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Four years later.

Deidara opened the door to his apartment. He didn't bother unlocking it. That was unnecessary as it was passed four o clock. A cat let out a delighted meow and came trotting over to Deidara. The cat looked up at Deidara with bright green eyes. Kazoku had long lost her baby blue eyes. Deidara loved the intense green of her eyes though. Her fur was longest around her neck and tail. Deidara picked her up, holding her upside down and carried the cat further into the apartment. Deidara could detect faint talking from somewhere deeper in the apartment. Deidara put Kazoku down on the dining table with a sardonic grin. Deidara knew full well that Kazoku wasn't meant to be on the table.

The apartment, obviously hadn't shrunk in size but the vast space no longer felt empty. The combined lounge and dining room was full of various things. There was still the plasma mounted on the wall with piles of dvds and other entertainment objects. There were two arm chairs added, in the same deep red as the couch. A large plush dark grey rug had been placed down. The couch sitting on the very corner of the rug. A rich wooden dining table, made by the late Ebizou was in the dining room section with four chairs around it. A pool table with blue felt was taking up the space behind the couch. Deidara's eyes caught the now framed art work that he had so long ago drawn for Sasori. It was a family portrait but rather than drawing them all smiling, side by side. Deidara had taken what he had seen of their personalities and put it onto paper. Sasori was looking slightly to the right, his lips only just twitched upwards. It was hard to tell whether it was a small smile or a smirk. Gaara was staring straight ahead. Impassive with a hint of annoyance. Chiyo and Ebizou were drawn above Sasori and Gaara. The old couple were looking at each other. Chiyo giving Ebizou a warning and suspicious glare. Ebizou had mischief playing in his eyes and a grin.

It was hard to say whether this drawing was responsible for Deidara's current life. After all, it was only after Deidara had given Sasori that drawing, that the man had come back and very near kissed the life out of Deidara. A crash ripped Deidara's eyes away from the drawing.

"Are you breaking my shit un?" Deidara yelled out to a closed door. He couldn't help but smile as he heard soft cursing and rustling. Almost like the culprit was trying to cover up the crash. Only moments later the door opened.

"It was Sasuke's fault." Gaara said quickly. Leaving the room with a broken glass.

"Oh fuck off," Sasuke huffed, following Gaara out.

"Sometimes I wonder if you really know me at all un." Deidara then trailed after the two seventeen year old boys. After Deidara reached the kitchen, he opened a cupboard and pulled out a glass with a shit eating grin.

"Deidara...You know what wil-"

Gaara's sentence was cut off. The glass was thrown down and over the two kitchen steps and it shattered against the wooden floorboards. Shards of glass spread across the floor quickly. Kazoku, still perched on the table hardly moved. It was obvious she was very used to such things. "Things break. No point worrying about it un." Deidara then cleaned the glass up.

"Must you break everything?" An almost impassive but slightly amused voice asked from near the front door.

"You're home early, Sasori No Danna un." Deidara rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "How was work un?"

"Fine." Sasori said shortly. "Gaara, have you done your homework?"

"That's why Sasuke is here. Really, Sasori. Don't you ever listen to me? He's my tutor." Gaara said smoothly.

"Oh, is that right?" Sasori rose a slim red brow. "And here I thought Sasuke was here to keep your lips and...every other part of you company."

"I will murder you in your sleep Akasuna." Gaara only just managed to keep himself from going red and he hurriedly dragged Sasuke back into his room before slamming the door shut.

"Now that was cruel un." Deidara chuckled though and walked over to Sasori.

"If they think we won't hear them-"

"I'm sure we probably provided them with a lot of helpful pointers un." Deidara said with a smirk. He then placed a soft kiss against Sasori's lips before leaning his head on Sasori's shoulder. Sasori wrapped his arms around Deidara. The two lovers stood in tight embrace for a while. Simply enjoying the feeling of each others body. Sasori finally pulled away and brushed a chaste kiss against Deidara's cheek. Deidara watched Sasori as he took Kazoku off the table then entered the kitchen, preparing to make dinner.

All four males gathered around the table, helping themselves to the food Sasori had made. Deidara felt himself smile. It was still an amazing feeling, to be surrounded by those he loved, those who were his family. four years ago, after Sasori had kissed Deidara. The red head then handed Deidara a small slightly singed piece of paper. In Deidara's scribbled handwriting it said 'Those who are my family, who I love. Will never love me. Will always leave me.' Deidara had written it just before Gaara came outside with Kazoku. He had intended to burn the piece of paper, as Karin suggested. to burn his biggest regret or his grievances. However, he ended up dropping the piece of paper into the snow. He'd forgotten about it until Sasori shoved it towards him. Deidara only glanced at the piece of paper before dropping to the ground in a quivering mess of sobs and tears.

It had taken time, but slowly Sasori grew more and more attached the blonde man. After a year, Sasori moved in with Deidara. They still fought constantly. Deidara loved to push every single on of Sasori's buttons. Sasori never hesitated to bite back. Yet, they were bonded by an eternal attachment. Deidara felt, no, he knew that he would never be with anyone other than Sasori. Both Chiyo and Ebizou had passed away now. Ebizou, two and a half years ago. Only months after returning from their trip to Venice. Chiyo soon followed him into the after life, six months later.

That was when Deidara found himself with another occupant in his apartment. Gaara. After the fight, four years ago at Christmas. Gaara's father had permanently kicked his youngest child out of home. Gaara, having already pretty much lived with his Grandparents, moved his last few belongings into their house. Gaara wasn't upset about the development. If anything, he was ecstatic about it. Only, after Chiyo died, Gaara was left without a place. Deidara didn't hesitate to offer Gaara the spare room in his apartment. After Gaara turned sixteen, Sasuke Uchiha started becoming another semi permanent fixture in his apartment. Deidara was highly surprised when Gaara brought home the younger brother of Itachi. It had caused no problems though and Deidara was happy to have his 'family' expand.

Deidara smiled more. He had come a long way from the man who thought he could buy anything. Even a family. No longer did he feel the pang of loneliness. He slept easy with Sasori right next to him. Now, when he went out to dinner, he didn't feel jealous and envious of other families. In fact, he was sympathetic to them. No family could be better than his.

"What the hell are you smiling at brat?" Sasori asked suspiciously.

"My family un."