Author's Note- This is just a random little one shot... ;3 Told in little thinga mabobs... Hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer- I own nothing but the idea.

So out of place.

Yuiko's POV

Big hands. Big feet. That made Leo out of place.

The way he talked made him out of place. For example, he constantly speaks in third person. This makes him out of place.

His beast also made him out of place.

His eyes, which so scared everyone, made him very out of place amongst our classmates.

The way he acts around me, like a little child, makes him out of place in his eighteen year old body.

His voice, so soft and gentle, makes him out of place in the assumptions everyone first made.

His way with animals makes him out of place.

His abilities make him out of place.

His love makes him out of place.

His love for me makes him out of place.

And I was okay with all of it.

Everything that makes him out of place made him Leo.

Makes him my Leo.

He slowly enters the room, as if unsure. I smile at pat the seat next to me. I watch his big feet and his big hands. Once he sits, I wrap one of my small hands around his large hand.

"Yuiko looks happy!" He says softly, as he hugs my from behind.

He attacked ferociosly as soon as blood spilled. I calmed him down, getting myself hurt in the process.

His eyes were unsure, child-like. I close my own eyes and hug him tightly.

"What's ice cream?" He asks eagerly, as he glomps me. I smile like a mother, and give him a taste of the cone.

He got the little kitten to crawl into his lap, and when he brought me closer to him, the little baby transferred itself from his lap to mine, curling up cutely.

He leaps from the fourth story to the roof, just for the simple reason of hearing my voice.

He watches with love.

He watches me with love.

"I love you Leo," I whisper softly, as I hug him to me. He falls asleep, and I fall even more in love.