Recap: School resumes with several new additions. Newly engaged Keith is running for Sheriff. Big Dick fled town just as Celeste makes her return. The anniversary of Lilly's death brings back bittersweet memories. Kate is having nightmares and Rams is trying to help, but she's trying to avoid it all by taking over Madison's fundraiser for poor schools. Madison continues her downward slide, and Logan sets her up to take another fall. LoVe are going strong, but ghosts of the past are never far behind, including Logan's previous hookups. Logan tells V about his round of Russian roulette with Weevil's gang putting Weevil and Veronica at odds. Weevil has a couple of encounters that have him questioning his own friends. Duncan continues his affair with Kendall despite being warned off by Weidman. Wallace likes Jackie, and thinks they have moved from dating to exclusive, but the friction between Jackie and V makes things difficult. Mac has a date from hell which sends the guys in her life into a tail spin. Dick keeps trying to ask Mac out, but she is still blind to his intentions, however Elmo finally clues in and figures out that he may have made a mistake. His actions send Mac back to her confused state over her feelings for him, especially now that she's finally beginning to clue into Dick's feelings for her. Aaron shows up at Logan's and their "conversation" ends in with the police being called. Weevil picks a fight with Logan to try to shore up his position in the gang, but it's too late. Grandma Lester shows up on Logan's door step, and Logan and V begin looking into who is sharing info on Logan with the press. Kate's dreams get worse, and lead to her getting hurt. Enbom confronts Dick about Mac.

I can't seem to write in present tense anymore, so I'm switching… bet you don't even notice.

Chapter 16: Friends and Lovers

(Thursday, October 13, cont.)

After the final bell, Emily is standing with Logan in the hall, Meg and Veronica visible a bit farther down. Logan talked to Emily quietly, then Emily darted down the hall after Carrie Bishop.

Emily: Hey Carrie, wait up.

Carrie: Oh, hey Emily.

Emily: I wanted to give you back your shirt. Thanks for the loan.

Carrie: No problem. Have you met Susan?

Carrie indicated her best friend Susan Knight, who was standing next to her.

Emily: No. How's it going?

Susan nodded, but didn't reply to the rhetorical question.

Carrie: No.

Emily: Really? Everyone is going to be there.

Carrie: Not everyone.

Carrie walked away abruptly and Susan turned to Emily.

Susan: Her family had a lot of money invested with Dick's dad.

Emily: Oh. Well, it doesn't seem like Carrie is hurting for money.

Susan looked startled.

Emily: Her shoes. They're vintage, and expensive.

Susan: Oh (laughing). She didn't buy them. Her mom saves everything! They've vintage, but she didn't buy them… actually her mom is going to have to sell some of her stuff to help restore their savings.


Veronica: So do you think you can talk to him?

Meg: I can try.

Veronica nodded solemnly.

Veronica: (arch look) I know it will be a sacrifice. But… it's time you take one for the team.

Meg giggles.

Meg: He's…

Her face said it all, Jason Nash was hot and every girl in school knew it, but that was about all anyone knew about him.

Veronica: Yeah. He is.

Meg: But he's…

Veronica: Difficult?

Meg: Yeah. He's my partner in our class, and I've barely gotten a word out of him.

Veronica: So, try some of your Meg Manning magic.

Meg: Magic?

Veronica: Whatever it is you do that makes the guys go gaga over you.

Meg: They do not.

Veronica: Um, yeah.

Meg sighed.

Meg: I'll try, but I can't promise anything.

Veronica: See if you can get an invite to his place. If you learn nothing else we'll have a starting place for a background check.

Meg: You can't get that on your own?

Veronica: (causally) No.

VVO: Which is suspicious in and of itself. No address in his school file, no transferred grades, nothing to go off of at all.

Veronica: But if you're not comfortable with going in alone, just let me know when and where and I'll be your backup.

Meg: Wait, does this make me Bond?

Veronica: The mission is yours if you choose to accept it, but your double oh status is yet to be determined.

Meg giggled and linked her arm with Veronica walking out towards the parking lot. Logan, Luke, and the Diddens fall in step behind the girls, maintaining their own conversation.

A pretty girl with long curly reddish hair approached timidly, a taller girl, very thin, with stick straight blond hair follows a few steps behind her.

Laura (Luke's sister): Hey Luke.

Luke: Laura, oh, hey I didn't forget.

Laura (Luke's sister): (smiling shyly) You did. But it's OK.

Luke was supposed to take Laura and her friend to the mall after school.

Hank stepped forward and took her hand with a charming, rakish grin on his face.

