Harry had known that he would go to the Weasley's for Christmas before the second year even started. He had ask Mrs. Weasley if he could show them a muggle christmas. Both her and Mr. Weasley loved the idea. He had also gotten the Grangers to come to the Weasleys for Christmas. Hermione was helping him with the planing. They had gotten the Weasley's a suprice. They had gotten both Bill and Charlie to come home. Harry had asked his friends at Gringrotts if Bill could have some off time around Christmas. They all agreed that he should be with his family. Charlie had been harder but he got off time too and Harry paid for the trip home. They would be there on the morning of Christmas eve. Hermione and her mother had the food taken care of. And lots of it. Christmas ham, meatballs, potatos ect. ect. When they got to the Weasleys they waited for them all to be there before they started to dress the tree. They explained to the Weasleys that this was something the muggles did with the whole family. That got Mrs. Weasley alittle upsate because it wasn't the whole family.

"Mrs. Weasley, I wrote to Bill and Charlie and asked them if they could make it. But they were stock at work. Though they said that maybe they could come to the end of the holidays so they could see their family." That got the whole family happy. Harry had gotten them stockings to have over the fireplace. On the night before christmas eve, Harry and Mr. Granger got out all the presents and put them under the tree and the stockings and ate the milk and cookies that Hermione and Ginny had put out for the Santa clause.

The morning soon came and when they all came down they were shocked at the sight of presents. Hermione and Ginny ran to the fireplace.

"The milk and cookies are gone. Santa was here. Santa was here." They chanted happly. Harry heard something in the kitchen and went over there to check. He smiled at Bill and Charlie and waved them over. They left the kitchen to the living room.

"Presents wasn't the only thing Santa brought." Everyone turned and Ginny squealed at the sight of her oldest brothers. Mrs. Weasley was in tears and Mr. Weasley had the biggest smile anyone ever seen. Mrs. Granger smiled at the happy family and turned to her daughter.

"It a real Christmas miracle." Harry smiled at them.

"It really is." They opened their presents from the stockings and soon there was breakfast that was oatmeal. Hermione said that it was an christmas tradition. Harry was having the time of his life. They played games the whole afternoon. Then just before dinner they had an snowball fight. Kids vs. Adults. They even got Percy to play. During dinner they all shared stories about school and the muggle world. And finally presents. Harry watched happly as they tore into the presents. This was the best christmas ever.

-The End-