Die Hard with a Rebellion

Chapter 10 - Final Chapter -

Floor 125

Boba Fett gave John a hard punch to the chest sending him sprawling back into in fancy cabinet. John fell inside, breaking the delicate, ornate doors and smashing the decorative glass carvings inside.

Boba took a step towards the downed man with a clenched fist. His sound sensors suddenly activated in his view finder. He turned and saw the TIE fighter quickly approaching the building through the thick Coruscant speeder traffic. The growing thunder of noise from it's ion engines rattling the window itself.

" Good-bye , Rebel scum. " Boba Fett said as his jet pack activated. Boba grabbed a chair and sent it smashing out of the window. He rocketed away through the broken window in a trail of twin exhaust thrusts.

John jumped up, brushing the glass off of himself. " Ya, next time Inspector Gadget, next time. " He stood in the broken window as the TIE roared by the right side of the building, he covered his ears from the roar.

The TIE did a quick maneuver and turned back to the Palagrash Hotel, it shot several green lasers across the face of floor one hundred and sixty. A huge section of the side of the building blew out in a huge cloud of debris and smoke.

John fell to the floor as the room vibrated violently. Half of the ceiling caved in and crashed to the floor pelting him in the face with a cloud of dust. The TIE roared by outside as it circled the building in a deafening scream. John crawled his way to the broken window and leaned out to see where the ship went. He wiped the dust off of his face and ran back inside the destroyed room, he exited the kitchen back into the hallway.

The hallway shook and an entire side of the floor at the end of the hall fell to the floor below creating a loud crashing noise. John touched a panel on the wall and the elevator doors hissed open. The elevator car was missing and all that was there were dangling cables. He ripped off his jacket and wrapped it around the cables.

The TIE accelerated towards floor one hundred and fifty five and unloaded a big wave of green lasers right through the building. The entire top forty five floors tipped over and fell down to the street below, creating a huge cloud of dust and debris as well as a thunderous noise.

John saw the rushing cloud of debris quickly rushing down the elevator shaft, he jumped and held on to his jacket as he slid down the elevator cables. He picked up speed and his jacket started to release a smoking burning smell. He landed hard on top of an elevator stopped on the thirtieth floor. He dropped the jacket and stumbled into the side of the shaft. He clumsily grabbed the handle to the trap door to the elevator car and yanked it open. He jumped in the elevator and did a front roll right out of the elevator car into the tiled hallway of floor thirty. Seconds later the elevator car vanished and was propelled down in a waved of broken building parts. John scrambled to his feet and ran towards the staircase.

Imperial Troop Transport Cockpit

" Why is he wasting his time chopping the building down like that ? " Janock Karn stood behind the pilots with his arms crossed.

" I'm sure it's to keep the hotel from damaging the nearby buildings. If it tipped over it could crash right through that building over there. " The pilot pointed. The other pilot nodded.

Jack watched the TIE circle the building like a scavenger hunting its prey. Green blasts taking out large chunks off of the top. What an imbecile. He's using this order as an opportunity for target practice. Apparently Admiral Piett didn't inform this trooper of the enormity of his task.

" Can we contact this pilot ? " Karn asked as he watched the TIE blow away another chunk of building.

" No, " The pilot shook his head , " that's the newer model TIE, only frequency would be received by other TIE's or from a Star Destroyer. "

Karn spotted movement in a ship lot out of the corner of his eye. He squinted his eyes as he focused on a ship taking off in the lot. Boba Fett !

" Pilot, punch in this frequency here. Contact that ship taking off from lot 14A, hurry up ! " Karn punched his palm in excitement.

" Contact made, go ahead. " The pilot stated.

" Slave 1, this is Commander Janock Karn. Your mission is not complete. I repeat, your mission is not complete. Help that fool destroy that building before Mace Windu escapes. " Karn waited for a response.

He watched as the Slave 1 ship changed direction and headed towards the hotel. There, that should accelerate the process.

" This should be quick. " Karn patted the pilots shoulder as they watched Slave 1 roar towards the hotel.

Floor 27

John fell to his side and held on to the handrail as the stairs a few feet down from him collapsed to the floor below. The wall crumbled and crashed into the wall next to him. He breathed out a curse and looked down to the wreck a floor below. He wiped the sweat from his eyes and glanced out of the cracked window next to him.

The TIE flew into view and stopped. It then advanced towards the floor below John. He gulped and closed his eyes, waiting for the final blow.

Suddenly the TIE fighter exploded in a round ball of fire sending comet balls of smoke flying in multiple directions. John opened his eyes at the loud noise and watched the TIE fighter wreckage fall to the street. The Slave 1 flew into view and circled the building in a slow arc. John picked up a large piece of wall and smashed out the window. He waved his arms in the sky hoping to get his new saviors attention.

Imperial Troop Transport Cockpit

" Boba Fett ! " Karn screamed into the mic as he held the button down hard with his thumb, " what do you think you're doing ? You just destroyed an imperial fighter ! I hope you have an explanation for this ! "

" A little payback I guess. " The voice responded, but it wasn't Boba's voice.

" Lando ? " Karn realized after a second placing the voice.

" Yeah, I expect a little more courtesy next time. You weren't invited to my hotel in the first place. Anyway, I have to go, I'm picking up a guest here. " Lando ended the transmission.

Karn reached up and ripped levers and knobs out of the consol, creating sparks and finger sized smoke to sift through the cockpit.

Slave 1 interior

" What took you so long ? " John called up to the cockpit, he strapped himself in a safety harness near the cargo hold.

" I had to slice into the system here, this bounty hunter has quite a few safety locks to prevent theft. Where to Mr. McClane ? " Lando leaned sideways and smiled back at his new guest.

" Have any idea how to get a hold of a Man Mothman ? " John asked, lighting a cigarette.

" It's Mon Mothma, " Lando laughed, " I know some people who could find her. "

" Well, " John took a long drag of his cigarette, " let's get this piece of shit moving so we can find her. "

Lando nodded as he grabbed the controls. They took off into the Coruscant skies. John glanced out a small side porthole of the Slave 1 , he watched the Imperial Troop Transport slowly turn and head towards the thicker part of the busy traffic. Yippie Ki-yay, mother fucker.