Hank Didden: Ah, who is this lovely creature?

Luke: Ignore him Laura.

Hank Didden: Laura. And your friend is?

Hannah Griffith: Hannah.

Hank Didden: Laura and Hanna. How have we not met?

Luke glares at Hank as the two freshman girls giggle and blush.

Luke: (utterly serious to Hank) Spleen or no spleen I will kill you, slowly if you touch my sister again.

Hank's grin only grew but he held up his hands in surrender.

Hank: Just being friendly.

Luke: (relaxing) Don't be.

Laura looked embarrassed.

Laura (Luke's sister): Luuuke!

Luke: Come on, let's go.

Laura looked down but glanced up at Logan, her heart in her eyes.

Laura (Luke's sister): Bye Logan.

Logan: (ducking his head with some discomfort) See you later, Laura.

Luke: (reproachful) Dude.

Logan gave his friend a dry look and Luke took a deep breath then released it nodding and relaxing. Exiting the school, Luke led his sister and her best friend to his car, glaring at every guy who even happened to glance in their direction.

Harry: Luke needs to loosen up.

Logan: She's his sister.

Harry: Yeah.

Meg: His baby sister.

Harry still looked like he didn't get it.

Veronica: Imagine how you felt about Hank when he was hurt this summer, now multiply that by…

Logan: A lot.

Veronica smiled up at Logan, both thinking about Shiloh. Harry shrugged it off, but Hank nodded.

Hank: But better that she date a guy he knows that some other dude, right?

Meg: I doubt Luke sees it that way.

Hank: She's a cutie, he's going to have to adjust his mind to the idea. (sending Veronica a brooding look) Not that he has to worry about me, I have my sights set elsewhere.

Logan scowled and Veronica looked unimpressed. Harry sighed at his brother's antics and pushed him farther down the hall and away from Logan's fists.


Madison exited the school alone, which is how she spent her days now too. Alone. Her friends had abandoned her as soon as she's run into a tiny bit of trouble, lost her spot on the cheer squad, her car and access to her parents money.

Walking to an open bench, Madison sat down and pulled out her phone, wasting time looking busy until the majority of the students clear out. She didn't want anyone to see her walking to the bus stop. As Jodi walked by with her sister Liz and Shelly, Madison sneered. Certain that her circumstances would turn around, Madison was already plotting how she would make them beg and suffer before forgiving them.

Fifteen minutes later, Madison stood up and sauntered towards the street. Walking the two blocks to the bus stop, Madison fumed and listed each person who had betrayed her. Liz. Shelly. Emma. Kate. Meg. The rest of the cheerleaders. Gia. Dick. That bitch he'd been fucking. Logan. Veronica. Mac. Her parents. Her poor parents. She'd get even with all of them. They'd beg for her forgiveness.

As Madison arrived at the bus stop she looked around impatiently for the bus, but it was nowhere to be seen.

Madison: Damn it. Can't anyone do their job!?

Elderly woman: Which bus are you waiting for, dearie?

Madison: (snooty) The one that goes into the hills.

Elderly woman: You just missed it.

Madison huffed with frustration.

A sheriff's cruiser pulled up and the window rolled down.

Deputy Sacks': Do you need a ride, miss?

Madison peered into the car and sees Deputy's Sacks' unsmiling countenance. Without a word she climbed into the passenger seat of the cruiser.


A few dozen 09ers gather at Dick's house, their expensive cars filling the wide circular driveway. A party bus was parked at the end of the drive, unable to enter past the sea of cars. The students load onto the bus, all smiles and happy anticipation of a good party. Logan and Veronica walked to the back of the bus passing Meg, who is sitting somewhere in the middle next to her friend Cristina.

Cristina: Are Kate and Rams coming?

Meg: Oh, they gave up their place on the bus… They're going, but Rams is driving Kate so they can leave if she gets tired.

Cristina: I hope she's OK…

Most of Logan's friends except for Rams and Dick who was already at the event, were occupying the seats at the back of the bus.

Malia: (friendly) Hey Veronica.

Veronica smiled in greeting then let out a squeak and an 'oof' as Logan took the last seat in the back and pulled Veronica down into his lap roughly.


Kate: Hey Rams, can you pull over in this shopping center?

Rams: Yeah, did you forget something?

Kate: No… I just want to look for something. Park by the book store.

Rams frowned, wondering what she's after, but did as instructed.

Kate shot him a bright smile, one completely at odds with the bruises from the car accident.

Kate: I'll just be a sec.

