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Shelly is Seth's best friend and crush. So what events will unfold when Shane Wolfe comes to live with the family for a while? Will Shane manage to get the two together? Or will he muck it up for Seth?

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Shelly Pomroy sighed as she stood above Seth's sleeping form, her arms crossed loosely around her frame. She had been standing for a good five minutes, hoping Seth could sense someone was in the room and wake up. But so far, that wasn't happening. Glancing at the alarm clock next to his bed, she noticed it was well past twelve o'clock. She slowly took a step towards him and extended a hand, poking the arm that was hanging out of the bed gently. She rolled her eyes when she got no response, not even a twitch.

Mrs Plummer had sent her up, hoping she would be able to wake up the slumbering teenager. Julie had told her that there was going to be someone coming to the house, some guy who was going to look after Seth and the other kids while she was away.

Shelly bit her lip as she thought back to when Seth had received the news of his father. It was a huge shock to Shelly, but she remained strong and became the shoulder for Seth to cry on. It'd only been two months, and she knew that Seth was still affected by it, as he should be. But he was strong; he coped, because he knew he wasn't alone. He had Shelly Pomroy, his best friend.

Titling her head to the side, she watched her best friend snooze for a moment. They've been friends for years, too many to count. They protected each other and were there for each other, whenever the other person needed it. Shelly was always over at Seth's, just as Seth was continuously over at Shelly's. It also helped their friendship that Shelly's mother, Caroline, was friends with Julie. They see each other most times, as they should since they only live a couple of houses apart.

Deciding she had given him plenty of time to sleep, she poked his arm again, this time harder. Seth twitched and swatted at the air, groaning. Shelly smiled and poked him again. "Ger off." She heard Seth mumble from under his covers.

Shelly shook her head at his actions and decided it was time for drastic action. She had already taken her shoes off at the front door, so she slowly and carefully climbed on top of Seth's bed. She stood over him, her feet planted on either side of his waist. She was honestly surprised he wasn't awake yet; surely he was feeling the bed dip?

"Wakey wakey, Sethy-poo!" She shouted loudly, at the same time she started jumping up and down, making his body bounce on the bed. Laughter broke through her mouth as Seth suddenly sprung to life. His head emerged from the covers and he whipped his head back and forth trying to see what had awakened him.

"Aww, I'm sorry, Boo-bear! Did I wake you?" Shelly giggled, ceasing her jumping.

Seth, who had been sleeping on his stomach, angled his head back to look at her through squinted eyes. "Shelly?" He groaned and shoved his head back onto his pillow. "It's too early!"

She shook her head at him, appalled. "Darling, it's twelve o'clock."

"Yeah!" He complained. "That's early." As he spoke, he yanked the covers up and above his head.

Shelly put her hands on her hips, staring down at him. When it seemed that Seth wasn't going to budge, she fell on top of him, her legs straddling the back of his waist.

Grabbing hold of the covers that were on his head, she tugged them, pulling them down so that his head was emerged. "Seth, wake up! Your mom sent me to wake you up!"

His eyes were closed as he answered, "So?"

She sighed. "So… you've got a guest coming soon, and you can't greet him from the comfort of your bed!" She teased, shaking him.

Seth just groaned in response.

"Don't make me pull you from this bed!" Shelly threatened. She sat patiently above him, waiting for his response.

"Fine! Now, go away."

Shelly looked sceptical. "You'll get up?"

Seth sighed into his pillow. "Yes."

She nodded in response and kept her eyes on him. "And you'll get dressed?"

Another sigh, "Yes."

Shelly narrowed her eyes at him, wary of his promises. "Fine… I'm going to get up and I'm going to stand just outside that door, and if you're not ready in two minutes, I will come back in here." She promised, slowly getting up and off of him.

She saw Seth nod in response, his body moving as though he were going to get up.

She got to the door and stood outside. Her hand was on the door, ready to shut it, but she paused. "Oh, and Seth?"

Seth raised his head to look at her, a tired eyebrow raised.

"I will be armed with cold water if you're not ready in two minutes."

He gulped, knowing she would stick to her word. Satisfied that he was actually going to get up and get ready, she closed the door and leaned on it, crossing her arms as she waited.

She didn't need to look at her watch to see that only a minute had gone by when Seth knocked on the door, signalling that he was up and dressed.

She opened the door and walked in, smiling when she saw him grabbing his trademark hat and placing it on his head. "See?" She asked as she crossed the room to stand in front of him. "Was that so bad?"

Seth rolled his eyes in response.

"C'mon, let's get Sethy-poo some breakfast!"

"Ah, Shelly, I see you managed to wake my son up. And here I thought he was dead to the world…" Julie Plummer commented, smiling at Shelly as she went through the kitchen.

Shelly nodded, beaming back at her. "I told you I could do it!"

Seth ignored the two grinning females and sat down at the kitchen counter, helping himself to some cereal that was lying out.

Shelly plopped herself down beside him and continued to talk to Julie. "You sure will be missed, Julie, it won't be the same without you…" She said, smiling sadly at Julie.

Julie smiled back at her and went around the counter, pulling Shelly into a hug. "Now, dear, you know you can come over whenever you wish! I'll be telling the sitter that when he comes." She spoke softly, tightening her grip. "You're like a daughter to me… you don't know how happy I am that you and Seth became friends, your mother too! We wouldn't be as close as we are if it weren't for you two."

Seth rolled his eyes, while Shelly smiled at Julie. "Thank you, Julie." She said, letting her go.

Julie shook her head and gave a small sigh. "No, thank you, Shelly…. you've been a great help these past few months, taking care of Tyler, helping bake cookies for Lulu… and even being there for my Seth." She said, laying a hand of Shelly's cheek.

Seth continued to eat but glanced over to his mom. He knew that there was a secret message when she spoke about him. When confronted by his mom on whether he had developed a crush on Shelly, he couldn't lie. She was everything to him, she was perfect, and he loved everything about her. And yet, when around her, he pretended as though he didn't feel that way. On occasion he would let his true feelings shine through, and slip in a few secret comments, but she never caught on.

She didn't know that he was completely head over heels in love with her… nor would she.

Unless his mother broke her promise and told Shelly… but he trusted her. He knew that his mom would want him to tell her himself. And he will. One day.

Shelly's voice broke him out of his daze. "That's alright, Julie. You know I'm here to help! And you don't need to worry, when you're away, I'll help the sitter with what's to be done."

Julie smiled in response. "I know you will." She looked over at Seth and noticed he had stopped eating. "Honey, are you finished?"

Seth looked up and nodded. He took his bowl, placed it in the sink and then walked back over to the kitchen counter, waiting for Shelly to finish so they could go back to his room.

Julie smiled at him and fixed the hat on his head, ignoring his annoyed look.

Shelly laughed and rolled her eyes at the way Seth was reacting. She stood up and walked around the counter, grabbing Seth's arm and pulling him towards the stairs. "Talk to you later, Julie!" She shouted, making her way up the stairs with Seth's hand in hers.

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