So I think we have conclusive evidence that you guys love angst. Or maybe you just respond to Logan fighting. I don't know. But regardless there is plenty of angst to come in the story…

Recap: School resumes with several new additions. Newly engaged Keith is running for Sheriff. Big Dick fled town just as Celeste makes her return. The anniversary of Lilly's death brings back bittersweet memories. Kate is having nightmares and Rams is trying to help, but she's trying to avoid it all by taking over Madison's fundraiser for poor schools. Madison continues her downward slide, and Logan sets her up to take another fall. LoVe are going strong, but ghosts of the past are never far behind, including Logan's previous hookups. Logan tells V about his round of Russian roulette with Weevil's gang putting Weevil and Veronica at odds. Weevil has a couple of encounters that have him questioning his own friends. Duncan continues his affair with Kendall despite being warned off by Weidman. Wallace likes Jackie, and thinks they have moved from dating to exclusive, but the friction between Jackie and V makes things difficult. Mac has a date from hell which sends the guys in her life into a tail spin. Dick keeps trying to ask Mac out, but she is still blind to his intentions, however Elmo finally clues in and figures out that he may have made a mistake. His actions send Mac back to her confused state over her feelings for him, especially now that she's finally beginning to clue into Dick's feelings for her. Aaron shows up at Logan's and their "conversation" ends in with the police being called.

Chapter 14: Maelstrom

(Tuesday, October 10 cont.)

Weevil walks down the hall after the last bell, barely noticing as people moved out of his way. Whether it was out of fear, respect, or just general good manners, he didn't know, and didn't care. His mind was occupied with dark thoughts. There was no way to avoid the fact that someone in his gang was dealing drugs. One of his people had gone behind his back, had gone against his edict.

Felix's brother Gus had lost his life to drugs- not doing them but selling them without the Fitzpatricks getting their cut. He'd disappeared, but in their world that only meant one thing. He was dead, and now their second son was in the hospital in a coma.

Events that summer had gotten out of control. Weevil would acknowledge it to himself, but not to anyone else. He sees Veronica standing with Logan at her locker and he knows that her life had been in danger too. All because of her choice in boyfriends.

Weevil didn't regret playing Russian Roulette with Echolls, but he did regret that Veronica had been shot at too earlier in the summer. She'd asked him if he really was in charge back then, but he'd been too stubborn to listen, too prejudiced against her because of Logan.

Seeing Hector, Bootsy and Thumper standing a little farther down the hallway, Weevil makes his decision. He had one more play to take back control of his guys, and if Logan was the pawn in that move so be it. The white boy could stand to learn some humility.

Weevil swaggers up to Logan and Veronica, both of whom stiffen, as Weevil crosses into their personal space.

Weevil: Why do you stay with this guy, V? (He runs his eyes over her body, knowing Echolls had a short fuse when it came to Veronica.) Even his own father hates him.

Veronica looks stunned and reaches out for Logan's arm, hoping to stop him from getting into another fight.

Logan: (affecting surprise) You don't know? Oh, right, no girl ever stayed with you. They run away as fast as they can so you have no idea what it takes to get one to stick around.

Weevil arches one eyebrow and locks eyes with Logan.

Weevil: Your eyesight's not that good is it, white boy? Maybe it's the bruise from your daddy that's making things blurry. The way I see it, all your girls end up coming my way. Ain't that right, V?

Veronica: Back off Weevil.

Weevil: Veronica came to me for my, ah... help (he winks at her) long before she lost her mind and let you climb between her legs.

Veronica gasps, her mouth falling open as she realizes that Weevil isn't going to stop until he goads Logan into fighting. A crowd has gathered, and seeing his boys among them Weevil smiles in satisfaction.

Logan: (anger bubbling over, stepping into Weevil until they are nose to nose) Don't talk about her like that. Veronica never looked at you. You were just a dog on a chain and you were happy to do whatever she asked.

Weevil: (smirking, aggressive tone)Oh, V can yank my chain any day. It'd be a nice change for her from you.

Veronica: (desperate)Logan, ignore him.

Logan: (seething) Is this how your grandma raised you, Weeves? To talk about girls like they were trash? To talk about someone who only ever tried to help you like she was a whore?

Weevil pushed down the feeling of guilt and pushed on.

