A.N - Be warned, I wrote this in 5 minutes, didn't look over it or anything either. I will probably review it at a later date when my family isn't shouting at me to make then bacon sandwiches for Christmas Eve Breakfast! lol. I hope you all have a wonderful time, what ever it is you're doing.

Disclaimer - I do not own 'The night before Christmas' Poem, I just had it stuck in my head upon waking. And I own none of the characters included in the poem I've written. I am not proffiting from this little scribble, It's only to make people smile! XD

T'was the night before Christmas,

And creeping rather like a mouse,

A Demyx was sneaking around about the house.

He slithered down the stairs with every care,

Fearing that Xemnas would hear him there.

The Orgy were snuggled all warm in their beds,

Whilst visions of presents danced in Demyx's head.

The nocturne tiptoed and crawled on his knees,

Until he was situated beneath their gigantic tree.

As his eyes lit upon all of the boxes and bows,

Demyx grinned and shivered all the way down to his toes.

There were presents for everyone, not only for him,

And at that point, the old clock began making a din.

No longer worried about being caught sneaking around,

Demyx squealed and leapt up with a bound.

He ran round the castle, waking the nobodies up,

Bouncing on beds and banging on cups.

Until, mostly grouchy, his family were there,

Sat pouting around the Christmas tree, Demyx didn't care.

He began passing out presents and watched as the paper piled high,

Xigbar got a new patch to cover his eye,

Saix, a book on the moon, Xaldin some knives to cook,

Zexion was thrilled with his set of huge books,

Xemnas was confused by a collar and lead,

Until Axel wriggled his eyebrows and Demyx nearly peed (from laughter).

There were lighters and models, figures and toys,

All of the nobodies had been good little boys.

When Larxene emerged from her room,

No one had woken her because it spelt doom.

She scowled at the sight of all of the mess,

And when her present turned out to be a dress,

Everyone cringed, scared of her reaction,

But she simply turned from the room, a slight smile catching,

The corner of her mouth. Demyx was thrilled,

What a wonderful Christmas, no blood had been spilled.

And no one got killed. :P The end.

A.N - So, Merry Christmas everyone. Have a wonderful time, eat yourselves into food comas, drink lots and I hope you get at least one thing you wished for. All the best for 2011!

Dreamy xxx