She jumped out of his truck, then froze as pain rippled through her body.

Rams: Kate? You OK?

Kate: Sorry, just forgot.

Rams looked worried but Kate shut the door and waled stiffly into the store.

Inside, she looked around until she located the children's section, then walked towards it. The children's section occupied one of the back corners of the store. Cheerfully decorated with bold primary color shelves and rugs, there are even a few toys lying around.

Kat wandered to a bookshelf, but found it full of instructional books on numbers and the alphabet, not what she was looking for. She moved on to story books and picked a few up, looking at them curiously then setting them down when they didn't reveal the rhyme she wanted.

After looking through the fifteenth book she'd picked up, Kate began to look frustrated.

Clerk: Can I help you?

Kate looked over her shoulder to see a store clerk.

Kate: Yeah, I'm trying to find a book.

Clerk: (cheerful) What's it called?

Kate: (slowly) I don't know.

Clerk: OK, what's it about?

Kate: (halting) I don't… sorry.

Clerk: (regretful) I'm not sure I can help you.

Kate: I know. I'm sorry. It's stuck in my mind. Just this one line. And a comb and a brush and a… And… something about a cow.

The clerk frowned, but a woman with a baby balanced on her hip interjected herself into the conversation.

Young mother: And a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush. And a quiet old lady who was whispering "hush."

Kate: (hopeful) Yes.

Young mother: Goodnight room. Goodnight room. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon.

Kate: Yes.

Young mother: Goodnight Moon. I must have that book memorized by now.

Kate's face fell and tears filled her eyes.

The clerk handed the book to Kate and walked away.

Young mother: (kindly) Did your mother read this book to you when you were a child?

Kate: I don't know.

Kate opened the book to see the familiar words, the pages somehow familiar too. The young mother looked sad for Kate, assuming her mother had died when she was young. She walked away leaving the pretty teen to her memories and the book that had brought her to tears.

Fifteen minutes later Kate exited the store, holding a small bag as she climbed back into Rams' truck.

Rams: You OK babe?

Kate: Yeah. Perfect.

Rams: What'd you get?

Kate: Nothing, just a book I needed.

Rams frowned, but doesn't question her anymore, knowing that she was already at her limit.

Back on the road, he glanced at her surreptitiously and sees the evidence of recent tears despite the fact that she'd reapplied her makeup in the store to hide the evidence from him.


A backstreet in the 90902 zip code. A sheriff's cruiser is parked. Inside the car two people twist and turn in the backseat, clearly in the throes of a passionate encounter.

Sacks took off Madison's shirt, fumbling with her bra then buried his face in her cleavage once he has them free. Madison cried out as his hands squeezed her breasts roughly, but it is a sound of joy not pain.

Fifteen minutes later, Sacks was sitting in the back seat his pants pulled up but still unbuttoned. Madison was sitting beside him, getting dressed.

Madison: So we're good?

Sacks: Oh yeah. We're good.


At the hotel Mac stood uncomfortably idle behind Dick as he ordered the hotel staff around, getting the last few things in place for the event. She frowned, still unsure of why she was there. It was clear to her that Dick didn't need help, he had a whole hotel at his disposal. The event was done simply, a huge movie screen in the front of the ballroom with a large open area in the middle of the room and tables around the edges. Several tables were marked as reserved, and Mac assumed they were for Dick's friends.

Mac was somewhat surprised by the lack of 'extras' no flowers on the tables, no ice sculptures anywhere to be seen. But there was a open bar – a dry bar as it turned out, and banquet tables set up for food in another room. The event was free and Dick hoped that it would be standing room only in the large ballroom that could seat 2000, but if people wanted to eat or drink they had to buy a ticket and the profits would go to the Invisible Children organization.

Beaver came in with some of his friends. The younger boy waved at Mac before heading to one of the tables.

Mac: Can I … do anything?

Dick: I…

Hotel event organizer: Mr. Casablancas, there is a problem with the menu.

Dick: (to Mac) Maybe you could double check that the video will play?

Mac: Yeah, I can do that.

Dick: OK, and Mac… thanks for being here.

Mac: Sure.

She watched him walk away before turning to check the AV set up.

Mac: (muttering to herself) Why am I here?

The ballroom was already half full when the party bus arrived. Rams and Kate had staked out one of the reserved tables. Logan took the seat next to Rams, wanting to keep a low profile that night. A few reporters had been invited to come, but the last thing Logan wanted was more media attention. He shook hands with Rams, and nodded at Kate, who looked the worst he'd ever seen her. Veronica looked at Kate, her questions written clearly on her face, but she just smiled at Kate before taking her seat. Logan grinned at her restraint.