Weevil: (threatening) Don't talk about my grandma.

Logan: Why? Is she the only female who ever loved you?

Weevil pushes Logan back into the lockers and Logan lets him, feeling a stab of pain as the spot on his back his dad had kicked connects with the protruding lock. He pushes Weevil back then grabs Veronica and walks her back into the bystanders, looking for someone to keep hold of her, keeping her clear of the fight. Kate pushes to the front and grabs Veronica's wrist in a hard grip as Rams steps in front of the two girls, keeping a hard eye on Weevil's friends, letting them know that it was not going to be a four on one fight.

Weevil and Logan pound on each other, Veronica flinching with each hit Logan took. The fight seems to go on for a long time, but it is probably only about two minutes.

Veronica: Stop! Just stop it, both of you.

Veronica tries to move forward again, but Rams blocks her and she can't shake off Kate. Veronica sees Mac moving to the front of the ring of spectators, following Dick's path through the crowd.

Mac flinches as Logan lands a hard punch dead on in Weevil's face, sending the shorter boy backwards a few steps. She gets a good look at Logan, whose lip is bleeding with one eye swollen nearly shut. Mac sees Veronica fighting against Rams and Kate, with tears running down her face.

Looking around and seeing a fire alarm, Mac steps into the gap left by the fight and pulls it. Instantly the lights and sirens flash, and finally a few teachers make their way into the fray. Rams and Dick move into the fight along with Hector and Bootsy, each duo gathering their injured friend. Students begin to stream out of the school and Mac tags along with Veronica as she follows the boys out a side entrance.

Bootsy leads Weevil into the auto shop classroom, but Thumper lays back against the wall outside, pleased with Weevil's efforts, but Hector dismisses them, saying if it had been him, he would have put "Surfer Boy" in the ground.

On the front side of the school, Veronica is stunned as Logan pushes his friends away and with just one backwards glance at her tear streaked face, storms to his car and exits the lot with a squeal of tires.

Mac: (breaking the tension) So, anyone know how to get this ink off my hands by tomorrow?

Mac holds up her hand now stained with the blue ink that was supposed to stop students from pulling the alarms as a prank, by identifying who had done it. Rams looks at Veronica's bleak expression and starts telling Mac how he got it off his hand when he'd pulled the alarm on April fools freshman year.

Rams: Well, you absolutely don't want to try to wash it off with water.

Kate laughs, but it is strained.

Dick: (to Veronica) You should go after him.

Veronica storms into Logan's house, slamming the door behind her. Logan is leaning over the kitchen island with an ice pack on his lip. Her eyes race over him, but she forces herself not to flinch at his new injuries.

Veronica: (angry) What the hell is your problem?

Logan: Veronica-

She stops, arms akimbo, glaring at him, but he can see her eyes are glassy.

Veronica: (demanding/strident) No really, tell me. Why did you leave without me? (Logan hesitates, and doesn't answer so she proceeds to her next question/complaint.) I was calling and calling. Did you break your phone?

Logan: (puzzled) No.

Veronica: No. Did you lose it? NO! Then why didn't you answer? Or wait for me, or go to the damn nurse!? I'm waiting Logan, why did you take off, why are you ignoring me, why -

He cuts her off with a kiss.

Logan: (tender, incredulous) You're not mad at me.

Veronica: (calming slightly) Actually I am. Hence the yelling.

Logan: But you're not mad 'cause I got in a fight.

Veronica: I'm sure I'll get to that later.

He touches her face gently.

Logan: I saw your face. You were crying. I thought you were mad, or worse… disappointed.

Veronica: I...I was watching you get hit Logan, what did you expect me to look like?

Logan: I don't...I didn't...I thought-

Her hand flutters uncertainly, then settles on his jaw, stroking his molted skin.

Veronica: (tender) What did we say about assuming things?


Glancing at the time, Veronica frowns. Logan puts the bag of peas back in his freezer and moves his jaw side to side gingerly, holding himself stiffly despite the pain pill he'd taken when first getting home. A tube of anti-bacterial ointment sits on the counter, nearly empty.

Veronica: Sit.

She carefully pushes him down onto the couch and he sits, his eyes wary but his mouth in a sullen pout. When she straddles his lap instead of sitting beside him he leans back his hands automatically going to her hips to hold her, making sure she is steady, safe, despite his stiff hands, knuckles swollen and skin broken.

