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A/N: This story was inspired by many elements. The first was a roleplay I participated in years ago. The second was the movie "The Terminator", the third, most recent one is the "Legion" movie...I've taken inspiration from everywhere.

Other things you need to know:

Liev Schrieber Victor plays this Victor.

This is AU, so none of the movies are relevant (just pretend none of them happened and we're in our weird, alternate universe).

Don't be offended by any of the religious undertones in this, no harm is meant.

I know it may seem far fetched at some points, but I think it would be interesting to see how supernatural elements would play a part in the X Men universe.

Marie D'Ancanto sighed as she brushed her hair off her forehead and picked up the last of the dirty dishes off of the vacant table in the diner. She'd been working at that crappy place since shortly after arriving in Laughlin City a year ago when she was nothing more than a scared, seventeen year old runaway.

Marie had been banished from her home town when her "curse" reared its ugly head. Of course, she knew that her affliction was a little less supernatural than the over zealous, religious townsfolk thought.

They'd heard of people who had "powers", but in her small Mississippi town, different meant bad. Just ask any unfortunate minority who tried to move there.

After the white streaks began forming in her hair, even her parents could no longer stand the sight of her...so she ran away.

Laughlin City was as far as she could afford to go. The first man she met there was a cage fighter named Logan. He was a gruff man of few words, but for some reason, he was kind to her in his own, simplistic way.

He frequently left town for destinations unknown, but whenever he did come back, he'd come by the diner and take a seat in the corner booth, where he'd order a few things off the menu, then just sit and stare at her as she worked for hours.

For a while, she thought it was unsettling, but after a few months, she got used to it and attempted to make small talk with the very quiet, very growly man.

Some time after arriving in her cold new home, Marie learned how to control her mutation. There was no trick to it...no magic and no formula, she just trained herself to turn it off and on the same way she'd heard of mutants who could phase and teleport had.

Luckily, she knew could use her mutation as a weapon. That came in handy on nights like tonight, when she was busy closing up the diner by herself. Marie was ready to call it quits and go home after being on her feet for more than 12 hours straight.

She was in the kitchen, rinsing off the last of her dishes when she heard the dinging of the bell that hung over the front door of the diner.

Funny...she thought she'd locked that door.

Marie grumbled without looking up, "We're closed."

She heard heavy footsteps make their way over to the counter as she grumbled and exited the kitchen to confront the stranger who had so rudely disregarded the "Closed" sign hanging in the window.

Marie began drying her hands on the towel attached to her apron, "Look...we're clo-"

Her voice trailed off as she came face to face with the mysteriously handsome stranger, but she soon regained her composure and cleared her throat, "Um...sorry, we're closed."

The stranger grinned, "You wouldn't turn away a cold, hungry traveler, would ya?"

Marie crossed her arms, "And you wouldn't force a tired, hard workin' waitress to work even longer than her 12 hour shift...would ya?"

He smirked, "Well, sorry. I didn't realize...I just didn't see anything else for miles and thought I'd found salvation when I saw the light on in this place..."

She sighed and looked at him long and hard as his eyes twinkled. Marie felt almost as if she was falling under some sort of spell. Normally, she would have told him to get the hell out and gone home, but instead, she found herself murmuring, "I might have some coffee and donuts left in the back."

He just raised a brow and took off his heavy coat as she disappeared into the back. As soon as she was out of sight, she quickly straightened out her appearance as best she could, brushing her hair out of her face and straightening out her apron.

Within minutes, she returned to set a plate of donuts and a steaming pot of coffee down next to the stranger.

He watched her intently as she poured some coffee into a mug and pushed the plate of donuts over. After a few seconds, the staring grew a little unsettling, so she looked up and raised her eyebrows, "What?"

"I was just wondering about those white streaks in your hair, Marie."

Her hand absently wandered to her head, "It started growin' in-wait...how'd you know my name?"

The stranger's eyes started to widen, but he motioned toward her name tag, "It's right there."

Marie blushed and let out a small chuckle, "Oh...right."

He took a sip of dark coffee, "My name's Victor. You sure don't sound like you're from here, Marie."

"I'm not...I'm from Mississippi. Not many people 'round these parts can appreciate a southern accent."

Victor nodded, "I happen to like your accent...very much."

She blushed again, then poured herself a cup of coffee and eyed him carefully, "You just passin' through Victor?"

"Yeah, I was heading down to Calgary, but I dunno...something in the wind blew me your way."

Marie raised a brow and tried to keep from smiling too wide. She was definitely intrigued by this one. In her time working at the diner, she'd been hit on by many lonely traveling men, but none of them had ever tickled her fancy the way this Victor did.

He was handsome, charming, well put together and exuded sex appeal that made her want to melt into a pile of warm goo.

They talked for several moments, but the sound of a vehicle pulling into the back parking lot made Victor jump up, stalk over to the window and grumble. He quickly pulled out a hundred dollar bill and his business card, "I'd really like to see you again, Marie. I'll be back this way soon...but, if you're ever in need of a change of scenery, you can look me up in Calgary."

She slowly nodded and pocketed the card and money as she watched him rush out to his car, then peel out of the parking lot. Almost as soon as he left, Logan walked in from the back entrance.

Marie smiled confusedly, "Logan, what are you doin' here?"

He started to answer her question, but he slowly sniffed the air and rushed over to the window, "Who was here with you?"

"Just a passer through..."

Logan turned back around, "It's after closing, why'd you let him stay? Why aren't any of the doors locked?"

