if she could handle actually seeing him right now. She shook her head at the silly thought and charged forwards.

She quietly entered the building and to her amazement there didn't seem to be anyone around. Going deeper into the darkness, she followed corridor after corridor until she came to a large room. The room was lit up more than the rest as a huge window shed light from outside into the dank room. Her head turned and her eyes met the most terrifying scene she had ever seen in her life. Her heart stopped.

There on the ground, just a few paces away, bled the man she loved most in this world. She raced to his side, dropping on her knees and scrapping them as she slid on the icy cold floor. Her hands reached out to him, praying that he was alive, and gently caressed his bloody cheeks. Her eyes slowly rose to see that he was bound in chains, his arms stretching high above him. Blood pooled around him, and she honestly didn't know how he could be still alive. But through their connection she had felt strongly that he was still with her.

"Mamo-chan," she whispered softly against his ear, her head following on his wounded shoulder, as she felt her body fading as well from all the trauma. Her eyes had just about closed when he breathed softly below her. Her eyes shot open and she quickly moved her head.

"Usako?" his voice cracked before he started coughing and wheezing. She moved backwards and found his eyes searching hers, barely open due to swelling. She nodded and gently kissed his darkened eyes.

"Yes, baby, it's me," she cried into the air as she lunged into his cuffed arms. She held on tight to him, even though he couldn't hold her back.

"Where…where have you been?" he asked, and dread filled her body.

He wasn't mad… no he was simply asking the question, but her heart couldn't handle the pain in his voice. She let go of him and moved backwards, her eyes unable to look at his. Because she had given up on him being alive, he'd been through who knows what all these months. It had been over a year since she had thought him to be dead. What exactly had he had to go through? Tears streamed down her face as her body gave into spasms. She pulled her legs up to her chest and hugged herself. Opening her eyes she looked at him. He was staring at her the way he always had, with so much love in his heart. But how could he? She had given up on him and left him all alone to go through all this pain and torture. And she knew that he would never crack, which made her heart only know worse what they must have done to him.

"I… I thought you were dead," she whispered again, her voice not being able to speak any louder.

"I was so devastated that I didn't allow myself to try and feel our connection, so sure I was that it would come back to me completely empty and without any trace of you. I am so so sorry," she wept.

"It's okay," Mamoru replied calmly. "It's all over now," he told her, knowing that he had to be strong for her. "You're here now. We need to get out of here fast before they come back."

Sailor Moon nodded and started to work on the ropes that bound his feet. "Before who get back?"

Mamoru shook his head. "I don't know. I think they are from the future some how… the things they say… well they know about us, the future us. I think they are our enemies in the future. They are completely human though. I would have been able to stop them, had they not been so many… without you or the other senshi my powers are limited anyways," he admitted honestly.

"Well they won't hurt you again! I'm not leaving your side until we are back home and all this is over!" she moved to the chains and starting picking the lock.

After several moments, Mamoru saw a shadow along the back wall. "Behind you!" he cried in panic as the figures neared quickly. Sailor Moon instantly spun around, stood up, and prepared to fight.

The figures approached, but stayed a reasonable distance from them, as if they knew who she was and of her power. She took her sceptre out and pointed it towards them. Her eyes becoming tight and angry balls of fire as she glared at them, never lowering her weapon.

"I want answers!" she yelled. They weren't going to die that easily. Not after making her think Mamoru was dead and causing her to try and move on in life thinking she would never see him again. After causing Mamoru so much pain in the past year, no, she would not let them pass painlessly.

They didn't sneer or laugh at her words, rather nodded rationally. "We are from the future. Back on the Moon Kingdom, there is a civil war that breaks and our planet becomes divided. We are those that fought against your family and friends."

Sailor Moon nodded, her eyes still watching there every move but she had unknowingly let her guard down as she processed their words. With that second of weakness she had shown, the group of several men reached from behind them and pulled out weapons she had never seen before in her life. She had underestimated them as being simply human. As she stared at the weapons she quickly deduced that they were not from this time period. That made her scared because she had no idea what they held in store for her. Raising her weapon again she allowed the power of the sceptre to flow within her. Then she aimed it at the man who seemed to be the leader.

"Surrender now! You can't win!" she said loudly as her fingers gripped tightly the wand.