She leans forward and kisses him briefly, careful of his split lip.

Veronica: You are not your father. You are nothing like him. Nothing. I love you. (She moves her mouth to his ear whispering it again.) I love you.

She nibbles on his earlobe, both because she wants to and because she know it will lower his guard some. She needs him to hear her, and on this topic he was stubbornly resistant.

VVO: Alicia said I couldn't be a hammer to work on Logan's issues, but the stand by your man approach is only going to get me so far with the stubborn jackass, so I'm going to switch it up. It's hammer time.

Veronica: I love you. I love you because you're you, and who you are... (shivering a little) Logan you could never be your father. (Her mouth twists with emotion, and her own discomfort in speaking the words.) You are so strong, so giving… you're love, Logan. (She smiles, but her expression is twisted with pain.) Love personified.

She stares at him, wanting him to really see her honesty in her eyes. He looks vulnerable, his eyes molten brown, so warm, and hopeful.

Veronica: He has no love in him. He's only filled with vanity and avarice and pride. I know you see similarities, the fights you've been in, the fact that you can, let's face it, be a total jackass. (rushing) But you're honest, and you're wonderful, and I love you and I know you love me. And sometimes I know I don't know as much about you as I should, as I want to, and that's OK, if you need it that way.

He looks down but she waits until he looks at her before continuing.

Veronica: Logan. Logan look at me. (He looks up hesitantly.) Maybe I don't know everything about you, but sometimes I think I know you better than you know yourself. (emphatic) I see you. (faltering) And I think we see different people when we're both looking at you.

Logan: (hoarse) You're the only one who really knows me.

Veronica: (worrying her lower lip and shaking her head slowly) I don't believe that Logan. You have a family, and maybe they don't know all the parts of you, but they know you. And they love you. And your friends. You have so many people who love you Logan, and they all see the same thing I do. This wonderful person, and no, you're not perfect, you make mistakes, but you love with all your heart and soul Logan. And that's pretty amazing. I admire that.

She leans in and rests her forehead on his, copying one of his moves.

Veronica: Stop thinking that one day I'll see the real you and leave. I see you Logan. I know who you really are. (injecting some lightness into her tone) You're not that big a mystery.

Logan wraps his arms around her and relaxes back into the couch, letting her warmth and presence seep into him.


At Java the Hut, Dick and Mac are deep into another tutoring session. But Dick's thoughts are not focused on his schoolwork, but rather on girls. Madison had apparently run down a girl in the street she'd been so angry about his dumping her. He treated Betina like crap but she kept calling, and he hadn't had to even try to be nice to her in the beginning. But Mac, the girl he actually liked, either couldn't or wouldn't see that he was totally into her.

Mac: So, do you think you've got it?

Dick: No.

Mac tilts her head and looks up at him.

Mac: Maybe I didn't explain it well.

Dick: No, I'm sure you did great. I just... I have some stuff on my mind.

Mac: Oh.

Dick: Are you ready for the event?

Mac: Yeah, though I didn't do much. You must have been busy, it's a lot of work, Kate has us all scrambling to get stuff done for hers.

Dick: (shrugging) I just hired people and told the hotel what I wanted.

Mac: Oh. Well. That is easier.

Dick considers Logan's advice. Maybe he should just kiss her. But Dick was pretty sure that the same tactics that had worked on Veronica wouldn't work on Mac. But maybe some of it would.

Dick smiles and gives Mac an intense look. She feels her palms begin to sweat.

Mac: (nervously) What time is it?

Dick: Probably time to go. I have to get to the event early, so we can leave straight from school. Bring your outfit. I've booked a suite at the hotel.

Mac: (startled) Oh... um. OK.

Dick: Great.

He stands up and Mac suddenly feels very small and unsure. Dick squeezes her shoulder and runs his fingers lightly over her blue stand of hair.

Dick: I'll even get a haircut in your honor.

Mac: (squeaky) O…K?

Dick: Thanks for being so great Mac, helping with the event, tutoring me. It means a lot.

Their eyes meet and Mac feels a weird melting sensation in her chest. Struggling to look normal, she smiles but Dick can see the panic in her eyes. He just hopes it's a good panic.


