Warning: This was written at 4 in the morning.

It was Christmas night, Finland had visited every house in the world except for one. He was saving this particular house for last.

Finland sneaked in through the chimney with Hanatamago on his shoulder. The house was dimly lit with lights from the Christmas beside the couch in the corner. There were milk and cookies on the coffee table.

Finland smiled when he saw the tall, blonde, owner of the house fast asleep on the couch. Sweden still had his glasses on, and was sitting up. He must have been waiting for Santa to come all night.

Finland made a mental note that Sweden didn't look scary in his sleep. In fact, the nation almost looked peaceful...

Finland walked over to Sweden and removed the glasses. He even got Sweden a blanket.

Then he noticed a letter to Santa on the table. Since Finland was Santa, he went over to read it.

'Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for Finland to be happy. -Sweden'

Finland blushed and looked at Sweden. The man was still sleeping.

So, Santa gave Sweden his present. His wife sleeping at his side and a note from Santa.

'Merry Christmas, Su-san. -Santa'

First attempt at Hetalia fluff.

Merry Christmas!