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Earth, Sol System, Suspected Unknown Regions

The primitive native species of the backrocket world once looked upon the stars with wonder. There used to exist a golden age where the universe was filled with possibilities. Their leaders and wise men had once told them tales of how their world's peoples would one day join hands with each other and set sail across the stars. The races of the world had always known they would be welcomed by the civilizations they encountered with open arms and as equals in the spirit of cooperation. They had been lied to.

It started over two years ago with a disturbance in the outer solar system. Governments had clamped down on information being distributed by space exploration organizations, while across the globe amateur astronomers reported of strange sights around the largest of planets, Jupiter. The nations of Earth tried to reach out to the strange visitors, but their own technology fell far short of completing the task. As satellite signals wavered under the onslaught of foreign interference, TV-dishes received powerfully overwhelming alien signals that disrupted and sometimes actually blew out older televisions

The aliens moved slowly on the Earth and as they approached the fourth planet in the system, Earth's own science and technology started to be attacked and overpowered by the more advanced systems of the superior civilization. People on the street lost reception on their simple communication devices, while the satellites that kept them informed failed one after another. For the first time, blasted by signals spanning the entire EM spectrum and beyond. The more advanced HoloNet communications was so focused, that Earth was swamped by the powerful signals even though they weren't integrated into the network. Even, radio and laser-based communications systems wavered, and for the first time in the history of the modern world, Earth was exposed to it all.

Their own governments turned on them next, and the people's rights were assaulted. Freedom of the press was the first to go, followed quickly by the freedom of speech. The governments of the world controlled the information, but it was the rumors that were believed. There were stories of the capture of their sister planet Mars, and tales of war being fought on the surface of their moon. Life quickly changed for the people of Earth as antique phone systems were installed in every house, and nations enacted draft conscription programs that pulled the youth of the planet from their homes. Telescopes became illegal contraband and gun ownership became mandatory in some nations. Public transportation became commonplace as governments moved for more and more control of the world's raw resources for military use.

Stories spread of contact being made with alien leaders that broke down in absurd demands. While alien robots prowled the countryside, anti-alien propaganda filled almost every entertainment venue. Military forces tested new weapons and fielded more troops than at any other time in human history. At a time when the civilian population wondered what was being hidden from them, strange alien fighters sliced through the air defenses of the Earth and destroyed the world's most advanced weaponry, their nuclear arsenals.

Emotions of isolation and vulnerability swept the world, and the only hope had been an out-stretched hand. The aliens had sent their representative whose image was quickly splashed across the world. Elation that the aliens were human like them filled the xenophobic globe, but her demands had been too severe, and the greatest of the world's leaders had turned on her.

Now every soldier and civilian stared towards those stars again. The hope and wonder they had once felt was gone, and fear and panic took their place. Monstrous diamond shaped craft moved menacingly into position over the Earth's largest cities and powerful military bases. As all hope seemed lost, a new feeling started to grow, resolve. The people of Earth may never again reach the stars, but one thing was absolute. Earth was their planet.

Flag Bridge, Imperial II-class SD Quill, 300 Kilometers over the Northern Atlantic Ocean

"So it has come to this." Fleet Admiral Aveo Yos whispered to himself. The eastern seaboard of the lesser continental mass was quickly coming into view ahead of the Tarkin's Fist's flagship, the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Quill. It was a beautiful visage, as the Earth's only sun slowly set behind a small mountain range in the distance and lights from the North American Union started greeting the night.

His recon pilots had told him it would have been an even more impressive sight a few months ago, before his forces had launched an ion attack against the Earth's power sources in an attempt to force capitulation from the backwater planet. It had been a useless gesture. The pathetic Terran race had only responded by a show of force that had denied them their one means of striking a deal with his fleet. And what a response the Earthlings had prepared.

The back-stabbing near-humans of Earth had lured in his only child Phasma into their nefarious clutches. They had yet to make their demands for her release known, but he wasn't allowing them to make any more moves against his Empire. A fleet of over fifty star destroyers of every class fielded since the Clone Wars encircled the planet and awaited his next command. He didn't know where they had taken Phasma, and simply refused to believe that she had been harmed in any way.