After cheerleading practice, Kate demands all the girls stay until they report back on their progress. Kate writes it all down, checking off donations and planning items on her list.

Kate: Good job everyone.

Peyton: (good natured complaining) God, you're a task master.

There are less friendly murmurs of agreement.

Kate: The faster you get this stuff donated, the quicker I'll stop bugging you.

As the other girls disperse, Britta hangs back with Meg and Kate to make sure everything was picked up and put away.

Kate: So Cheer Bitch- how's it going?

Britta: (smiling widely) OK. Surprisingly. Or not. With Madison off the squad everything is so... easy.

Meg: Yeah.

Kate: Seriously. Did she get arrested again this weekend?

Britta: Not that I know of, why?

Kate: Just something one of the guys said.

They continue to fold up the mats, dragging them back to the gym. Lucky rushes over to help.

Lucky/Tommy: Hi Meg.

Meg: Tommy.

Kate: Hey Lucky.

Lucky/Tommy: Kate. I can do this Meg, you don't have to.

Meg: Thanks.

Meg quickly gathers her stuff and waits impatiently for Kate and Britta, not wanting to be around Lucky any longer than she had to.

Kate: How's your sister, Meg?

Meg: Good. (happy smile) No problems with the new kidney, so that's good.

Britta: Yeah. All that was just crazy. You're living with your grandparents now?

Meg: Yeah. Grace is still supposed to go live with my aunt next year, but my grandparents will stay here until Lizzy graduates.

Kate: Any word from your parents?

Meg: No. Nothing. But they did send Grace a birthday card.

Britta: Do you know where they went?

Meg: (bleak) No, and I don't care as long as they stay gone.

Kate nods her head but Britta looks unsure. She'd met Meg's parents. They were weird, but they didn't seem like the types to give up easily or leave their children.


Logan's house. Veronica is nestled against Logan's side on the couch. She didn't want to leave Logan when he was clearly in full self doubt and loathing mode, but she also didn't want to sacrifice her time with Shi.

Veronica: Logan. I have to go pick up Shiloh.

He nods, but looks depressed.

Veronica: Logan. Stop it. Stop thinking the worst about yourself. Think about it logically. Weevil was pushing for a fight. He wasn't going to let you walk away. It doesn't say anything about you. Really think about it. Would I let you be around Shi if I didn't trust you?

Logan: But you...

Veronica: What?

VVO: Love you, trust you, know you? I'll take any of those responses.

He shrugs and Veronica takes a deep breath, releasing her disappointment. She stands up, looking down at him.

Veronica: I love you Logan, and I trust you. I trust you with my sister. She loves you and trusts you. Think about that while I'm gone.

Logan: You can't bring her back here.

Veronica: Why?

Logan: I don't want her to see me like this.

She forces her eyes to stay on his, not letting her gaze drift to his many bruises and contusions.

Veronica: Logan...

Logan: (desperate) Just give it a few days.

Veronica: Fine. But once I drop her off I'm coming back.

His mouth curves up, but it's not a real smile, and his cracked lip obviously hurts.

Logan: Is that a threat or a promise?

Veronica: (sweetly) Whichever makes you feel better.

Logan smiles then, a real smile and Veronica curls her hand around his jaw, her expression pinched with pain.

Veronica: (sad) I hate seeing you hurt.

Logan: I heal fast.

She swallows hard but nods. She lifts up on her toes and presses a gentle kiss to his mouth, careful not to hurt him.

Veronica: Should I bring back something for dinner?

Logan: No, Mrs. Navarro left some stuff in the fridge.

Veronica: OK.


Logan is sitting alone on his couch with another ice pack on his cheek when a knock sounds on his door. He makes no move to get up to answer it. The knocking continues.

Matt: (loudly, but muffled but the closed door) Logan? It's Matt, I just wanted to check on you.

Logan looks torn between ignoring the well meaning older man, or actually letting him in.

Matt: Logan? I know you're here.

Logan groans. Easing himself up off the couch, he stifles a moan as his ribs send a ripple of pain through him. He flings open the door, ignoring the crash as it hits the wall and bounces back towards Matt. Logan walks back into the kitchen pulling out his backpack and the bottle of pain pills Veronica had given to him. He dry swallows one as Matt steps hesitantly into the house.

