News Briefs from our chiefs

Here is the reply I got from Acacia (I would have posted it earlier, but I was busy getting sunburnt). What I wrote in my email is written like this.

-----start of brief-----

Has taken the PPC off? Or did you take it off and disconnect the username 'HarpWire' as well?

FF.N did it. Eeeeeeevil..

If has taken it off, what was it violating? It wasn't an MST, or an actor fic.... weird.

I don't think it violated anything; probably the sheer volume of Suvian complaints triggered it.

I guess that means that the spin-offs are next....

All spinoff authors would be well-advised to back up their fic, in case they're deleted as well; spread the word.

It's a nasty blow, but the PPC has not been daunted; the Philosopher at Large kindly agreed to host us at so be grateful to her and let everyone you know know where we are now.

-------end of brief-------

So right now I am being very grateful to PaL * grovels in Pal's general direction * and I'm posting this up for all to see, at least before this fic gets taken down.

PS: just checked my own reviews, and thanks to everyone who has suggested stuff, and posted things which I have just repeated in this 'chapter'. * goes into Winston Churchill mode * "We shall fight them on the beaches (of the Anduin), we shall fight them at the Council. We shall fight them in Lothlorien, but we shall never surrender (to or the Sues!)"

My deepest apologies to Winston Churchill for the last part of my post.