The city that Fleet Intelligence had determined to be the capital of the North American Union loomed under the turbolasers of the Quill. He had selected this target as his own, as a small act of revenge. The North American Union had stolen his heart, so he would pay them in kind by tearing out their own.

He stood by his old friend Captain Nake aside the flag bridge's map reader which projected the feed from the warship's long range reconnaissance HoloCams. They mostly watched the panic below that was caused by their appearance in the skies above the Earthling's capital. Long slow lines of landspeeders moved in procession along wide roads leading into the countryside, as if they were womp rats fleeing a sinking ship. Nake quietly commented that several airspeeders were racing away from the airspeeder base at the edge of the city.

"Order turret seven to lock onto that target." Yos ordered. "I think enough burra fish have escaped from our nets." Nake turned and ordered a nearby lieutenant to see to it. Nake pushed a lever on the console of the map reader and the HoloVid switched to an image of the fleet's positions around the blue and green world. The last of his attack vessels were taking up their positions for the opening attack. Yos watched as a squadron of TIE/in starfighters somewhere in orbit over the Russian Federation lazily escorted one of the newer TIE/WACs on its mission to continue scrambling the electronic signals of the Earth's defense forces.

The strange-looking giant TIE craft was just one of a new generation of weapons that were under development by the engineers and scientist of the fleet under the watchful eye of Moff Kuat. The irony of some of the weapons was that several of them were based on ideas they had learned from the Earthlings themselves. It seemed fitting that the Empire would use those same weapons on the Earth's near-humans. He smiled slightly when he thought of the thermobolic proton bombs that had been dropped on the deep bunkers and silos that had housed the nuclear devices and the hopes of those that were allied against him. A late night discovery by an Intelligence technician 'surfing' the Earth's internet, and the forces under Yos's command suddenly had a more powerful deep penetration bomb than anything in the arsenal of the Galactic Empire. Another gift he would someday deliver to Grand Moff Tarkin when they received the call to return.

Before his daughter's kidnapping the issue that weighed most upon his soul, was his allegiance and dedication to the Grand Moff. In reality his own Imperials were members of the Empire in name only. The crews of his fleet had been gleaned from Imperial Personnel due to a thousand different reasons, the most common one was that their loyalty leaned a little ways away from the Emperor. Officers who were more concerned with the lives of their troops over the completion of a mission, stormtroopers who had refused to open fire on civilians, Clonetroopers who had watched their brothers slaughtered by the thousands, or TIE pilots that had accepted the surrender of pirate gangs when their superiors had ordered them to wipe them out. These were just a few of the reasons his star destroyer crews served him and not Palpatine.

The fear of the Imperial Security Bureau had led thousands into his service as well. The ISB had been a stain on the honor of the Imperial Military for years now. Years ago, when he had first commanded the Subterrel Sector Fleet, the white suited agents of the ISB had prowled his own warships and on several occasions executed officers and crew that they had deemed disloyal to the Empire. Yos remembered the frustration he felt in the lack of a trial or justice for those males and females. He recalled near-human and clone comrades that had been harassed and drummed out of the service, as he had heard scuttlebutt of massacres of alien populations across the Mid and Outer Rim. Colleagues who had spoken out had simply disappeared. Nake's own sister had been a high-ranking Commander in Imperial Procurement and had been dismissed for simply being a female.

Yos remembered the feelings of uselessness and fear that swept the officer corps of the Imperial Navy, particularly his own feelings of impotence. He had a young daughter to protect, and if ISB ever found out her origin he felt he would doom her as well. When Tarkin had called for him to report to the Horuz System's Death Star construction site the Grand Moff had offered him a chance to escape all of that. He had readily jumped at the chance. Tarkin had ordered him to set in motion the creation of a new Tarkin Utopian Society based on scientific achievement inside of his pet maw cluster. Millions of disgruntled Imperial soldiers and crew had been sent with him along with a massive slave army to build that society from the ground up. All in the desire to build the most powerful warships, weapons, and technological advancements ever constructed, to someday answer a call from Tarkin to perhaps be unleashed on the Galactic Empire itself one day.

