Merry Christmas everyone. Welcome to your Christmas Surprise!

My present is not finished yet, but I can't finish it until the right times come about.

For those of you that don't know. Fox Tails: Chronicles of Kubbi is a Prequel of my Phoenix Feathers story.
The two stories are connected in the long run, but you can read the two as separate stories.

Fox Tails: Chronicals of Kubbi is basically a story about the Kit years of Kubbi and her brother.

This is also a story about growing up.
It's supposed to give you all a closer look at their lives.
If you don't like that kind of thing then you've been warned.

This story starts off very wordy with not a lot of dialogue at first.
But important events happen in every chapter.

The true adventure begins after chapter 4, if that gives you a clue to how slow it is.
Every chapter up to that point is focused completely on Kubbi and her brother.

I hope that you enjoy it.

My name is Kubbi.

I possess no last name, nor even a first.
I just simply have that.

A name.
My identity.
My reputation.

My most valued treasure, despite that it is not my true name;
It is who I am and who I am not.
To the very core of my existence, I have made myself to become Kubbi.

I am also very old in human terms.
I turn 349 next Spring.

In my culture (if you don't mind me calling it that), living to be 349 is truly no small fete.
Sure, we need to Mature* before we are able to acquire such an age,
but I'm almost to my mid-thirties, you could say (in human terms).

I wish to tell you all my story.

I know that many of you think nothing of us Ninetales, while many more of you reviver us.

Some of you wish to read my story for different reasons, though.

You seek to hear an adventure or a comedy.

Or perhaps you are reading hoping to find action in the manors that are violent or even sexual.

But such is not my story.

Despite how much it pains me to, I will not change my story from what it already is.
I will not add that which I wanted to happen and keep it as close to the truth as possible.
I shall start off slow so that even the youngest among you can follow, but I will speed up later on.

My past is full of tragedy, hatred, and love.
Events that I wish I could forget, with only a few that I'm glad that I never could.

I suppose that it would be best to start from, like all stories do, the beginning.


It's been so long…

I can barely remember it now.

Please don't review the Introduction…
Yes, this was just the Introduction.

Instead of reviewing the 500 word Intro… just go straight to the first chapter.

Thank you.

*Mature- Ninetales refer to Evolution as Maturing. It is important to remember this as a fact. Reasons will be explained in much later chapters.