Several of the other 09ers took up seats at their table and the ones around them, a few of them clearly intoxicated.

Rams: How was the party bus?

Logan: A party, man.

Rams: (laughing lightly) I'll bet.

Andrew and Hank Didden approached.

Andrew: Hey Kate, you OK?

Kate: Yeah, thanks Andy.

Andrew: Good.

Hank: You're too pretty to let anything happen to that face.

Andrew: Nice, Hank.

Hank grinned and looked over at Veronica.

Hank: Veronica Mars. Save me a dance later?

Veronica: (deadpan)No.

Andrew: It's not that kind of a party, dude.

Hank: (still looking at Veronica)Like that would stop me… if she said yes.

Logan: (tense)She said no.

Hank shrugged, clearly unrepentant.

Mac walked up to their table looking a little tense herself. Veronica pulled her sweater off the chair next to her, opening up the space. Mac smiled gratefully and sat down.

Logan: Where's Dick?

Mac: Around here… somewhere.

Kate: The event looks nice.

Mac: Yeah.

Dick's voice over the microphone announced that the movie would begin in 10 minutes and the food would be served afterwards.

Veronica looked over at Logan, letting her eyes drift down his body. He still has significant bruising on his face and more on his body that wasn't visible under his clothes, but she knew it was there. The swelling had all gone down, but the bruises were still healing in various shades of yellow, green, blue, pink and purple. Despite that, he looked good. Elegantly occupying the place between classy and casual, he was dressed in dark jeans, a double zipper black sweatshirt with white button up shirt and skinny tie under it with flip flops.

Veronica felt a pulse of arousal as her gaze glazed over a little and she digressed from looking him over to checking him out and appreciating his physique. Logan caught her gaze and slowly dropped his eyes down her body, returning her flattering look. She was dressed in black and white as well, a white tank top, overlaid with a stretchy lace, and a paperbag waist black skirt that ended at her knees. She'd completed her outfit with a small black clutch purse, red shoes and a black cardigan.

She smiled at him slowly, feeling the steady pulse of her blood in her veins, wondering when she'd turned into someone who missed sex after just four days without it. Logan smiled back and squeezed her hand, but his look was quizzical. Veronica's smile widened when she realized he had no idea what she was thinking.

Clearly repressing laughter, she turned her head.

Logan: (under his breath) What?

Veronica: Nothing.

Logan: Right. What did we say about no lying? Oh yeah, no lying.

Veronica: OK. It's something.

Logan: (dryly) Thanks. That's informative.

Veronica: And truthful.

Frustration simmered in his eyes and her lips twitched again.

Veronica: Later.

Logan: beginning to hate that word.

Veronica: Maybe I can change your mind…

Logan: Later.

Veronica: (smiling with an enigmatic female look) Yep. (turning to Mac) Is Meg here, I was hoping to observe her and Richie.

Malia: I think you mean see.

Logan: No.

Mac: She means observe.

Malia looked puzzled, but everyone else just laughed.

Kate caught Veronica's eye and pointed to the back of the room where Meg was standing with Richie and his friends, looking bored.


Later, after watching the 35 minute short cut of the film about Ugandan children who walked miles every night to find a safe place to sleep – and therefore avoid abduction and being forced to be a child soldier in the LRA – Logan went upstairs to a hotel room with a few of his male friends. Veronica had opted to stay downstairs to keep an eye on Meg and Mac.

Logan's phone rang and he saw his mother's name on the screen.

Logan: Hey, I'll catch up with you in a minute.

The guys moved on, entering a room next to the one Dick had reserved and that Mac had used to get changed into her event outfit (black skirt, blue and black striped V-neck sweater and black shoes).

Logan talked to Lynn for a few minutes, confirming that she and her sister Sarah would arrive that Sunday for a visit. Logan was happy at the prospect of seeing his mother, but his grandmother had just left, he was still all bruised up, and he missed having Veronica to himself. He was just finishing up the call, when he looked up, drawn by the sound of a door opening and closing farther down the hall.

Kendall: (sexy female voice) And Duncan, thanks for… everything.

Duncan: Yeah. You too.

Logan looked stunned as Duncan Kane exits the room, clearly pulling his clothes back into place. The door closed and Duncan turned to see Logan, then froze.

Logan: (smirking) Hey Duncan. Fancy seeing you here.

Duncan: Uh… hey Logan. I'm…

Logan: (overly helpful) Here for the event?

