Emergency! The original PPC has disappeared, as I so rudely found out this morning when I decided to re-read the last chapter. Not only that, but the author "HarpWire" is (according to ff.net) "no longer an active member of fanfiction.net". I don't know why they did this, as the PPC is not an MST, which they don't allow, and by no stretch of the imagination is it an actor fic. Now us spin-offers and fans alike must keep watch…maybe tomorrow this one will be gone, or another spin-off. I emailed Acacia this morning, asking if she knew what was going on, but no reply yet. We may just have to set up our own little website for PPC. Have a Head Quarters page.

The other possibility is that the Sunflower Official has decided to fire two of his best assassins and recruiting agents, and I don't think even a flower would do that.

I'm not quite sure what I'm trying to say in this, and I'm not sure what we can do, I think I just want to connect with all the other fans of the PPC out there. If anyone has any suggestions, suggest away!

[EDIT] sorry, just realized that I should remind all spin-offers that they may take down your stories and/or immobilize your account like what we think happened to Jay and Acacia. We have to remember that it isn't 100% certain ff.net did it. It is only 99% certain. And the main point of this extra note was to remind everyone to make sure they have their stories saved somewhere else other than here. Not just PPC stuff, if they take away your account, I'm assuming all your other stories go too.