Title: A Christmas Day Story

Summary: Tony is alone for Christmas. Or is he? Possibly slightly OOC.

Disclaimer: NCIS is not mine. I'm just borrowing the concepts and characters for a little while.

Spoilers: Takes place in season 8, but nothing specific to the season. Spoilers only if you're new to the show.

A/N: Many thanks to GibbsRules for her beta of this story. Any remaining mistakes are my fault.

A lot of you probably guessed this chapter was coming….


Chapter Three: Epilogue

The next morning, I open my front door with the intention of going to get my newspaper only to find it propped up against an unwrapped box with a big gold bow on top.

It had snowed during the night and yet there were no footprints or any other signs of an early morning visitor.

Grinning, I shake my head marveling at Tony's stealth.

Maybe I've taught him more than I realized, I muse to myself.

I grab the newspaper and lay it on top the box before picking it up and bringing it into the house. I'm laying it on the dinner table just as my father comes out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee for each of us.

Pointing with his mug towards the box, dad questions, "Tony?"

"Yep," I reply as I open the box.

Inside are two expensive bottles of bourbon and the "Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer". I hand the warmer to my dad, but he doesn't take it.

"How do you know this is for me?"

"I know Tony, Dad. He wants you to have it."

Dad takes the mug warmer from my hands and says, "You're lucky to have him in your life, Jethro. He's a good kid."

Images of both Kelly and Tony come to mind as I reply:

"One of the best."


The end.


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