Written by ChocolateButtons

Shelly is Seth's best friend and crush. So what events will unfold when Shane Wolfe comes to live with the family for a while? Will Shane manage to get the two together? Or will he muck it up for Seth?

I do not own "The Pacifier", nor do I own any of the characters or places made up from it. However, I do own everything that isn't involved in the movie. I also want to point out that everything I say about the characters is completely made up.


Shelly frowned when she heard a faint scream. She was lying upside down on the end of Seth's newly made bed, after arguing with him for half an hour he finally decided to see it her way.

She slowly sat up and met Seth's equally confused stare. He was sitting up at the top of the bed, his legs sprawled on top of hers. They had been talking about 'The Sound of Music' musical that they both had signed up for, something they were going to keep secret from everyone else. It was to be a surprise.

"Kids! Get your butts down here and say hello!"

Seth raised his eyebrows and slowly got up, holding a hand out to Shelly and pulling her of off the bed.

"I'm betting it's the babysitter." Shelly teased before giggling when Seth squeezed her side.

"I don't need no damn babysitter." He mumbled as they left his room.

They saw Zoe come out of her room, rolling her eyes. Shelly smirked and shook her head at Zoe's actions. "I'm guessing you're not keen either on having a babysitter."

Zoe scoffed as they reached the stairs. "Not. One. Bit."

Shelly smiled and followed behind Seth as he walked downstairs. She turned her head and saw a huge guy standing in the middle of the room. She raised her eyebrows, not believing that he was just here to look after Seth and the kids; they're was just too much muscle for it to be wasted on babysitting.

"Okay, you've already met Lulu..." Julie said as they came down the stairs. "This is Zoe, Seth, Shelly and Peter!" She said, pointing at each of them, and then at Peter who was in her arms.

"Now, Shelly's not mine, but she comes over a lot to hang with Seth and help with the little ones." Julie explained, smiling at Shane.

When Shane nodded and looked up at Shelly, she smiled and gave a little wave.

"Okay, so kids, this is Lieutenant Wolfe, he's the man who's going to be staying with you while I'm away."

"Hi…" Lulu, Zoe and Shelly said at the same time.

Shelly glanced down at Seth, elbowing him discreetly when she realised he didn't greet the man. Seth frowned and looked up at Shelly, pulling a face at her. She smiled in return and shook her head.

Shane just looked at them. "Hi…"

"Oh!" Julie exclaimed as she saw Helga, who was carrying Tyler, come up behind her. She walked over to them and tickled Tyler's belly. "This is Helga, and Tyler."

"Ma'm. Baby." Shane said formally, still standing stock still.

Seth turned his head to give Shelly a look that clearly said 'freak…' Shelly rolled her eyes and ignored him.

Julie turned to Helga once more, smiling when she noticed what Helga was wearing. "That's a pretty dress."

"Thank you!" Helga smiled and leaned closer to Julie. "I have date with butcher tonight. I want to look nice!" She said, her accent coming through.

Just as she finished talking, Tyler suddenly threw up on her neck, going over her dress. Helga screamed and looked down at the baby.

Shelly glared at Seth when he started to quietly chuckle.

Helga looked up at Shane, then to the baby. She said something in her language, glaring down at Tyler. She shook her head before turning and leaving the room.

Julie gave her a sympathetic look before turning back to the kids on the stairs. "You kids go on now, I need to talk to Lieutenant Wolfe here."

They nodded and complied. Lulu headed downstairs to get some snacks, Zoe pulled out her cell phone and dialled one of her friends, and Shelly and Seth turned and headed back upstairs to his room.

"Well, he seemed… nice." Shelly commented hesitantly, smiling back at Seth.

Seth gave a short laugh. "Nice? Did you see the size of him?"

Shelly shook her head as they continued up the stairs, letting out a loud laugh.

"So… he's been doing that all day, huh?" Shelly asked, smirking. They were outside Seth's front door, sitting on the steps. Seth's mother was going to be leaving soon, and they were going to say goodbye. They were told to look out for the taxi coming, and that's what they were doing.

Seth frowned. He had been explaining to her how Shane has been going around the house, setting up cameras and such. "It's not funny! He even placed something on my windows and I can't open them!" He told her, agitated. "He's a complete nut job!"

Shelly laughed and patted his hand. "You're probably just blowing it out of proportion. He can't be that bad!"

