Die Hard with a Rebellion

Super Tinfoil Man Part 2

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Chapter 1 - Browsing a hotel -

John McClane sat in his battered arm chair watching the local news. He dropped an empty can of beer next to several others lying next to the chair. He wiped the chip crumbs off of his chest and sat up, he let out a yawn and rubbed a hand over his unshaven face as thunder boomed just outside his window.

" Another beautiful day in New York. " He groaned as he got out of the chair. He went to the refrigerator and grabbed another six pack of beer. He returned to his chair, opened a beer and turned the channel to the Yankee game. The screen flickered along with the lights in the living room. Then the television screen started to lose focus as the pitcher walked up to the mound.

" Come on !" McClane whined as the picture continued to get fuzzier. Another thunder clap exploded outside. The wind blew my dish off again. I'm not missing this game.

He grabbed a wrench out of the kitchen drawer, threw on a dark brown jacket and left his house. He slammed a ladder on the side of the eve and climbed onto the roof while fighting the wind and rain. The things I do for television. He leaned down next to the slightly rattling dish and started tightening the bolts along the bottom of it.

" There ! You piece of shit, you better…."

Everything suddenly went white…..

John McClane slowly opened his eyes, he saw a plush red carpet. He felt like he drank all night long. His head seemed too heavy to move off of the carpet, his limbs felt like pudding. What did I drink last night ? Where the hell am I ? He did a hard push up, his arms shaking the entire way. He rubbed his head and stood up wearily. I'm in some kind of fancy hotel room. He staggered around the room and noticed some very strange dressers, made of some shiny black metal. What kind of strange theme does this place run ? Uh oh, I hope this isn't some freaky sex room. He slowly turned and looked at the bed, it was empty. Phew.

He heard several footsteps run by his door. What's going on out there ? He leaned closer to the fancy, white door and listened further. But it was silent out there now. He reached for the door knob but there wasn't one there, just a black glossy panel next to it. This place goes all out. What the hell ? He noticed a round burn hole right on the front of his shirt. He grabbed an edge and looked at it. He then felt his chest, it stung to the touch. Damn cigarettes.

" O.K John, what the fuck where you up to last night ? " He searched around the room for a clue, but there was nothing that shook his memory. He suddenly thought of the Nakatomi building and his battle with Hans Gruber. The situation seemed vaguely familiar. Stop it John, there's no terrorists here. He walked over to the door again and waved his hand in front of the black panel. Nothing happened. How do you open this damn thing ? He took a small pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket, tapped one out and lit it.

He heard more footsteps running by outside the door. " Hey ! " He pounded on the door, " let me outta here ! " He listened intensely for a response, none came. He took a long haul from his cigarette as he looked at the black panel. He pressed his hand against it, a bright green light outlined his hand and the door made a hissing noise. It quickly slid to one side. He slowly stuck his head out and peered down the hallway, it was a long hallway lined with doors, both ways. There was nobody in sight. He tapped out another cigarette out of his pack, he raised it to his mouth but realized he already had one lit in his mouth. He threw the unlit smoke on the floor and squashed his lit one on the side of the door.

He slowly walked out into the hall. Where the hell am I ? This isn't making any sense ! He walked down the hall, looking at the fancy numbered doors along the way. This place must be huge. He saw a staircase turning right at the end of the hall, and an elevator door on his left side. He took a cautionary step to the side as he could hear another set of footsteps running up the stairs. Two teenaged boys appeared in dark purple jumpsuits with black straps crossing down to their belts. They both had frightened expressions as one rushed to a hotel door. He quickly started typing on the keypad to gain access to the room. Damn troublesome kids. McClane had an annoyed expression painted on his face as he'd arrested a few kids that age just a week ago, stealing booze. What the hell are they wearing ?

" Hurry up Itole. They're coming ! " One of the teens urged the other, who was desperately typing on the keypad.

" Hey ! " John called out, " mind telling me what's goin on ? "

The two boys quickly gave John a worried look, then they continued working on the pad until they gained access to the room. The door hissed shut.

" Thanks ! " John muttered then continued walking towards the end of the hall. He heard more footsteps marching up the stairs, he stopped walking and waited for his new visitors. Probably cops chasing them.

Two Stormtroopers exited the stairs with blaster rifles held to their chest plates. John's jaw became unhinged. Now I know I'm in some kind of crazy themed hotel.

" You there ! " The first one called out, sounding like he was talking through a walky talky.

John looked behind himself, then turned and pointed to his chest with a puzzled expression.

" Come with me ! FL-848, you continue rounding up more of them. " The Stormtrooper stood right in front of John, pointing his large blaster rifle right at his chest.

Nice props. " Alright, " John smiled, raising his hands in the air, " you got me, space cop. What's the charge ? "

" Shut up and get moving ! " The Stormtrooper grabbed John's shoulder and pulled, then pushed him down the hall. John staggered forward and grabbed to the wall to prevent himself from falling.

" Easy fuck face ! " John growled. Actors these days, taking everything so seriously.

The Stormtrooper marched John down several flights of stairs, once in awhile poking the blaster in his back to make sure he kept pace. John just shook his head and smirked every time, not believing any of it. They rounded another turn when the staircase wall turned into a long window. John quickly glanced sideways out the window. Then continued walking down the stairs. He stopped with his eyes wide, took two steps back and stared out the window. His knees became weak and he fell to the ground.

The Senate District of Coruscant stretched into the horizon.

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