Then came the 'Big Jump' and the disaster that almost was. The loss of fuel, power, and blaster gas had left the fleet crippled for over a galactic standard year. Even worse had been the presence of a populated planet within the system they had found themselves in. While the fleet was at its most vulnerable a culture clash between the two civilization's technology had prevented communication between the two. The initial contact with the fleet had even led the Earthlings to assume they were already under attack.

Yos realized mistakes had been made on his part. Following standard Imperial protocols and operating procedures, his Tarkin's Fist had made moves to protect itself by lashing out and capturing Earth's forward bases on their sister planet of Mars, as well as their local moon. He had ordered the destruction of Earth's satellite networks, power plants, and nuclear stockpiles all in a measure to protect his command.

With the help of Moff Culter he had championed the terraforming of Mars, where after half a year enough breathable air had been created for construction of Culter City. She was a metropolis like no other in the known home galaxy. His capital city consisted of towering skyscrapers and hundreds of factories and research facilities. His slave army was soon granted their freedom and formed the civilian foundation of his society. Droid production helped with menial labor, but if his new society was to expand he needed a labor force that was cheap and utterly controlled by his government. These new slaves could only be found in one place, and no one objected when the blasters of the fleet were slowly being turned towards Earth.

Well, maybe the aboriginal Earthlings did, he told himself. The only thing he cared about the Earth scum at this moment was that some of them knew where his beloved daughter was being held. Once again he stared at the map reader HoloVid and silently hoped that one of his powerful warships wasn't currently in orbit above her prison. Across the flag bridge one of his Directors of the Bureau of Operations was busy dealing with several of his own aides. Captain Yutu had been assigned to him by Grand Moff Tarkin himself, and until recently had performed superbly. His discovery of the Earth's internet had allowed Tarkin's Fist to know the capabilities and dispositions of almost all of the third planet's defensive military forces.

It was the officer's promise to safeguard Phasma, that had brought the Intelligence Director squarely into his cross-hairs. If Yutu wasn't fully involved in the search for his daughter, Yos would have already relieved him of his post. Yos looked at an icon on the HoloVid to make sure that the Bureau's storm commando teams were still standing by, at the ready. Several of their transports had already left their starships and were heading for the upper atmosphere of Earth. They would go in under the cover of the opening bombardment.

He spent the next few moments pondering Phasma's fate. The Earth would be punished for their audacity. Already accommodations that resembled life on Kessel waited for the hapless Terrans back on the red planet. Thousands of empty factories, mines, and agricultural collectives waited for the slaves his invasion would bring. If they harmed his daughter he would order a Base Delta Zero operation and leave their world a wasteland and the last Terran would suffer a lonely death somewhere in a deep ore mine well below the Martian surface.

He thought of Phasma's unique history. True, nobody knew she wasn't his biological offspring, but was instead the clone of a Naboo Ambassador he had always admired from afar. He had employed Polis Massans in providing him with a perfect clone. Now that she was in her twelfth year there was no denying the resemblance between Phasma and her mother Padmé Naberrie Amidala. The resemblance better not extend to early deaths he told himself. Phasma still had so much to live for.

He had undertaken this journey on her behalf. He had created a society that would someday benefit from her rule. Already on the streets of Culter City she was referred to as the Martian princess. The thought stuck in his mind for a second. They truly were no longer part of the Empire, even if Tarkin found a way to reach them, there was no way that had been discovered of reaching the home galaxy again, at least not for several lifetimes, and that was only if they were lucky enough to discover it again. Since they weren't Imperials anymore then they would be Martians. One of his last acts upon the surface of Mars, before embarking with the fleet, had been to declare the founding of the 1st Martian Empire. An alien word, but it was what they had become none-the-less. They were the 1st Martian Empire, and he was their Emperor. All that remained was for him to take the throne, he just needed Phasma at his side, for his upcoming victory to be complete.

Captain Dual signaled that every warship was in place.

Yos cleared his throat to make sure he was heard, before turning to the crew of the flag bridge. "Alert all commands. Commence bombardment."