Duncan: Yeah.

Logan: It's downstairs, but I can see where you might get confused.

Duncan: Yeah.

Logan: I guess I'll see you down there.

Duncan: Sure.

Duncan turned to walk away and Logan shook his head. All those years of being friends and Duncan had never strayed from his nice guy path. At least not until after he'd broken up with Veronica. Then his old friend had gone off the deep end into crazytown.

Undeniably curious, Logan walks down the hall and knocks on the door Duncan had come out of. Logan was pretty sure of who would answer the door, but he knocked anyway, not at all surprised when Kendall opened the door with her body barely covered by a scrap of silk and lace.

Logan: (faking surprise) Mrs. Casablancas! You must be here for the young kids.

Kendall: What?

Logan: The kids. You know. Downstairs. (She looks blank.) Uganda. The kids have a really hard time finding a safe place to lie down. All kinds of dangers. Guys with big guns. And the kids! So young.

Kendall: Cut the crap kid. So you saw your pal. So what?

Logan: So you're a dirty whore. But that's not news, is it?

Kendall: You had your chance kid. You wanted to stay with your little virgin who maybe, maybe gives you a blowjob twice a year? That's your loss.

Logan: For shame, Mrs. C. For shame. Poor Duncan. But I guess that's the point isn't it? Duncan is anything but poor. Unless we're talking performance…

She shut the door in his face and Logan's fake glee faded from his face. Veronica had told him about Duncan's affair, but it was still hard to believe.


The event when will with the rich kids donating to the cause, and the kids with lesser disposable incomes signing the pledge and promising to help spread the word. Throughout the night Meg smiled and stayed mostly with Richie and his friends, but Veronica could see some strain between them.

Mac also drew Veronica's gaze more than once that night, as Veronica realized just how entrenched her friend was in friendships with both Casablancas boys. Mac spent a good half hour talking to Beaver and his friends, and Dick kept Mac at his side for most of the rest of the night.

Veronica was pretty sure that Mac knew the Dick liked her, she just didn't know how her friend felt about it. Veronica was equally sure that Mac had no idea that Beaver had just as big a crush on her as his older brother did, but to Veronica it was obvious.

By 10:30pm, Logan was ready to go and once he told a few people the 09ers quickly agreed to head home, following their leader onto the bus. Veronica looked over each person with some scorn. Some might have followed Logan because they were friends and he'd had a rough few weeks, but the rest were just sheep.

VVO: Baah.

Veronica settled in, leaning against Logan, but looking out the window and not talking to anyone. She felt his lips brush her forehead and leaned into the touch, turning her head to look into his soft brown eyes.

Logan: Hey.

Veronica: Hey yourself.

Logan: Have a good time?

Veronica: It's a good cause.

Logan smiled, accepting her evasion.

Logan: We're still on for Saturday, right?

Veronica: Yep. Can't get rid of me that easily.

Logan: When have I ever wanted to get rid of you?

She smiled slowly.

Veronica: I could think of a few times.

Veronica shifted closer to him, pressing into his warmth, and took a deep breath, letting his scent fill her nose.

Logan: Not recently.

Veronica: No, not recently.

Several feet in front of them some of the 09ers were dancing in their seats and the aisle, being loud, and generally not paying attention to anything around them.

Logan shifted and slipped his sweatshirt off, placing it over Veronica to keep her warm. At least that's what she thought until she felt him tug her shirt up, his large warm hand settling over her taunt stomach.

Veronica: What are you doing?

Logan: Nothing.

Veronica: Liar.

Logan: I thought that we had added a special addendum for "nothing."

His hand continued on its path, cupping her breast through the soft lace of her bra.

Veronica: (smirking) No.

He slowly caressed her, massaging the tender flesh lightly, then tracing her nipple with his fingertips.

Logan: I could have sworn. What with all the 'nothings' you've been giving me lately.

She arched one eyebrow, already knowing that Logan knew she was up to something. She just hoped he didn't know it was a surprise party for his birthday, or that it was going to be a two part celebration.

Veronica: If you'd like to renegotiate…

She broke off as he rolled her nipple between his fingers, causing her to draw in a sharp breath.

Logan: I would. And I know exactly what I would like.

His other hand slid up her thigh, his fingers raising a trail of goose bumps on her leg.

Veronica: (cautioning) Logan.

Logan: Actually, we never really settled on a punishment for you for when you broke the rules.

She gave him a dry look, but didn't protest as his hand traced back up her leg, venturing high enough to run his fingers across her panties. She knew that one of his fantasies involved being in public, and she trusted him not to embarrass her, so she let go of her instinctive fear and let him touch her.

