Prologue Pt3: Body Language

Kasumi took a deep breath in, her chest pressed against his, leaving only the silk of her kimono and the fabric of his shirt left in their way. Parting her lips, she then took his bottom lip between hers, making him moaned in appreciation and reposition himself so that his thigh rested between her legs, his hands on her hips, and his head tilted to the side for better access.

Wow, she moved fast. He didn't even need to tell her that as the call girl, it was her job to take immediate control. She did it automatically, instinctively, and without a thought in her mind. She probably didn't even hear him tell her that his name was Miyabi Fujusaki nor did she seem at all aware of her surroundings. Perfect. That's just what she needs. No guilt. No regret.

Bringing her hands to rest on the sides of his neck, Kasumi tickled Miyabi's smooth skin under her fingertips as she traced the outline of his collarbone from the base of his neck to his shoulders. She then let her fingers follow the line down to bottom of his shirt; sliding her hands down his chest and feeling the tense muscles that flexed in response to her gentle touch.

Slowly, she began unbuttoning the white shirt from bottom up, then moving them over his shoulders to force the shirt to slide down his arms. He attempted to grab it before it hit the floor but found himself incapable of any movement as Kasumi reached her head into the curve of his neck, and softly, sunk her teeth into the tense flesh; she bit and sucked gently before trailing her tongue over it, soothing the skin and leaving a mark in its place.

She's good.

Her arms ran up about the form that hovered over her own body, her fingers entwining themselves into his silky black hair, and her legs rolling up to wrap about his waist, tangling herself with him as if they were playing a rough game of twister. She pulled him closer to her, giving him the chance to swoop down and captured her lips with his. Within a moment, his kiss became hungry as his hand traveled down her side, his fingers caressing, to finally rest on her hip. His knee pushed her legs apart as he deepened the kiss, his greed climbing as his tongue wisped her mouth apart. It immediately began exploring her mouth, his touches more urgent than before. He prodded desperately at her taut tongue, desiring for her to share her own, but her tongue remained as still as ever.

In such an instable position, they couldn't remain standing for long, toppling over onto the bed with Kasumi taking the brunt of the fall. Kasumi's eyelids squelched shut as his second hand came to rub the curve of her hip. Hissing faintly, she gripped him tightly and swung one leg over both of his, successfully swapping their position. With one, powerful, shove, Miyabi was on his back and Kasumi was straddling his slim hips. She wretched her lips from his and purposefully began to grind her hips into his—small, teasing circles, keeping him from getting his way.

Perhaps a bit too good.

His fingers danced in her hair as Kasumi's hands trailed down his body and tugged gently at the waistband of his pants. With a rare smirk, he let her slide the article of clothing down his hips. She pushed him back a little so that she could continue taking everything off. When she got to mid-thigh he took over; lost in the moment, he moved his legs and using his hands, pulled the rest of his garments off.

At this point, Miyabi was starting to get a bit irritated; with Kasumi fully clothed under the short kimono and him exposed from top to bottom, the dance seemed entirely one sided. When one of her hands left his salty neck and traveled down over the planes of his body, slick with sweat, he took the chance to reached behind her back and tug wantonly at the knot holding it all together. But, before he could get his sweat covered hands through to tug open the knot, Kasumi quickened her pace, rocking her hips against his in a rhythm that sent waves of pleasure rippling through his body. Miyabi moaned at the deliberate progression in pace and sent muffled curses into his mouth when she pulled his hands out to rest at her sides. Miyabi groaned deeply in his throat and fought to slow the pace of his urgent hips, but Kasumi only quickened her grinds in return, unwilling to have him get his way.

By now, he knew he had already lost.

He had absolutely no control.

His hands, which had had long abandoned the fabric outlining her perfect curves, reached to caress and massage her thighs, touching her where he could. As soon as he relaxed in submission, she reached for him again, moving her hands up and over him and digger her curled fingers into the tender flesh of his backside. Miyabi had to close his eyes, drowning in the sensation of her touching him. Her fingers tickled, teased, and enflamed every inch of his body as she explored him down to where he desired her most; he groaned loudly in reply, prompting her to play with him more. She did not hesitate to place light butterfly kisses all the way along his neck and shoulders, marking her place in every part of his skin that she could reach. Her dominant kisses left him breathless and panting for more, quickening his beat to match hers and setting on a stride towards climax.


Under the silvery moonlight streaming through the cracked window, Kasumi's eyes fluttered open. She blinked drearily as she attempted to remember what had happened an hour before. When her memories did return, she scanned her person in panic, sighing in relief that none of her clothes were removed. But, her relief was due to end when she turned her head to look at the clock, realizing with wide eyes and a gasp the lateness of the hour.

