Mistletoe says everything for itself...

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She hummed a catchy holiday tune under her breath as she waited for Itachi to hand her the last of their cooking ingredients. She was beyond thrilled that the Uchiha had changed his mind and decided to stay for Christmas dinner. And since he'd never made cookies before, she felt that the gingerbread cookie recipe was indeed called for.

"And then you just mix them like that! Now they're ready to be put into cookie form and sent into the oven!" Kagome chirped, grinning at Itachi's less-than-amused expression. The raised eyebrow pracitcally screamed arrogance. The priestess huffed good-naturedly and patted his arm. The flour caked onto her fingers smeared onto his black shirt. She winced. He sighed.

"Must you make such a mess?" Itachi asked needlessly. Glancing around, he realized that she didn't have to answer his question. It showed in her handy work. Kagome was a naturally messy girl.

He hated disorder.

With an inward grumble, he set about cleaning the kitchen. Again. His small friend giggled as she doled out the cookies onto a sheet and stuck them in the pre-heated oven. She then spun around and smiled hugely at him.

And, damn it, but he smiled back. He was completely powerless against her positive enthusiasm.

They talked while cleaning up the mess around them. Well, she chattered. He occasionally felt the need to put his two cents in. In the end, their teamwork was applied admirably and the kitchen was spotless once more.

"I'm gonna go change into my pajamas! Are you staying for the night?" Kagome asked, sauntering away from Itachi in order to keep from smacking him. It just wasn't fair that he was always right in their debates! She wanted to be right every once in a while!

"I haven't decided," he replied, smirking in victory as his opponent began to walk away. She started to pass the threshold of the kitchen before his mostly sharp eyesight picked out the small green bundle above her head.

"Kagome..." She stopped in the doorframe and turned back to him, "What is that?" For once, he seemed perplexed about something. He kept darting glances above her to something... hanging...

'Oh... I forgot about that,' the priestess thought, flushing when she shot a look up.


"It's... mistlet- Haven't you heard of it?" When Itachi shook his head, she sighed, almost afraid to explain. He would understand immediately what the plant signified, and she really didn't want to scare him off... or give him any strange ideas about hereself.

"Mistletoe is a plant that is commonly used around Christmas." He nodded and she continued. "It's considered to be a symbol of life and fertility, a protection against poison, and an... aphrodisiac. A couple stand under the mistletoe and they... uhh... kiss." Kagome gulped, feeling her cheeks burn in embarrassment, before taking a deep breath and plowing on before he could start asking questions, "It's interesting, really, because mistletoe is actually a parasitic plant as it attaches itself to apple and oak trees and sucks the nutrients out of it. It's also said that the berries are poisonous. Weird, huh? Protection against poison even though the berries are poisonous?" She laughed a little too loudly for her liking.

"I... see. And this... mistletoe is a tradition from your... country?" Itachi asked, tilting his head to the side in question. This was much more interesting than learning about cookies. After all... if she was implying what he thought she was implying...

She nodded fervently, eyes wide and a little wary as he moved a little closer to observe the tiny green plant. She'd been incredibly lucky to find it just outside the village. The priestess had been so ecstatic that she'd clipped a little piece and brought it home straight away. Nevermind that she'd forgotten that most people around here didn't know anything about that tradition back in her dimension.

"And... According to this... tradition, I should..." he trailed off, finally realizing where this would be heading if he continued down that line.

"Only..." she whispered, her breath hitching when he leaned down and was nose to nose with her, "Only if you... want to." He smirked just slightly.

"Well... it is a tradition," the Uchiha muttered, his lashes drooping as the priestess gazed up at him helplessly, "and I am a traditional sort of man." His hand came up to gently trace her cheek and tilt her face up. Kagome's blue eyes darkened and slid shut, waiting.

The former heir bit his lip in a half-second of indecision before throwing caution to the wind and pressing his lips against hers gently. He literally felt like the breath had been stolen from his already abused lungs. And yet, he never asked for more than her small mouth on his. Even if he wanted more.

Kagome swore she saw sounds. This simple sweet kiss was nothing like the brief clumsy ones she'd shared with Inuyasha. Itachi was exceedingly careful; almost as though he thought she would break. Or disappear. She was completely transfixed; didn't want to step away. And he was only cradling her cheek tenderly in his palm.

And then he pulled away, eyes shut and breathing rapidly. She blinked and came back to the present. They stood there for a moment in an awkward silence, Kagome trying to think of a way to apologize for offending him, and Itachi calling on his considerable willpower to keep himself in check. He didn't want to scare her, after all.


"I'm fine!" he interrupted, opening his eyes and gazing at her again. She nodded and bit her lip. His senses were immediately drawn to that little motion. "I have one more question."

"Umm, okay?"

"... Can I have another?" She blinked then smiled timidly.

"Yes," the priestess whispered. He came close and smirked.

"Good." Itachi kissed her again. She willingly let him.

And their gingerbread cookies burned happily in the oven.


A/N: Oh the sweetness. It just could not be left alone! You better check for cavities. Definitely OOC but I squee with the overall cuteness! This is only a side endeavour. It's compatable with Something Blue's storyline, but is not an actual part of it. I just really wanted to give you guys an extra Christmas present.

Merry Christmas!