Matt: What the hell happened to you?

Logan: (pithy) I was the victim of gang violence.

Matt looks concerned, annoyed with Logan's flip response and disbelieving.

Logan: I'm actually being serious man. The leader of our local gang decided to start in on me. Not really a fair fight, considering, but I did alright.

Matt: I'm sure you did.

Matt moves closer and Logan sits down on a bar stool and lets Matt examine him without complaint.

Logan: I'll take that prescription now.

Matt nods absently.

Matt: You can pick it up tomorrow. (pause) Have you considered moving?

Logan smirks, waving his hand towards the ocean outside his doors.

Logan: And leave all this?

Matt: (serious) Yeah.

Logan deflates.

Logan: This is my home. At least for nine more months.

Matt nods.

His duty done, Logan expects Matt to leave but the other man takes a seat next to him.

Matt: I'm sorry Logan. You don't deserve this.

Logan looks bleak.

Matt: If there is anything I can do...

Logan: Thanks man, that's... actually nice.

Matt: Where's Veronica?

Logan: With her sister.

Matt nods.

Logan: How's Orelia?

Matt: Good. Worried about you, but good. I doubt she mentioned it, but she... her father was not unlike yours.

Logan's gaze sharpens.

Matt: She wants to talk to you, let you know that you're not alone, (Logan snorts) but she doesn't want to push.

Logan: So you'll push for her?

Matt shrugs, but his lips curve up in a small smile. If anyone understood strong pushy women, Matt bet Logan did.

Matt: Have you ever talked to someone else who survived child abuse?

Logan looks alarmed, still not ready to let his secret out into the world.

Logan: (curt) No.

Matt looks at Logan and sees his defensive closed posture, and knows not to push any farther.

Matt: Think about it.

They end up playing video games on the couch and Logan is grateful for the company, knowing that if he was alone he'd just wallow. Logan knew his friends would be there in a minute if he asked, but he didn't want to be around them right now. But with Matt… somehow it didn't bother Logan. The man had a calming influence. That, and Logan never felt like Matt was judging him.

Matt kills off Logan's character and smiles triumphantly, before setting the controller down.

Matt: Can I get a glass of water?

Logan: Sure, man, help yourself.

Matt stands up and his gaze catches on Logan's laptop, open to a site with a paused video showing. The banner for X-17 is visible.

Matt: Is that you?

Logan: (unhappy) Yeah.

Matt: The fight you got into today?

Logan: Yeah.

Matt: Sorry about that, man.

Logan: Thanks.

Video from the fight with Weevil had already been leaked to X-17 by the time Logan got home. He really needed to figure out who was selling stuff on him to that site before more people started to do the same.

While Matt is up, another knock sounds on the door, and Matt looks at Logan in question, receiving only a shrug in response. Matt walks to the door with the cup of water in his hand. Opening the door is finds a tall dignified older woman standing there with a suitcase behind her.

Matt: Can I help you?

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: I... yes. Is this Logan's home?

Logan: (incredulous) Grandma?

Logan stands up from the couch looking at his maternal grandmother standing in his door with shock. Eleanor Lester's expression turns to horror as she takes in her grandson's injuries.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: Logan!? You said... That bastard!

Logan: What are you doing here?

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: (terse) Visiting.

Matt looks from the woman to the boy and could see the resemblance.

Logan: You could have called.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: I did. You didn't answer.

She steps inside and moves closer to Logan, her eyes, so like his, moving over him, cataloguing each injury. Logan squirms under her regard as Matt brings in her suitcase and closes the door.

Logan: I've been a bit busy.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: Yes. Lying to your family. You said your injuries were not bad!

Logan: (scuffing his toe on the floor like a small child caught telling a lie) They weren't.

Eleanor makes an effort to regain control of her emotions.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: Who is this gentleman?

Logan: He's my neighbor and a doctor. Feel free to grill him about my injuries.

She turns her stern gaze on Matt now, his casual clothes not impressing her, but she respected that he had completed the years of schooling necessary to become a doctor.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: Oh, hello. Eleanor Lester, Logan's grandmother.

She extends her hand to him and he accepts it, giving it a firm shake before releasing it.

Matt: Matt Gunther.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: Nice to meet you.