The man answered simply with opening fire on the weapon and a stream of fire shot forwards towards her. She easily dodged it. The others quickly followed suit and before she knew it, dozens of fire balls were heading her way from all angles. She did her best to avoid them, and missed them all, until she felt one hit her on the back, causing her to drop face down. She cried out in pain.

"Usako!" Mamoru screamed into the air and she heard the scrapping of his chains.

The fire didn't stick however and that confused her but the pain remained. She turned unto her back so that she could at least see her enemies. Holding the sceptre above her chest she pointed it the general area of them. But she couldn't see them very well from her location. Within seconds she felt fire hit her hand causing her glove to burn off and sending her weapon flying paces away from her. She cried out again as the pain seized her. Her enemies were approaching and she knew she had to move quickly to grab her weapon. She looked to both sides until she finally saw it. She crept forwards on the floor moving more slowly than she could ever remember. Her fingers ached as she reached out and touched it. She almost had it.

"Tell us the secrets of the Moon Kingdom! Surrender!" the leader demanded.

With that, anger surged through Sailor Moon giving her an adrenaline rush. She grabbed her wand and some how managed to almost flip herself upright. She instantly summoned all the power she felt and let out a deadly stream of power at her enemies. A bright light filled the room as she heard bodies crying out in extreme pain. Her body felt weaker by the second as she continued streaming the power out at them. So angry that she was, she wasn't planning on letting any of them live. After several minutes she let go and collapsed unto the ground. Never before had she been filled with so much rage to make her enemy suffer. Never had she used her power before to kill a human.

"Usagi!" Mamoru cried once again, the pain in his voice more intense than when he had been tortured. He didn't care as much about his own life than he did for hers. He couldn't bear to see her suffer.

When he saw her Moondust off their enemies, and the collapse unto the ground, he didn't know if she would come to again. His body shook as hot tears streamed down his face. His mind had to focus. Using all the power he had left, which wasn't much, and all his love, he shot it forwards in their connection, hoping she'd feel him and that it would bring her back to him.

Minutes passed and nothing happened. He was too close to her to feel through their connection if she was alive or not. His whole world was coming to an end. All his hope was slowly draining out of him, as his body began to shut down. If she was dead then so would he be because he couldn't bear to live without her. That is where she had been stronger. He couldn't possibly stay alive when she wasn't. Then, after almost his last breath faded within him, he saw her move.

Sailor Moon felt a power surge within her as her body lay there motionless. It was a warm peace that surrounded her body and heart. She felt Mamoru's love flow within her and slowly bring her back to life. Her eyes shot open as she breathed deeply into the air. She tried to move her body but failed. Her arms were still too weak. She tried her legs and they slowly moved. She gently moved them into a kneel and then forced herself upright, her wounded arms clasped at her chest. She turned around and saw Mamoru. She raced forwards in a burst before she fell at his side having used up all her energy. Her head fell against his chest and she curled up against him. Their hot tears mixed as they stayed there without speaking as his face caressed hers.

After Usagi's power returned to her, still being in her Sailor Moon form, she began fiddling with the locks again, and then after some time had passed they opened and Mamoru was able to lower his arms. Within that first second of his freedom he grabbed Usagi by the waist and pulled her against his battered body, kissing her eyes, nose and cheeks before capturing her lips. Such a need was there to be with the other after their atrocious year apart that neither let go regardless of where they were.

"I love you so much, Usako," he breathed as they pulled apart, foreheads resting together.

"I love you, Mamo-chan, more than anyone else."

They slowly pulled away. "Let's get out of here," Mamoru said as he stood, grabbing her hand in his. Usagi nodded and quickly detransformed in his embrace. As they started walking towards the exit Mamoru felt something strange against his fingers. They carefully felt the foreign object, still holding her hand, and then his eyes quickly shot down as he stopped abruptly.

"What's wrong, Mamo-chan?" Usagi asked as she turned and looked at him. He was looking down, but it didn't register to what he was looking at until his eyes rose to hers and a look of pure hurt covered his face.

"What's this?" he asked, his voice cracking.

Once again, he wasn't mad, he was just completely hurt. She gulped as he raised their joint hands between the two of them. Tears formed once again in his eyes as they beseeched hers for a reasonable answer. The pain in them was so strong that Usagi felt herself begin to break down.