Her muscles jumped under his touch, not able to completely let go of her tension. Logan dipped his head down and kissed her lightly. Veronica stared into his eyes as he drew back just a few inches, taking and releasing a deep breath she framed his face with her hands, drawing him back for another kiss, as she relaxed her legs, letting them spread open, allowing him free access to her most sensitive flesh.

He cupped her through her panties his other hand still stroking her breast under her shirt. He pressed a kiss to her ear.

Logan: You're wet already.

Veronica's stomach tensed and she was stunned by how much her body craved him, his touch igniting all her repressed need. His injuries had meant that they hadn't had sex since the previous weekend, and Veronica knew she was not going to be able to summon the will needed to keep him in check, so she had to put her trust in him to keep their activities on the down low.

His fingers increased their pressure, pressing further into her slit, finding and teasing her clit. She shuddered and Logan grinned in male pride, adding more pressure and watching as her mouth fell open. He sealed his lips over hers, muffling her moan of pleasure.

Breaking the kiss he slipped his hand out of her shirt, shifting her in his lap so her legs were over his, he slid both hands up her legs, tugging her panties down. Veronica helped raise her legs to facilitate his efforts, wanting nothing more than to be alone with him so she could really feel him.

Logan had a look of wonder on his face as he realized that she hadn't protested once, hadn't exerted any promises from him about not going too far, or to make sure they didn't get caught.

Logan: I love you.

Veronica: I know. I love you too.

He smiled as his hand cupped her groin again, feeling the pulsing of her arousal. Circling her clit with two fingers his other hand cupped her, as yet, neglected breast, squeezing it and rubbing his thumb across her already hardened nipple.

Veronica was trying to control her breathing as she felt a familiar, welcome, pressure building low in her belly. She bit her lip, trying to remain silent as he circled her entrance then slipped two fingers into her wet heat.

He moved his fingers in and out at a steady, sedate rhythm, and she rocked her hips up into his hand's movement, wanting more.

Veronica: (whispering) Logan… please.

Logan: Shh. I know, I got you.

She smiled brokenly, too far gone to hide any of her emotions now.

Veronica: You better.

Logan: Always.

His thumb pressed against her clit, circling and stroking with increasing pressure as his hand moved faster. Veronica tugged his head down to hers, their mouths melding as she balanced precariously on the precipice of her orgasm. Her fingers curled into his skin, one of her hands wrapped around his neck, the other clutching at his shoulder desperately.

Pressing into the spongy spot just below her pelvic bone, Logan held her mouth tightly to his, smothering her cries of pleasure as she tumbled headlong into her climax.


A few minutes later, Veronica was still slumped in her seat in a pleasant state of catatonia, Logan's hands now wrapped around her waist, a much more respectable positioning than minutes previously. The party bus rolled to a stop at the end of the Casablancas driveway and the rowdy 09ers disembarked quickly, calling out plans for where to go now, their voices carrying cleanly across the cold night air.

Luke: … the diner?

Harry: Of course.

Karen: See you there in a few.

Britta: Later.

Logan wrapped his sweatshirt around Veronica's shoulders more securely, seeing that his Xterra was parked in by the mass of other cars. Slowly the cars began to leave, but some people were still talking and others were bad drivers, so the whole affair would take awhile.

Logan glanced into the garage and saw the car Kendall drove, a smirk filling his face.

Logan: Let's wait inside.

Veronica looked at him in question as he took her hand and led her to the front door, barely knocking before pushing the door open.

Logan: Hello?

Kendall: Do you knock?

Logan: (cheeky) Since when are you shy?

Kendall: (annoyed) It's called privacy.

Logan just laughed and Kendall mashed her lips together and flounced into the living room.

Kendall: You can wait for Junior somewhere else.

Logan: Oh goodie.

Logan tugged on Veronica's hand, leading her down the hall and into Big Dick's study, shutting the door behind them.

Veronica: You …

She shook her head, but was smiling as she said it.

Logan: Have the best ideas? I know.

Veronica laughed but wrapped her arms around him, raising her mouth to meet his in a deep kiss.

When Logan broke the kiss he looked down at her playfully.

Logan: So, your pick. The desk or the door?

Veronica: (faking serious consideration) Choices, choices.

She looked from the desk to the door, stroking her fingers over her chin thoughtfully.

Veronica: Both bring back good memories.