Matt: You too. Logan's injuries from his father were not to be taken lightly, but were not as extensive as you're seeing.

Grandma Hatchet blinks as she tries to process the information.

Logan: (complaining) Thanks man.

Matt: (shrugging) You said she could ask.

Logan looks annoyed.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: You got into another… altercation?

Logan: (resigned) Yes.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: Your father should be in jail, not out terrorizing you.

Logan: It wasn't dear old dad this time, just your standard gang banger posturing at school.

Eleanor looks alarmed but tightens her lips and ignores Logan's bait.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: Mr. Gunther, I believe there is a guest room upstairs. If you would be so kind as to carry my bag up, I would appreciate a moment with my grandson.

Matt: Of course, and you can call me Matt if you like.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: Thank you Matt and you may call me Eleanor.

Matt carries the suitcase upstairs, setting it on the bed in the guest room he knew Logan reserved for his mother, taking his time opening the curtains and window to air out the room.

Downstairs Logan suffers the scrutiny of his grandmother's shrewd gaze, but was surprised when her well lined face seemed to crumple a bit.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: May I give you a hug?

Logan: A hug?

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: I think I could use one right now.

Logan was unsure, but as his grandmother's thin arms wrapped around him he let himself release some of his tension.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: I'm so sorry Logan, so sorry you have to go through this.

She steps back from him and her expression is once more firm and unyielding.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: First things first, have you seen a doctor?

Logan: You met Matt.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: Fine. What is your father's status? I have never believed in using the courts as a way to solve my problems, but I believe a restraining order is called for.

Logan: His bail will probably be revoked.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: Probably does not give me any comfort. I will get my attorney working on the application tonight.

Logan: Grandma.

Matt returns back to the downstairs.

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: I won't stay long, since I know you value your independence.

Logan: That's not...

Eleanor Lester/Grandma Hatchet: And it appears you have friends to look after you.

Her mouth tightens as she recalls her conversation with Lynn. Lynn had insisted that Logan was fine and didn't need her. But Eleanor disagreed. How could they know that the boy was fine without seeing for themselves? Logan was a consummate liar, his word on the matter would not be enough to satisfy her.


Night, an industrial site.The bikers gather in the sultry darkness. Weevil stands still, his head ducked down as his boys, his friends, filter in.

Weevil accuses Thumper of selling drugs, and all the bikers are curiously nonplussed. Weevil continues to rant and it becomes clear that all the bikers have been making money selling drugs for the Fitzpatricks. Weevil can't believe that they would work for the people who made the Reaper, their old leader, disappear.

Thumper asks if Weevil has a problem working with enemies. Weevil emphatically says it is. Thumper: They why you been hanging out with Blondie even after she spread her skinny little legs for Echolls.

Weevil: She solved Marisol's murder. Marisol was one of us.

Bootsy: Oh, then it's all good man. Todo esta bien. Who cares if your little girlfriend helped those rich assholes get away with running Felix down.

Weevil: Forget about Veronica, you all thought it was a good idea to get involved with those crazy Micks?

Hector: You're questioning our loyalty? Where is yours, man?

Thumper: Yeah, those boys run down one of ours, your best friend, and you do what? Nada. A whole lot of nada.

Weevil: Oh, yeah? And today?

Thumper: Too little, too late man.

Sometime later. The bikers are angry and Thumper channels their anger to complete a coup d'etat. The bikers beat Weevil up and leave. Hector and Thumper remain behind.

Thumper tells Hector to drive Weevil's bike into the ocean and that Thumper will come and pick him up. Hector looks reluctant but takes off on Weevil's bike. Thumper faces Weevil as the latter tries to get up.

Weevil: You had this all planned.

Thumper: (proud) Yeah. And you never saw me coming.

Weevil groans.

Weevil: No, man. I also didn't think you were this stupid. Liam ain't your friend. He ain't no one's friend. Watch your back.

Thumper: Oh, I got this Weeves. I got this.

He picks up a piece of scrap metal and uses it like a bat, connecting with Weevil's head. Weevil falls unconscious to the ground.


Dick calls to check on Logan later, the two boys playing video games against each other over the internet. Logan is lying on his couch, Veronica and Grandma Hatchet talking at the kitchen table. Logan ignores the feminine murmur of their voices.

