Blaine doesn't notice at first when Kurt falls asleep in the middle of their cram session for the big econ final. He figures that it must have been a while ago because when Kurt's head falls sideways onto Blaine's shoulder, the sleeping boy doesn't even stir. Blaine rolls his eyes and flips the textbook balanced across their laps shut. He pulls out his cell and exchanges a few texts with Wes that they're both going to be late for movie night (no it doesn't mean that I finally asked him out and no we are not having an intense make-out session in the senior commons and NO YOU CANNOT WATCH, YOU PERVERT! I THOUGHT YOU WERE STRAIGHT) before shifting slightly so Kurt's neck is not at such a hideous angle.

Blaine supposes he could re-open the text book to pretend that he was still working instead of soaking in the feeling of Kurt pressed into his side. Instead he carefully moves his arm around Kurt's shoulders and tugs him even closer. Blaine presses his nose into Kurt's hair, because he can't help himself, and takes in the faint smell of pomegranates that he has come to recognize from the ever more frequent hugs he can manage from the still skittish boy. So what if he misses a few extra questions on the test? Who would honestly choose studying over this? Blaine smiles to himself, knowing that nobody else gets the opportunity to have to make that decision. He leans his head back against the couch and closes his eyes.