- flashback

The previous February, Logan and Veronica were making out in the Casablancas' den. Veronica was sitting on a large cherry wood desk with Logan standing between her legs. Her jacket lay on the desk behind her and Logan's hands were under her shirt.

When his hand dropped to her crotch she tried to close her legs but his body blocked the movement. They hadn't had sex yet, but Logan had made her come several times, and she wasn't sure she wanted to do that with people nearby.

Veronica: Logan, we can't, there are people out there.

His hand slid over her, brushing against her.

Logan: I don't care.

He kissed her again hungrily.

Veronica: Logan...

She gasped as he circled her throbbing clit with his thumb, then slid his hand more fully over her sex. He started rubbing the sensitive nub with two fingers and she spread her legs farther apart pressing herself against his hand.

Logan: Do you want me to stop?

She moaned as he pinched down lightly on her clit.

Veronica: You don't play fair.

His hand never stopped its torture.

Logan: Do you want me to stop?

Veronica: (begging) Don't stop.

- end flashback

His eyes darkened.

Logan: Not all good.

Her smile fades remembering when they had barely been talking after Veronica had discovered the tapes of Aaron having sex with Lilly.

Logan: I was so afraid I had lost you.


The previous spring, the camera panned back to reveal Veronica in a very short black skirt, boots, and a bright blue silky tank top and dipped very low in the front.

Arriving at the party Veronica, Veronica and Logan's eyes met for a moment and he looked surprised to see her there. Then his eyes dropped and his jaw tensed up as he takes in her outfit. Veronica maintained her stare at him and when his eyes met hers again she quirked one eyebrow at him. He ground his teeth together but didn't approach her.

- end flashback


Veronica stormed back into the main living room where the party was going full force, 09er girls scattering out of her path. She searched the room and found Logan on the dance floor with two girls freaking him on either side. She glared at him.

Dick notices her entrance and alerts Logan.

Dick: (to Logan) Danger Will Robinson.

Logan's startled eyes meet her angry gaze and she turns and storms out of the party. There are several people in the front of the house, talking and drinking, including Rams and Kate Rakes.

Veronica marches out into the driveway ready to leave, then remembers she came with Mac and Enbom. She stomps her feet and turns to go back into the party but sees Logan's Xterra and stops short. Seething with anger she moves closer to his precious yellow banana mobile.

Veronica: (yelling and kicking the front tire) Mother fucker!

Several people turn to look, and more spill out of the house to follow the unfolding drama. Logan and Dick step through the door and move to the front of the crowd. Veronica sees Logan and waits for him to say or do anything, but he doesn't.

Veronica Voiceover: Of course not, that would involve actually talking to me.

Her anger grows and she pulls her small jack knife out of her messenger bag and slams it into his tire. Her rage grows when the satisfying sound of the air escaping his tire still fails to get any response from Logan. The crowd however is enjoying the show and voices their approval and amusement.

Veronica moves around the vehicle popping each tire as she goes. Logan watches impassively, his blank mask firmly in place. As she pops the last tire with a vicious stab she looks back up at him.

Veronica: Oh, and since you're already drunk, to be clear, this (indicates his ruined tires) is me breaking up with you, you asshole.

Logan's face is frozen but he raises the bottle clutched in his hand to her in a silent salute before turning to go back into the party. Dick looks at Veronica with confusion then follows Logan back inside.

-end flashback

She brushed her hand up his arm before beginning the slow process of unbuttoning his shirt, banishing the bad memories from her mind, and intent on making him forget too.

Veronica: (lightly teasing) Before I proved just how weak willed I can be when it comes to you.

His eye brows drew together in a frown.

Logan: Were you trying to provoke me?

Veronica: You know I was.

- flashback

Veronica was walking through a dimly lit hallway when Logan came up behind her and pushed her through the door to the den. Closing and locking the door behind him he turned to regard her.

Logan: (cocky) So I heard you're single now.

Veronica: It appears so. My boyfriend is a real asshole. I'm better off.

He stared at her for a long moment, then she rolled her eyes and tried to move past him to the door. He stopped her and with both hands on her hips stepped up behind her kissing her neck. The smell of whisky wafted over her face from his breath.

Veronica: (wavering) What are you doing?

Logan: (deep voiced) You owe me.

Her face showed her relief that he stopped her from leaving, but she kept her tone of voice annoyed.

Veronica: (slightly angry breathless tone) I owe you? (turns to face him, tilting her head to grant him easier access to her neck) How do you figure?

Logan: You massacred my tires. You owe me.