Marie stuttered at his sudden barrage of questions, "I-I thought that one was locked but-"

He grabbed her coat off the rack and handed it to her, "You've gotta be careful when you're alone here, kid. There are a lot of bad people out there. I'll give you a ride home."

Marie slowly took her coat from him and put it on before allowing him to lead her to his old, beat up camper. Although Logan wasn't her best or closest friend in the whole world, he'd been her only friend for the past year. He'd given her rides home and protected her from overly grabby male patrons who'd had a little too much to drink. In truth, he was the only person she currently trusted.

Logan drove them to her trailer without saying a word. He definitely seemed more bothered than usual.

When they arrived at her trailer, he watched as she started to get out, but soon stopped her, "Marie...you remember the name of the man who was there with you tonight?"

She nodded, "Yeah...Victor. He didn't give me his last name though."

Upon hearing the name, Logan tensed visibly, but Marie didn't notice. She sighed and hopped out of the camper, "Thanks for the ride, Logan. You gonna fight at Murphy's tomorrow?"

"Uh...yeah, I'll be in the cage."

Marie smiled, "Well, you be sure to stop by the diner afterwards. I'll make sure I have a hot meal waitin' for you."

He couldn't bring himself to smile, so he gave a brief nod as he watched her close his door, then head into her trailer.

As soon as her door was closed, Logan put his head against the steering wheel and sighed.

It had started...he'd found her.

He began driving around the town, looking for unfamiliar vehicles and circling around her trailer park for any sign of danger. Luckily, he found none...

When Logan arrived back at his motel, he'd put in a call to Professor Charles Xavier, his mentor and the leader of the X Men, a group of mutants who made it their life's mission to protect the world from evil.

About two years ago, the X Men discovered that a group of evil mutants started to mobilize and form a cult based off of a thousand year old prophecy.

At first, Charles was sure that the cult's prophetic teachings held no credibility because it simply sounded ridiculous.

It taught that, during the year of a winter solstice lunar eclipse, an innocent young mutant with white streaked hair would conceive a child with "the dark one". The child's powers would be unsurpassed, unstable and uncontrollable. It would be the leader of a mutant revolution that would eradicate all human kind.

Logan actually remembered laughing out loud when Chuck had explained the cult's beliefs to him.

Just a few months later, Logan was in the cage at Murphy's in Laughlin City when he looked up and saw her. The wide eyed, innocent beauty with white streaked hair. He could only assume that she was a mutant since she was so quiet and kept a fair amount of distance between herself and others.

Logan secretly snapped a cell phone picture of Marie and sent it to the professor under the heading "might wanna take a closer look into that cult crap".

He immediately received a call back from the professor, asking him to keep an eye on her while he did more research.

At first, Logan wasn't too keen on the idea, but soon, it was apparent that he was taken with her. He helped her land a job and checked up on her constantly.

Logan often found himself sitting outside of her trailer under the guise of "protecting" her...but he was pretty sure he didn't have to watch her while she undressed to protect her.

When he did receive a call back from the professor, he sounded ragged and worried, "It's true...it's all true."

The professor was a scholar...an educated man who only believed in logic. To hear that he actually believed in some weird cult prophecy threw Logan for a loop, "Shit...are you serious?"

The professor sighed, "She is the one. They will come for her...I'm just not sure when. Logan...you have to protect her."

Logan groaned, "From who? Do these people wear name tags? Do they all wear uniforms with labels saying 'hey, I'm a mutant cult member here to kidnap the future mother of the destroyer of the world'? No offense, Chuck...but this shit sounds ridiculous."

"Be that as it may, Logan, there are just one too many coincidences surrounding this young lady. Scott, Ororo, Jean and I are all researching as much information as possible. In the meantime, we just need you to make sure she's safe. Even if the prophecy isn't true, the cult will still come after her and she will be subject to their intentions."

It didn't take long before the professor came up with a name for the so-called "dark one". He wasn't exactly lying low.

Victor Creed was the head of a successful manufacturing company and he frequently traveled to Canada for business.

Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before he found her...

It was rumored that he used to go by the alias "Sabretooth" and he was once more animal than man, but those claims were more myth than fact. He was thought to be hundreds of years old and the only way he could be killed is if his head was cut off...Logan didn't seem intimidated at all.

Logan stood in his hotel room, on the phone with the professor, "Chuck...Victor found her. He was actually alone with her."

"Oh dear god...did anything happen?"

Logan paced back and forth in his room, "No."

"Are you certain?"

"I'm certain, Chuck, trust me. I know the smell of sex, besides, she just met him. I can tell she hasn't let her guard down yet."

A sigh was heard on the other end, "I know taking her by force is an option for him, but he needs her to be willing so that she won't think of aborting the baby. You have to keep a closer eye on her...you must get her to trust you. Victor is cunning. He'll distance her from her only friends, make her feel vulnerable, then strike like a snake. Make her trust you."

"I don't know how easy that's gonna be-"

"Logan, we're out of time. We're not even sure how long he was alone with her...all it takes is one more time...just a few minutes alone with him and the child could be conceived. Victor only has until the solstice to impregnate her."

He ran a hand through his hair, "I'll try to think of something...I'll call you back."

That night, as Logan was pouring over plans in his motel room, Marie was tossing and turning in bed, unable to get the mysterious and sexy Victor out of her mind. Whenever she did fall asleep, erotic dreams began invading her mind.

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