"I… I… can explain?" she said softly, though her words seemed to be phrased in more of a question than a statement.

"Really?" he answered with a touch of bitterness. "You can explain why you are wearing another man's engagement ring?"

Usagi jerked her hand out of his as she turned her back to him. "You don't know what I've been through this past year. Waking up every day to think you were dead! To know that you were never coming back! Seiya was with me when I got the call that your plane crashed and that you were dead. He helped me stay alive when I thought I couldn't. I knew I either had to end my life or try and move on. I did the later."

Mamoru inhaled loudly at her words. He hadn't thought it possible that she could love someone else. He couldn't even explain the pain and hurt he was feeling right now. That through all those horrible days the only thing that had kept him alive was Usagi and now to hear this? That she had moved on. That she had accepted another man's proposal. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her around.

"The past year was heck for me as well," he said roughly as a feeling of betrayal coated his words.

"You couldn't feel me calling to you because you had fallen for him?"

Usagi shook her head. Strangely not upset with him, for thinking that. She was feeling more desperate than anything else. She had to let him know that Seiya had been merely second best all those months and that she hadn't actually said yes.

"Mamo-chan, listen to me," she begged as her hand reached out to cup his cheek.

"Seiya helped me, but I never really loved him. Not even an ounce of how much I have always loved you. What I felt for him was more of gratefulness that he cared for me so much even knowing everyday that he would never place first in my heart. He was a poor second place that never really touched my heart."

Mamoru looked into her eyes and knew that she was telling the truth. He sighed. He shouldn't have said that. He knew better than to think that someone could come between them. But he had gotten so freaked out by the ring and not having seen her in over a year. He hadn't known what to think.

"But why are you wearing his engagement ring?" he asked still hurt. "You agreed to marry him?"

Usagi's knees gave out and she fell to the ground. "No, I didn't agree to marry him."

Mamoru sat down beside her, utterly confused. "They why?" he asked.

Usagi's eyes found his as tears welled out of hers. "It was the only way I could come and save you."

"Huh?" Mamoru asked as he reached over and touched her cheek. "Usako, you're not making any sense," he said gently.

Usagi took a deep breath. "Like I said before, the day I found out you were 'dead' I gave up hope. It never crossed my mind to reach out to you to see if you were still alive, and when it did, I couldn't bring myself to try because I was so sure that you were gone and that I would only feel your absence more if I tried. Seiya was there and helped me through all the pain, even though every night I would still cry myself to sleep thinking of you.

"One day Seiya proposed and well I thought about it. I considered the fact that he deserved me after having taken care of me for months. I tried the ring on. But I couldn't do it. I knew I would always love you too much to truly be with him. So I went to tell him no.

"When I got to him, Chibi-Usa appeared and told me that you were still alive. When I tried to leave Seiya that day to come and find you, he put me in a mental institution telling everyone that I was crazed on finding you, my dead ex-boyfriend. You could imagine how that might seem to some people.

"I stayed in that place for a few weeks, but I couldn't handle it anymore. I needed to find you. So I asked for him to come and visit and then told him that I had made the whole thing up and that I would marry him if he let me out. When he did I took a risk and told him our whole story and how we were long destined to be together. He finally understood and let me go. I was only wearing his ring to trick him into letting me out of there so I could find you!"

Usagi's breath raged as she took in a lot of quick breaths, having said so much so fast and without a pause. Mamoru's eyes followed her every emotion as she finished and then grabbed her into his arms.

"I can't believe you had to go through that, Angel. It's all over now, we are together and we won't ever be apart again."

Usagi nodded against his chest. "It's only been you Mamo-chan. Never anyone else."

"I know," Mamoru breathed against her hair, truly knowing this in his heart. "I know."

After a few moments, Usagi pulled away. "Can we just go home now?" she asked staring deep into his eyes. He nodded and stood, pulling her up and into his embrace as they walked out.

It was strange now. Everything was better and they were together again, and both knew that the future held no more pain, but they somehow were closer now than ever before. They both had suffered so much that past year that they knew the pain the other felt even though it hadn't been the exact same. They knew that after going through that, they could survive anything else life threw at them.

~ The End ~