His hands traced over her breasts and down her body to her skirt. Capturing her mouth in a deep kiss Logan pressed his weight into her, squeezing her between him and the door. Pulling her skirt up, he exposed her panties. Pushing his fingers under the fabric he worked her quickly with his fingers. When she was moving against him urgently, her soft pants and pleas filling his ears, he pushed his pants down and slid her underwear off before lifting her up his body. Her legs wrapped around him as he thrust into her. They mated furiously, their hips gyrating against each other as their mouths warred for dominance in a kiss. Logan came first, with Veronica following closely after.

Setting her back on her feet Logan kissed her a few more times. She pushed her skirt back down to cover herself, searching the floor for her panties.

Veronica: (archly) Consider my debt paid.

Logan: (fastening his pants, smirking) Uh, no. Sorry Sugarpuss. That was just one. You popped all four of my tires.

She shook him off and reached the door. Her hand was turning the lock when she felt him behind her. One of his arms encircled her waist while the other pulled her hand away from the door. He lifted her hand up placing it behind his neck, forcing her back to arch and her butt to press into his erection. She left her hand there, cupping her fingers around his neck as one of his hands closed over her breast and the other slipped beneath her panties again.

-end flashback

Her hands make quick work of his pant's closure, backing away from him to the desk, knowing that he was still sore from his fights with his father and Weevil. She'd only made if a few steps when his fingers closed tightly around her wrist. Her eyes shot up to his, her teasing look fading.

Logan: Why were you trying to provoke me?

Veronica: I wanted… I needed to get your attention, to get you to talk to me. I thought… (she frowned, clearly unhappy with memories of that dark period) I thought that if we had sex, we would reconnect.

Logan: I thought…

Logan had thought she just wanted him for the physical release he could offer her.

Veronica: I know. I know what you thought now… Then…

Logan: I'm sorry.

Veronica: I know. I am too.

Veronica: It's OK Logan. I hurt you, you hurt me, we hurt each other. But hopefully we learned from it.

Logan: Look at you, finding the silver lining.

Veronica: Well, it was a big fucking cloud of doom.

Logan grinned and kissed her quickly, pulling her shirt up and off, then reaching for her skirt.

Once he had her naked he lifted her up so she was sitting on the desk and Veronica pulled him closer so he was standing in the V of her open legs. He looked down at her.

Logan: You're so beautiful.

Veronica: I love you.

Her words floated over the air between them as he slid into her welcoming body.


Kate decided to sleep at Rams' house that night, hoping that the change of scenery would help keep the dream at bay.

It didn't. The dream ran on a loop in her mind the whole night, but safe in Rams' arms, Kate tried to look around, paying more conscious attention to any detail she could pick up, determined to remember and figure out what the hell the dream meant.

Rams slept lightly, holding Kate to his chest, ready to wake her the second he heard her whimper.


Logan drove Veronica back to his house, hoping that she would hang out for awhile longer despite the fact that it was almost midnight. Logan had missed her the previous few days, between his injuries, his grandmother visiting, and trying to figure out who was talking to the press about him, they'd been busy. And with his mother and aunt coming on Sunday it wasn't likely to get better for a few more days at least.

Pulling the Xterra into the garage next to the Audi, Logan looked over at Veronica to find her fast asleep. He smiled, taking a moment to inspect her sleep relaxed face. She looked so young and peaceful, two things Logan rarely felt anymore.

He lifted her out easily, cradling her in his arms and moving slowly up the stairs to his room, not wanting to wake her. Halfway up the stairs she murmured his name questioningly and opened her eyes for a split second, then settled back to sleep.

Setting her down on his bed, he moved around his bedroom and bathroom, getting undressed, washing his teeth and hands. Still she slept. Deciding not to wake her, Logan made a quick call to Keith, using the bypass veronica had told him about to go straight to her father's voicemail. Logan knew Keith knew where Veronica was, but still he didn't want any more black marks on his record.

Slowly Logan began to undress Veronica, slipping off her shoes, shirt and skirt, then deciding to take off her bra too, since she was already sans panties from their previous activities. Taking a moment to appreciate her slender beauty, he felt his body react but quickly talked himself down.

Sliding her under the covers, Logan shut off the light and climbed into bed beside her, content to look at her in the pale moonlight for a few minutes.

Veronica had proved her trust for him that night. First on the bus, letting him touch her in a semi public setting, but somehow her trust was sealed in his mind by the fact that she had not woken up while he was moving her or undressing her. Logan knew she was usually a light sleeper and if she'd slept through that, with him, she must really trust him.

Logan lay on his back in the bed, his arms folded behind his head and smiled.


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