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"Mr Schue, I think I speak for everyone when I say I have decaying relatives younger than this song" the fair skinned tenor quipped.

Will, the curly haired man, Mr Schue to the kids, saw this coming. It's not like "Dream a Little Dream" is that old? Is it? The Journey songs hadn't received that much complains from the kids, and when they did all the show tunes, not one had a comment. But Jazz, the 20 and under kryptonite, was even mentioned, all teenage hell broke loose.

"Come on Kurt, we must try different of genres as a glee club, and we should at least do jazz, the father of music," Will tried to reason, without much luck.

"If we were still wearing fedoras and carrying violin cases" Kurt replied, not even bothering to look up as he re-did his hair.

"If we want to attract more people to the Glee club Mr Schuester, we have to use more modern songs, especially songs with female leads that can showcase my talent to really show them that we are the best thing there is!" Rachel had a point, although an irritating one.

"Why not rock?"

"Funk? Pop?"

The teacher gave up, grabbing his bridge in defeat. "Okay guys, I understand. But we'll try jazz another time, okay? So, let's do something more culturally relevant, like rap!" He said as he signalled to Brad for another round of Goldigger. "From the top, take it Mercedes!"

And as the brash diva started to belt out the first few notes, an entity in the room reared its head. Anger. It sat with its fist clenched, white as a sheet. That was it. Last straw, final whistle, curtains call. NO more.

"And your assignments for the week, find a rap song that best shows what you're feeling, and show it next week! Okay, you're dismissed!"

As the students began to shuffle out with the bags on their shoulders and their networking in their palms, Mr Schuester began to pick up the note sheets for the day. He gathered up all the untouched "Dream a Little Dream of Me" sheets, he pondered for a while.

Am I doing enough for the kids? Maybe I shouldn't really try to force all my music onto them. I mean, the Push It went well, as well as the Journey, but maybe, less 'songs for the dead, decaying and elevators'?

He had Santana to thank for that one. The clock had stuck 7. Time to head back to Casa Schue, he thought as he grabbed his messenger bag (Not a purse Sue) and headed for the parking lot.

"Look at me; I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree"

Huh? Will turned down the corridor. Out of nowhere, that voice picked up again, that low and devilishly smooth echo beckoned. Was that someone?

"And I feel like I'm clinging to a cloud"

"Artie? Is that you?" Will called out. But the unseen songbird was much lower than Artie, he thought. Maybe, a new recruit? Will was unfazed as he followed the now playing melody. If I found Finn like this, I'm might just find New Direction member number 13th. Just no more Rachels, please.

"I get Misty, just holding your hand"

He finally arrived at the source: History. No better place to sing jazz in the day and age, he turned the knob and stepped in, forgetting about the first rule about classrooms after dark. Just never enter them.

Empty? The melody was indeed playing, but that husky voice had stopped. He was staring at an empty classroom, no human souls, and unless a map of 18th century Europe could sing, he was looking for an invisible crooner. CRUNCH.

Crunch? Will looked down to see the floor covered in wrapping plastics. Sue. Confirmation wasn't far away as the door slammed behind him, firmed locked from the outside.

"You can say that you're leading me on, but it's just what I want you to do"

"Sue! Let me out!" Will slammed the door with his fist. Since when could Sue sing that low? That's when it struck him. Wet. Will gasped as he felt something was wrong. His hair was getting moister, as he looked up with his now soggy, curly hair. The sprinklers had been turned on.

But sprinklers don't spray green mist. And Sue can't sing that low. Will panic mode, activate. "LET ME OUT OF HERE!" Will began to have a fistfight with the door as the mist began to descend upon him. Christ. Will began to back off as he felt the first waves of the pain.

"Don't you notice, how hopelessly I'm lost, that's why I'm following you"

Will buckled from the sharp pain all over him. Every part of him screamed out as he howled in agonising pain. But he realised it's hard to scream when even your throat hurts like hell. As he hit the floor, Will's mind raced. What was going on? Why does this hurt? Who's doing this? The thoughts were just as confusing as the situation, but thoughts were the last things on his mind. Well, that and the green mist, which had already enveloped him in a cloud of torture.

My head… Last thoughts aren't glamorous, and neither were Will Schuster's as the poison finally took full effect. Last things on his mind: head, pain, who and of course, the green poison.

A body on the floor, face scrunched up in the pain of unimaginable amounts. It didn't fit the soothing melody in the background, but the voice from outside did.

"On my own, would I wander through this wonderland alone?
Never knowing my right foot from my left, my hat from my glove,
I get misty, and too much in love."

Too easy, that was one down. The voice released its grip on the door knob as it opened the door of Will Schuester demise, to gaze upon its handiwork. Agony. Brilliant, it thought as it started wrapping up the now deceased teacher like a salami wrap. All the time flashing an equally brilliant, totally creepy smile. All for jazz, it thought as it walked out of its new playing ground, the new toy yard to the demise of the ignorant. Things were getting started, minus one salami wrap, curly and spiked special.

"I'm too misty, and too much in love"

And that's one down. =D

Gosh, I hope that wasn't uber uber mega stupendously horrible. I'm not asking for reviews, but opinions are welcome, especially snipe ones. XD