Moyashi-neechan: Ruthless plot bunny.

Mischief Managed

Road just came home from school.

When she entered her room,

She dropped her bag.




Her beloved doll.

She left it sitting in the chair.

Like a perfect gentleman

Waiting for her precious lady

But now,



He was sitting with his legs apart.

Hands settled on his knees.

His back a little bit hunched.

Her doll looked like a gangster going for the kill.

His perfect white hair was now messed up and spiked.

Under his right eye,

A small black star was tattooed.

In his right ear,

A golden earring dangled.

Three vertical black lines,

Drawn over his lips.

His black coat and red shirt were ditched and replaced.

Now, her precious doll was wearing

A grey shirt

With a giant purple star print

And three slashed rips on the chest.

He also now sport a black leather jacket

With white fur on the neck line.

The left sleeve was ripped off

Showing her doll's red arm to the world.

His right sleeve was left alone

But on his right hand,

All the nails were polished black.

The doll now wore a pair of jean shorts.

Which Road suspected was originally pants.

The ends of the short looked like as if it was sawed off.

Silver chains dangled from the right pocket.

The doll no longer wore her choice boots.

Instead, it wore

A pair of brand new, high heeled boots.

It was black leather

With shiny silver zipper.

It only reaches two inches past the ankles.

Her doll's white legs

Was showcased for everyone to see.



Road summoned all her candles.

She worked hard for her beloved doll's look.

And now




It was ruined!



Her blood boiled in annoyance.

Oh, she will kill someone for this.

She screamed in bloody murder.