He loved her, and why wouldn't she love him back?

He had a business that would be passed down to him. He lived in town along with the others who stood a chance in life. He had everything going for him.

He was handsome. He was funny and smart. He was kind, and he loved her.

But she didn't love him back. She wanted the coal miner. She wanted the one who she knew would make her truly happy, even if he didn't have a penny to his name. She wanted the one who, when he sang, everything went quiet. She wanted the boy from the Seam.

And the boy from the Seam wanted her.

So the Everdeen girl ran off with the coal miner.

He loved her, but she would never love him back.

When had the Everdeens ever loved the men in his family? Sure, he was kind, and he would do anything for her. But she didn't know it. She didn't know him; to her, he was just another boy from town.

He was kind and had his way with words. Much like his father, he was in love. But he expected her to do just what her mother had - run off with the coal miner.

But together, they were reaped. They went into the games and won. They went through Hell, but it was side-by-side. And before anyone knew it, before she knew it herself, she fell for him.

But there was still that coal miner. The one who was left behind. The one who she was suppose to choose, just like her mother had.

But she didn't choose him.

And for once, the Everdeen girl didn't run off with the coal miner.

I'm not entirely sure what the heck this is. It's two in the morning and this idea popped into my head. Well, I couldn't get to sleep until I wrote it down. Lucky you for getting to read my ramblings early in the morning. I still probably won't be able to go to bed.