Seth didn't smile and gave her a look.

She stopped smiling, and sighed. "Alright, so maybe he is a bit weird… but you don't have to deal with him for that long!"

Seth scoffed and looked out across the garden. "I hope he won't be staying long. Mum better hurry home."

She nodded and agreed with him. "She shouldn't be gone long."

They were silent, just looking out at the garden as they waited for the taxi to come and pick up Julie.

"You…" Seth mumbled, trailing off as he hesitated on what to say.

Shelly turned to him, a light frown on her face. "What is it?"

He shook his head, losing his nerve.

Shelly's frown deepened. She reached over and laid her hand on his. "Seth? What is it? You know you can tell me anything."

He looked down at her hand on his. "You know that you can, uh, you can still come over whenever you want… I know you liked helping out with the babies for mum, and I know you're going to be over helping out for the Lieutenant dude, but uh, you know you can still come and hang with me…"

Shelly just stared at him, processing what he said.

"Oh, Seth!" She exclaimed, squeezing his hand. "I don't just come over all the time to help out your mum, I come over for you… you're my best friend Seth. How could you think that I'm only here for the little ones? You're the one I come to see every day... you, not the babies…" She stopped and shook her head. "I'll be over helping out with the guy, but I'll also be over to be with you! In fact, most of the time I'll be with you…" She sighed as she stopped her speech, hoping Seth understood what she was saying.

Seth looked up at her and smiled, relieved. "I just-I just thought that maybe… you know…" He mumbled.

"That I cared more for the kids than I do for you? I love them Seth, but they aren't you…" She replied, smiling.

Seth smiled and nodded. He opened his mouth to speak but was stopped by the arrival of the taxi.

Shelly stood up and raised her hand to the guy driving the taxi. As Seth stayed seated, she opened the front door and shouted to the others that the taxi was here.

She smiled at everyone when they all came out, Julie leading them with Tyler in her arms.

Seth stood up and joined his family as they all stood in a line. Shelly stood beside Seth, a little out of the way of the family's goodbyes.

"I'm going to miss you!" Julie spoke, walking forward and kissing Zoe's cheek.

She then hugged Lulu, who responded with, "I'm going to miss you too…"

"I'll be back in forty-eight hours, okay?" Julie told them as she moved back to Seth and kissed his cheek.

She then crouched down and tickled Peter's tummy as he held onto both Shelly and Seth's hand. "Bye, pumpkin. I love you, pumpkin!" She smiled at Shelly when she stood and brought her into a hug.

Shelly smiled and let go of her. Julie returned the smile and walked down the step, stopping beside the Lieutenant. "Oh, and kids, remember… whatever Lieutenant Wolfe asks you to do, do it."

Zoe popped her gum and looked at her. "Mum, chill, we're going to be fine."

Julie nodded before turning and walking towards the black car waiting for her. "I'm sorry, it's just I don't do this very often." They heard her tell Shane.

"You're only going away for a few days…" He reassured her.

Shelly smiled over at Seth as they watched Julie talk a bit more to Lieutenant Wolfe. "You think you'll be able to handle life without your mum?" She asked jokingly.

Seth smiled back at her and joked, "It isn't if we can survive without her. It's if we can survive having that Lieutenant dude."

Laughing, she nodded. "Good one, but true!"

Turning their attention back to Julie, they all waved as she blew them kisses. The car started driving away and they all waved one last time before starting to head back inside.

Seth took one of Peter's hands, and Shelly took the other one, smiling down at him as he laughed. They both swung him gently as they entered the house last.

Sighing, Shelly let go off Peter's hand and let him run off. "Well, I should get back home."

Seth frowned at her. "You're not going to stay?" He asked.

She smiled at him as she shrugged on her jacket. "No, I'm sorry… but I'll be back for dinner, Helga's asking for some help, so I'll see you then, alright?"

He still looked slightly sad but nodded nonetheless. She laughed at his look and grabbed his cheeks between her hands. She then leaned in and pressed a kiss to his cheek. Grinning she said, "That should hold you over until then."

Still standing there somewhat dazed, he watched her turn around and stride out the door.

He smiled once she left and raised a hand to his cheek. The smile quickly turned into an emotionless look as Shane walked in and raised an eyebrow at him.

"Whatever." Seth said, scowling at him before turning and stomping up the stairs.

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