NuffTheSlig: sorry for the INCREDIBLY long wait, but I havent had internet for a while, anyway, here it is, file two, part one.


File two

two slogs came running round the corner of the vent, and two others round the other.

"Oh no! what are we gonna do? I only have two bullets in this!" Krek fired the gun and hit a slog in the leg, but it got up again and continued to run, he fired again and hit the same slog in the head, it flew back and toppled over, before melting and sizzling away.

"Oh no! We're screwed!"

Part one

Just then with all of his might, frunn spun onto his back and slammed his leg into the grate above him, he grunted as the grate clanged out of place.

"come on!" he shouted before jumping up into the above vent, he then pulled Yonko up, but as he grabbed kreks hand, a slog grabbed hold of his leg and was pulling and yanking at it.

krek urged the two to let go, and the knew he had an idea so they loosened their grip. BANG! Krek slammed down into the below vent, the slog yelped, they all looked down to see kreks foot down the slogs throat and coming out of its anus.

"feww! You guys alright?" krek said as he swiped his hand over his forehead. The two above sligs looked at each other in confusion.