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Prologue Pt1: Break Your Heart

Five years earlier

"Tsukki-nii, I'm scared." A seven year old girl said as she clung to the arms of her brother. Tears dripped down her face onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around her in reply, attempting to comfort his shaken sister. As the elder brother, although only by a year, he needed to put up a brave front and protect her in times of need. Yet, he could not stop his own tears from pooling at the base of his eyes.

"It's alright, Kyouko-chan. I'm right here. It will end soon." He said, doing his best not to reveal any hoarseness in his voice.

A clap of thunder shattered the silence as if in disagreement to his words. Rain followed the disruption, pouring down upon streets and rattling the windowpane. Kyoko tightened her grip on her brother's arm and pressed her face against his chest. The strength of the storm matched strength of her wails, thundering wildly when she cried the loudest and pattering softly when she whimpered underneath the sheets.

Yet the two siblings, huddling in fear, listened not to the rain, but the screams of their quarreling parents.

"This has gone way past the line!" said Kasumi, shoving the drunken husband onto the couch. "Ever since you lost that job, you haven't done anything except drink with your pathetic buddies."

"Aw, Kasu-chan, don be li'e that." Koji said as he got up and put his arms around her waist. "I've on'y had a little to rink. I'll be ba to nomal soon, an we could-"

She gave him a slap on the face. "Soon? I've put up with you for two months! I have put food on the table, working my ass off as a waiter in a trashy restaurant, and you come home drunk and try to molest my daughter!" This time she gave the pitiful excuse for a man a punch in the nose. "Get. Get out of this house now! I never want to see you or anything that has to do with you ever again."

The battered male figure crawled weakly onto his knees and limped out the door with all the dignity that he had left, if any had remained. His soon-to-be-ex-wife gave him one last kick in the back before slamming the door behind him. Only a flash of lightning managed to sneak in through the windows before the curtains closed on him as well.

Inside, Kasumi Aono leaned against the wall, her head lowered between her arms. She told herself that her family would have a better life without him. No more violence. No more arguments. It would relieve them all. Yet, she had to face the facts. Now she had to provide the money to manage two children and herself, and they will have to live without a father. It was hard to tell whether the future was bleak or bright.

Hearing the cries from her daughter, Kasumi straightened herself and wiped the tears from her eyes. She ran into the room and put her arms around the two kids that she loved. "I'm sorry," she said.

"I'm sorry."