She scrambled out of the bed to slip into her shoes, wobbling slightly in her step. She silently closed the door behind her, leaving her exhausted client to wither in his own mess where she last left him. Grabbing the rest of her belongings on her way out, she waved goodbye to her benefactor, sitting on the front desk, who raised an eyebrow at her gesture.

"Taxi!" she called as she ran out to the streets.

Rain poured down on her attire, soaking her dress, but also, to her relief, washing away all evidence of her errand. Her children will not know.

When a taxi arrived to her rescue, she quickly stuffed herself in the backseat to the delight of her driver, who ogled at her drenched clothing in lustful desire.

"Where would you like to go, Beautiful?" He said.


When you look at the world from space during nighttime, it's common to find many shimmering lights on the small island of Japan. Of those lights, at least one of them belonged to a small window on the 23rd floor of the Mori residence. If you could sprinkle on some fairy dust, fly to the window, and hold an ear on the cold glass for eavesdropping, you would be severely disappointed. But if you listened very closely, you might hear the loud ticking of the clock in the silence and the hard clatter of a dice on wood.

The time clicked 1:37am and the kids were still stuck playing a game of monopoly. On one side, Kyouko sat comfortably in her neon green pajamas, tapping her nails on the floorboard as she waited for her brother's turn to commence. On the other side, Tsukune shuffled the dice, licking his lips in preparation to make one great roll.

Upon Marvin's Gardens stood a horse rider and his steed. Unfortunately for him, he stood at the edge of enemy territory with no more luck than the bounce of a dice. The large red houses loomed ahead in the distance armed with soldiers ready to take his cash or take his life. The last ten times he's passed this land, he had succeeded in evading their sight; perhaps it will work again. He held onto his last $172 and prepared to run for it.

Tsukune put the dice down without rolling it and yawned. "Don't you think it's a bit late? We should head to bed," He said.

"Aw, come on, don't be such a sore loser. You know next turn you'll be running through thorns. Just be a man and roll the dice," she retorted.

"Actually, I am a teenager and I'm older than you and its way past curfew. Mom is probably doing a night shift so she probably expects us to go to sleep soon. Now be a good little girl and do as she said," He stuck out a tongue and began to walk away as quickly as possible.

"Tsukki-nii," she said, "If you walk away it counts as your loss, and you will have to drive me anywhere I want to go for the next week." Kyouko squinted and stood to her feet ready to chase him down if he were to make a break for it. But that was not necessary. He stopped in his tracks, wincing slightly as he found himself caught in a dilemma. Kyouko smiled slyly.

"Alright," he sighed, turning around and shuffling back and picking up the dice, all done at a deliberate sluggish pace. At last the dice dropped out of his hands and hit the floor. A 4 and a 1. Pennsylvania Avenue. A total of $1,400 due.

"Alright!" Kyouko cheered. "Hand over the cash, nii-san. That's the end for you." She swiped the rest of his money from hand, making him utterly, completely bankrupt. "Oh, and before I forget, the mall opens early tomorrow for sales, so make sure to wake up around 6am," she said before skipping off to the shower with a navy blue bath robe in hand.

Tsukune mumbled something inarticulate as he picked up the scattered monopoly pieces and put them back into the box. Tomorrow will definitely be a long day. He might have to bring a book to read. Not that he reads much at all, but sometimes you just have to replace something boring with something less boring. He'd better start looking.

The clock struck 3:30am. A bright yellow car pulled onto the side of the street in front of a dirty, old apartment complex. A beautiful woman in her early-thirties stepped on the street. She faltered somewhat in her step; the high heels paired with wet soles were not something she would get used to. The black trench coat she wore covered most of her body and protected her from the rain, but it was obvious that its main purpose was to cover the much smaller clothing inside.

She paid off the driver and wave him goodbye. She made it past the gate and staggered to apartment number fifty-seven. Looking through the window, she saw that the lights had been turned off, indicating that both her children had gone to sleep. She smiled. It would be easier this way.

The mother unlocked the door and carefully removed her shoes before stepping into the house. She left the lights off as she quietly wiped her feet dry and tip toed onto the floorboards. On the couch, she saw her son, sleeping silently with a clock lying on his stomach. A drop of rain residue rolled down the side of her face. She moved the clock aside and pulled up some blankets over her son. She then glided off to another room to check on her daughter.

Tsukune peeked open one eye. Her hands had felt cold, sad, restrained. When she completely left the room, Tsukune wiped a droplet of water that fell on his cheek, put it to his mouth, and tasted the saltiness of the rain.

A/N: From this point on, the story will be divided into 4 parts, one for each of the following characters (in order): Kasumi, Tsukune, Kyouko, and Moka. Each will have their own love story to tell in first person point of view.