Dick: I better go man, Cass wants to talk to me about some bullshit. And don't think of pussing out on my event this week.

Logan: I told you I'd be there. (hesitates) Dude, uh… you should know. Enbom kissed Mac. This weekend.

Dick: He what? That fucker.

Logan holds up his hands.

Logan: He knows you like her.

Dick: Huh. He has been avoiding me.

Logan: And now you know why.

Dick: Do you think she still wants him?

Logan: I don't have ovaries or breasts so I'm not qualified to answer that question.

Dick: Be serious, dude.

Logan: I think she's confused.

Dick looks unhappy.


Logan's house. Veronica sits next to Logan, alone again, since his grandmother had just gone upstairs to bed.

Veronica:Hey I was talking to Mac earlier, and she asked me something. If we… wait, let me preface this question in the strongest disclaimer possible. (firmly) We are not breaking up. I do not want to break up.

Logan:(smirking)OK. What's the question?

Veronica:If we did, would you want us to be friends?

Logan considers it for a long time, then looking pensive he responds.

Logan:I don't know. I don't know that I could.

Veronica:(relieved) Me too! Yeah. I said maybe, until you started dating someone else.

Logan:Or you did.

Veronica:Oh please, you'd totally be hooking up first.

Logan:Hooking up maybe, but you'd be in a relationship first.

She screws up her face at him, standing up to check that the door was locked and the alarm was set, then she turns off the light.

Veronica:How do you get that?

Logan:'Cause you're it for me Veronica. No other girl could compare. I love you, I love to fuck you, you make me god damn crazy nearly every day.

Veronica:Sweet talker.

He meets her at the bottom of the stairs and kisses her lightly. They walk side by side up to his room.

Veronica:Every day?

Logan:Yeah, sometimes with lust.

Veronica:Or anger.

Logan:Yeah, or just this feeling.

Veronica:What feeling?

Logan:This feeling, like nothing else will ever be more right.



At Kate's house, she tosses and turns with a nightmare. She'd barely been sleeping and had taken a sleeping pill of her mother's and gone to bed early, hoping that the pill would knock her out and keep her too far under to dream. But to no avail.

In the dream, Kate retraces a familiar path, stumbling down a dirt path, the earth below her feet moist, the sound of… water nearby. The light of the moon, three-quarters full, lights her path. She is going towards something. But Kate, the 18 year old dreamer, wants nothing more than to turn back.

The tree is there, as she knew it would be, as it had been every night since the dream had become clear. It was gnarled, twisted, horrible, and somehow beautiful. As Kate continues towards her destination, she fights harder against the dream, trying to escape. As Kate got closer the figures became more clear. She stumbles and falls and as she stands up, her hands are covered in blood.

Woman: (anguished) Kate.

Kate wakes up screaming.

Kate: Mom!


Logan's bathroom. Veronica finishes washing her face and looks up to find Logan watching her in the mirror.

Logan: I'd still be your friend.

Veronica: What?

Logan: Earlier you asked...

Veronica: I remember.

Logan: I'd still be your friend. It would fucking suck, but I'd do it. I'd do anything to keep you in my life.

Veronica: (moved) Logan.

Logan: (ducking his head, speaking quickly) You don't have to change your answer.

Veronica: Good. (She moves closer to him, her hands resting on his chest.) I don't think... it would hurt too much. But maybe...after awhile. Maybe then.

Logan: It doesn't matter anyway.

Veronica: Why?

Logan: 'Cause I'm working on not being that stupid again.

Veronica: Good. 'Cause I don't want to lose you.

(Wednesday, October 12)


Neptune High School, before the first bell. At the flag pole, several students are gathered around to see Weevil, who is taped to it. Several students are gathered around.

Veronica hurries on towards the entrance to the school. Weevil is shirtless, and presumably naked, and duct-taped to it. There are bruises and cuts to his face as a clear sign of his beating. Weevil is humiliated and not happy. Veronica issues a bitter smile.

Veronica: Well, there you go.

She looks at Weevil dispassionately.

VVO: Here's life lesson number one: what goes around, comes around.


Sorry for the delay, been busy lately, and didn't want to write a few of these scenes. I know I've been teasing (and teasing) Kate's mystery, but it will come front and center in the next chapter.

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