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Part 3/5

"Frun what the hell are you doing!" screamed Krek as Yonko watched in fear.

"just go on! I've got this bitch!" Frun said as he continued to battle the slog.

"We're not leaving you!" screamed krek.

At that point, Yonko slid sown the vent and kicked the slog off frunschest, it yelped as it flew backwards.

"now come on, and hurry up!" frun immediately got up onto his hands and knees and followed behind the two sligs as they examined the body, concealing his bite from the slog…

"Oh god no! not Rein!" Cried Yonko.

"I'm sorry, did you know him?" Asked krek.

"Know him? He was my best friend!" Yonko Screamed.

" I'm sorry but you've got to keep your voice down, theres nothing we can do for him now, we have to push on" Krek Advised.

"Your Right, Lets Go," he replied as Frun caught up behind them.

They began to continue as the slog behind them started to wake up…